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sorry im a late enterant to the thread! but back on topic, im not too far from you weej (my lovely wife) and me and tort live in the same town. and we have inky and leo and mata possibly willing to travel. birminghams the nearest big city, but being 16 i have trouble travelling, so unless youre all willing to come to stafford......(no really, its not that bad...)
WeeJ goes...

If anyone around about the midlands is up for meeting in Birmingham some time....please reply to this thread and let us know and maybe we can arrange something. I'm gonna PM some of the people Spug's mentioned to see if they're interested.
If you're up for it..we can sort seomthing out and maybe hit a pub for the afternoon and get to know each other IRL...It'd be so kewl!
again, problems with travelling...meh i can always just lie, but i am 16 so i may impair your drinking, but then i did get into 3 nightclubs last week so maybe i wont.
It'll be during the day...and who said anything about alcohol? You don't need to drink to have a good time.
Drinking is up to the person. and younger people can tell their parents not to worry as there will be adult the forum of all of us goig that is over 21 or so...I dunno. I suck at planning things unsure.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Brum isn't out of the question... but Manchester would be my preferred destination.

That said, I am skint till I get paid (later this month), so nothing is doing for me till the money arrives.

Summat will be worked out...
It wouldn't be for a while anyway...organisation is needed first
QUOTE (candice @ Jul 3 2003, 01:52 PM)
hehe....what'd you say to her, tigerlily?

Just said were all scattered around the world, but all of us treat one another like family, even though its online. I went into more intricate detail but i didnt save my letter lol anyway I at least did it.
Hmmmm, Brum eh? Could be a go-er...

Inks, I can always pick ya up on the way, bud, if travellin is gonna be a problem.
Most definitely be up 4 a brummy meet. As long as the cashflow sorts itself out, and it's planned well enough i advance as for me to organise a train ticket, i'm there!
the lil' pie fairy
hey, count me in! again, only 16, but im sure i could sort it to meet some of you guys.
Absolutely!! I wanna meet me e-wife if nowt else biggrin.gif
WeeJ thats me, Leo, Spuglet, Pie, Poppa.moo and Inky...

Now we need us a date...I can only do saturdays really :/
if i can go, i can only do alternate saturdays! like...this weekend not the one after but the one after that..and so on..(its a divorced parent thing)
Industrial Kybosh
Like I said in t'other thread - you lot organise a date, and I'll see if I can make it.

And thanks for the offer of a lift, leo - I may have to accept wink.gif I'l bring choons for the journey!

*maniacal laughter*
Sure thing, inkles! I'm sure we can cobble together half a dozen CDs fer the car... wink.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Jeebus, leo, have some ambition. I carry half a dozen CDs for a walk down to the corner shop...

Have to pack the Bomb 20 for ya wink.gif
You WALK to the corner shop?? Lawks! ohmy.gif

Bomb 20 is a must, fer sure... an perhaps some Sigur Ros, too. Bit o VNV, mebbe?
talking to faeries
I'd be up for a meeting in Birmingham..I'm sure I'd be able to get a train or something or maybe wolfbane cos she's so lovely and nice would like to drive up if she can get a car. But you can count me in as long as the date is right and I've got transport
i would like to repeat my previous statement of being in so long as i can get there and my mother lets me go smile.gif

and she will ... for she has no choice ... ill tell her responsible ppl are gona be there ... she'll believe me ...
I'd easily be able to get a train ride up there but I don't know how I'd fair trying to find you all.
Birmingham is a big place...
If I know I'm not going to get lost in a pretty darn far away city that I've never been to then I'm in.
yeah im kinda worried bout getting lost too ... i got lost in edinburgh for two hours on a saturday night once and i grew up around there ... so yeah - definite plans and maps please! tongue.gif
Hmmmm... I guess the best option is to all meet up at New Street station. At least ya can't get lost if ya never leave the concourse wink.gif biggrin.gif
what in the name of the wee man is a concourse???

id like to know before i end up in one please ...
Concourse is a small pointy plane with triangular wings, an can fly at twice the speed of sound...

Sorry, I'm in a really silly mood at the moment... the concourse is the big open bit where they have the seats an shops an ticket offices an stuff at railway stations...

ok kiddies....i'm going to be in nyc in 2008 probably around the fourth of july. so yeah...i know that's a long time in advance. but it'd be cool to take a day off from showing my family around the city to meet up with anyone who lives on the east coast. or at the very least a few hours. assuming i still talk to all of ya then, would anyone that it's convenient for wanna have a group meet up then?
hey, they're having a westcoast meet, can't we have an eastcoast meet as well?
let's do it! biggrin.gif but we have to meet in NYC, cause, well, it's THE city biggrin.gif
QUOTE (candice @ Jul 9 2003, 10:51 PM)

ok kiddies....i'm going to be in nyc in 2008 probably around the fourth of july. so yeah...i know that's a long time in advance. but it'd be cool to take a day off from showing my family around the city to meet up with anyone who lives on the east coast. or at the very least a few hours. assuming i still talk to all of ya then, would anyone that it's convenient for wanna have a group meet up then?

lmao d'ya think ne of us're gonna remember in 5 years........ well, if YOU remember, i'm in the city every summer (seein as i live there and all biggrin.gif)
lmao i know.....well, i'll remember! cause i already have the trip all planned out and such. and gerbil i think you and i used to live rather close to one another based on what you said in some other weird eh?

i may be there earlier for a few days. that's a long time for my husband to go without seeing his family. all of his siblings are growing up without him. sad.gif plus...dangit i miss nyc! *sigh* i seriously wish i could live in a town this size (w/ the same rents and such) w/ a city like that a short train ride away. lol i'm so greedy, i want the best of both worlds. =/

i've thought a couple times about moving back there...but...i dunno. my mother in law would be so...close then.... blink.gif
well, if you want 'the best of both worlds' you COULD just commute to and from the city every single day laugh.gif
and actually, if you can make it realitively earlier (so i dun forget) i think there's a reasonable amt of ppl that live around the city (ino me, jecca, and super k could easily make it to NYC) so we might actually have an east coast meet after all biggrin.gif

and i for one won't need a hotel room. that's what in-laws are for! happy.gif

hrm. i wonder if i'll be able to save enough for the airfare next summer. probably not, lol. but well the NEXT summer definitely. happy.gif

that's still really far in advance...but meh what can ya do. oh maybe i'll go there for spring break. that'd be so much better. ugh @ ny summers...soooo humid. dry.gif i'm not used to it at all. it's dry
yea, they're quite humid. when the AC's on, it's too cold, when ya turn it off, it gets too hot and humid again *sighs* maybe if i broke my AC, there'd be a compromise biggrin.gif
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