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the lil' pie fairy
this is very true
his writings were lovely things
i love writing these
Forum haikus late at night
clean us. By day
they just bring more guilt
the lil' pie fairy
oops my lovely pab
you have the wrong syllables
maybe i'm not sure unsure.gif
Matameet is nigh!
We need a date arranged soon,
Get off your arses!
It is 1AM
I really should be sleeping
But I'm too lonely

Pathetic, I know. *cries*
Oni Usagi
1 AM really?
Otherside of the world, eh?
I did not know that
Debaser is gone
miss him so, oh so dearly
we love you Dayan

*tears*i miss him already...
A candle goes out
The world is that much darker
We love you, Dayan.
a moment is gone
and a friendship feels over
take peace, dear child... rest...
I miss debaser
that was the greatest dude here
I miss him so much
A memory yours
I'll never be far away
Stay unforgotten
because sometimes life
takes you, the most precious thing
out of my soul's reach
whether you can hear
I will carry what you are
you wont go away

That's three. but meshed into eachother. I don't do poetry.
Bagpipes cry out high-
A place of peace he has found!
We miss you, Dayan.
Why am I so sad?
Dwelling on the negative
I miss her so much

I see her with him
She was once my firefly
My heart bleeds and breaks
Things are going bad
I so miss my firefly
She's in the arms of someone
While I lie alone
In my mine I see the two
They seem so happy

I have no money
I lost my job stupidly
My car exploded
I sometimes will go hungry
(sigh) The bus is late

I look to the sky
Seems the stars are bright tonight
Did He do all this?
How will He make me stronger?
Prepare for God's test


I pray to You God
I have stumbled yet again
I forgot Your Love
And wallowed in my sadness
Shine Your Light on me

Pour Your Love on me
Cleanse my body and my mind
Help me to see You
I feel alone by myself
Here in my ninth hour

I am not perfect
I am far from righteousness
But You so love me
And I know You can save me
Thank You, Lord, Amen
Tired insanity,
Ready to go to sleepness,
'Cuz no one is on.
Again, I am sad
Just as I am every night
Dwell in depression
Throw it all away.
Break for me. I'll break for you.
Users from the whores.

Laughed at religion.
What do we have to hope for?
And why do we try?

He destroys the world
While we are sleeping at night.
Free Charles Manson.
Locked away in a cage
My rage has got the best of me
Blinded by the light

I'm a condemned man
Passing it off like a king.
You didn't taste pain.
I've got to get clean.
I've got to wash these filthy hands.
The rain will cleanse me.
Forums lay a mess
Your passing broke our resolve
Confidence astray
A group lost, alone
Fighting for what you'd have done
Your justice is ours
You'd be proud of us
Adoration makes passion
Scream through a machine
Sarah the Spider
Quiet, quiet night,
But oh, my mind is screaming.
I'll never forget.

I ask myself: Why?
Sometimes beautiful people
Have to fade away...

It's sadly because
If not, their light would blind us,
The unpretty world.

Imaginings wild,
Listening to the Pixies,
And grinning through tears.
Gone during the day
comes back in by dreams at night
twisted by the pain
its funny, you know
we whisper more now than before
and you still say you dont like Pearl Jam
I think Pab does not
Understand the Haiku form
Someone should explain

(although I like the twist at the end of that last one!)

Five syllables first
Followed by seven, and then
Finish with five more


Join the League of ISH
It's so much better than ness
You know you want to!
the lil' pie fairy
i am pie fairy
in the mighty league of ish
this song stuck in head:

my immortal by...
evanescence. it's not bad
makes me think a lot

i miss my richard
life is harder every day
without him as mine

but i will survive
with the lovely people here
to write haikus with
Little Pie Fairy
Dumped by a guy who didn't
Recogise her charms

If you should ask me
I think he is an ejit
For letting her go

As her e-hubby
I think she is really great
And I love her loads

So this is for you
Lovely Little Pie Fairy
You'll always have me

wub.gif wub.gif
the lil' pie fairy
leo you're so sweet
methinks you're too good for me
we don't talk enough

we should go paint sheds
that is what we used to do
before i vanished
I've missed you too, Pie
I am not here much these days
Let's go paint a shed

What flavour ice cream
Should we paint the shed with, hon?
I think chocolate

(Chocolate, strictly speakin, has three syllables. So ner! tongue.gif )

An then we could do
Summat with Pot Noodles, but
Let's use them this time!

