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Tis a little known fact that by day I'm a mild mannered college student, but why night I turns into the terror that is: Super Devvo: Chav Extrordinaire!

*burberry lined cape flaps in the wind*

*adjusts burberry cap*

*swigs cider*
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Mar 16 2005, 12:13 AM)
Edit to make less spammy: Emo is so 2003-4. The new thing is being Trendy and Indie. Perhaps a new thread in the media forum is needed and this thread should be left to rest rather than being revived after 1 and a bit years.
But T, you're assuming that we all follow the trends here. Personally, I'm going to continue bleeding my heart out for a while. Just like I ignored the nu-metal trend, I'm going to ignore the indie one. Thus, I'm still going to need emotional support while you're all bouncing happily to Kaiser Chiefs and Modest Mouse.
Teapot is evil, but it's a most wonderful kind of evil.
My dear emo-child, I hereby apologize for the lack of respect your spelling seems to cause. But I think you'll find people will understand you better if you maybe don't call people fools and immediately assume you've been through worse than they. Proper spelling is often encouraged here (see: the rules) as is not jumping to conclusions.

Now: you're really not making much sense. You say you hate stereotypes, but classify yourself both as emo and a skater. I have no real issue with emo kids, as long as they don't try to date me, (and I have a feeling that won't be a problem with you). But this kind of whining is what ruins it for all the weezer fans.
QUOTE (x.soundoftearinglove-notes.x @ Mar 15 2005, 04:11 PM)
U fool i dont even own dashboard confessionals new album! Ive been through a lot more then u could even imagine and i havent cried i was actully to depressed even to cry i starred into space for days and days. and i cant stand sterotypes! meh and i love emO life i feel im not alone in the world of mixed emotions and im not so young teen crying cos my hamster died!

smile.gif now lets be happy and move on and help support us emO groupies!

#1) Note the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the rest of the board. You're going to have to use school-caliber communication skills to survive as a poster here. We aren't going to make an exception, either.

#2) Calling someone a fool when they have only stated their opinion is flaming. Flamers get banned here. Do try to remember that everyone on this board is a human being and that as such they have the inalienable right to their own thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

#3) Most of the people on this board have been through some pretty painful things. Unless you can top systematic abuse, you're not the most afflicted member here. Please don't say things like "you don't know what I've been through" or "I've been more than you could ever imagine". Especially when you don't know the person or don't know what they've been through themselves. It makes you look like a twat.

#4) Saying you hate labels then labeling yourself an emo kid and a skater is a good way to make people here question you about how you can do that. And it's not because we think you're stupid or anything like that, it's because we want to understand your thinking and logic behind doing such a contradictory thing. We on this board discuss things, don't get offended about it.

#5) Not just young teens cry when their hamster dies. Most people cry when their beloved pet dies. There's nothing wrong with it. I even cried when my cousin's hamster died, and I hadn't even known the little dude all that long. I don't follow your thought process behind saying what you did.

Now, let's all stop whining and get back to posting intelligently.
dancing hamster guy
If flaming is banned then why are you saying shes a twat for saying what she said. You act like a mod yet you go against your own principles, so as you so boldly put it, lets ALL stop whining.

I too listen to emo music yet I would never stereotypicalise (is that an actual word) my self. Instead of following trends, I am myself like most people on the boards.
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (dancing hamster guy @ Mar 16 2005, 11:29 AM)
If flaming is banned then why are you saying shes a twat for saying what she said.

It makes you look like a twat.

Pfft, calling someone a twat is hardly flaming in itself, such as the word cockmonger. Saying something in warning that it makes you 'look like a twat' is advice. Good advice at that.
QUOTE (dancing hamster guy @ Mar 16 2005, 11:29 AM)
stereotypicalise (is that an actual word)
Does it matter if its real? Thats an awesome word.

dancing hamster guy
Neither is moron but I got a warning for that!

and yes stereotypicalise is an awesome word
Sir Psycho Sexy
you kids best not make me get mah whackin' stick!! Don't think I'm too afraid to use it!!
Thread lock till further notice.
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