And after that we can
Slide down the Urbis roof, which
Is in Manchester
the lil' pie fairy
yes let's go paint one
a big one with a chimney
chocolate sounds good

i'll throw it at you
like i did last time, heehee
and you'll be covered

then you'll need a bath
before we eat pot noodles
or you might get ill

let's add some rockets
to the door also methinks
so we can fly off

then you can visit
pie land with my lovely self
and eat lots of pie

would you like some pie?
i have all possible types
except mud flavour

im getting tired now
this takes a lot of thinking
bye bye everyone
To go to pie land
With you, my beloved Pie,
Would be wonderful!

Let's go there today
We can be together then
And paint lots of sheds!
the lil' pie fairy
in that case we should
to go would be brilliant
we'd have so much fun!

painting sheds is great
what thread was that in before?
think you could find it?

smartie cookies mmmmmm
someone went to shop for me
they taste very nice
It was in this thread
Where we first started painting
The shed with ice cream

I recall those days
When we used to flirt madly
In a lot of threads

How I miss thee, Pie,
With your fun, flirtatious ways
And the Pot Noodles
the lil' pie fairy
yes i miss those too
sorry a reply is late
i didn't see this!

pie is the bestest
especially cherry with cream
and butter pastry smile.gif
Trial of a man
Mumia Abu Jamal
Rigged because he's black

Now sentenced to death
He sits in his cell waiting
Free Mumia now!
Go take your best shot
Remember: This is your life
Believe in yourself

Blow them all away
Don't let them tell you you can't
Be what you want to be
Crap. It's almost three
I'm online and lis'nig to
One of Dope's albums

I just had a cig
Really need to go to bed
Can't get off the comp
I am all alone.
Everyone has gone to bed.
God I have no life.
You just took the name,
That Jews dare not speak aloud,
In vain, blasphemer.
Sarah the Spider
Here I am, again...
No sleep for the strange I guess...
So I'll hang out here...

The only light here:
The screen's electronic glow.
The only sound: keys.

Playing Civ again
4 o' clock in the morning
Fool! When will I learn?

I'm biding my time
Before the kamikaze
Then I can take nap

Browsing the forums
Waiting for the conflicts
"This is the last turn!"

much calamity
Is it time to go home yet?
I have no cities
Spirits haunt my dreams
Skeletons muffle my screams
Night as black as death

...hehehe so its not about matazone... i was bored
Thousands killed in war
gas down ten cents a litre
I guess it's alright.
When I think of him
I think of this thread the most.
I have no clue why.

So I'm bumping this.
I guess most of you know why.
I miss you Dayan.
No one writing posts
but there's 64 users
online. People, write!

Click on View New Posts
It's still the same as before
Can people not write?
Why does View New Posts
Never seem to be working?
I don't understand...

It just shows me posts
That I've read sometime before-
What do I do wrong?

Are you sure CheeseMoose-
64 users online?
That is so many!
64 users
but mainly guests not members
at the time that is

there's 69 now
but only 9 members and just
1 anonymous
I didn't know you
Meant guests as well as members
It all makes sense now!

I'm really sleepy
I think I'll go to bed now
Goodnight Matazone!
There is this programme
They call it "Foundation Year"
It's made my brain numb

But just this weekend
I wrote my paper early
Tonight I can sleep


I am never here
Like an invisible thing
Except for right now
Usurper MrTeapot
I'm playing Isketch,
With moop, candice and LoLo,
I'm not good at this.

But, again I try,
Its not exactly haiku,
It's not on nature.

moop is quite dirty,
And LoLo has touched us,
I drew a penis.

Another just drawn,
The next word is circle jerk,
Damn, cand wins again.
Cand always wins there
For quite obvious reasons
Her dirty mind rocks!
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