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Full Version: Late Night Forum Haikus
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What is the Hot Bot?
Googlebot scares me- I'm sure
It can smell my brains. blink.gif
I like Googlebot
It kept me me company when
no-one was online

Strangely enough it
never posted anything
But I still like it
Why is it that some
people sign up and never
post? Most intriguing.

Not that Googlebot
Is a member- it just creeps
in here anyway.

One day I'll make an
ExceptionalBot to keep
you all company-

But for now you'll have
To put up with Googlebot
and it's strange silence.

Sorry about that-
I was rambling. I think I
need to go to sleep!
Quiet words, like trees
Soothe my inner soul
Footsteps on my heart.
Another proper
haiku from Trunks girl, that was.
I wish mine were good...
Usurper MrTeapot
It is wedding time,
I'm a pirate legoman,
I've got a cool whip.

"Whip!" Goes my cool whip,
Wack your delicate flower,
Damn, wedding over.
Interesting that
the late night forum haikus
are anything but!
I'd not be so sure
I was up past midnight once*
Still posting away...

*actually, on numerous occasions
Clear cold nights when the
sky is filled with stars always
fills me with wonder
Google bot is back!
With a different name now,
But still just the same.

Let parties ensue!
There will be much rejoicing!
Our buddy is home!
Sitting in my room
Sore throat and feeling like death
Thank God for forums.
the lil' pie fairy
Although I love it
This place steals lots of my time
I should be working...
Even though I'm ill
I'm sure I should be doing
More productive things...

Forums suck up time
Especially Matazone-
I am addicted.
My life is over,
I've been banned from MSN,
Soon Matazone too. sad.gif
Google bot is gone
I wonder where he went to
I wish he would stay
Snowflake drifts silent
My heart cleaves; it bleeds as breath
I die for you now.

Blatent whispers. Rage
Against nature. Style trumps
Substance in his mind.

Teaching assistant.
Young he is and teaching us.

Ri sought me out. Good
Peoples is he. Wants nothing
But peace. Says I rock.

Butterfly flaps wings.
Mata thinks, not this, but brings
Duckflaps into mind.

Library guide. As
Crane is hunted by starving
Wolf. Waste of my time.

Been up since seven.
Grinding music fills my soul.
My coffee is ready.
Philosophy class
tomorrow. Still have to read
Plato's Dialogues.
No class tomorrow.
All this free time I now have.
Maybe do homework?

To leave or not to.
Either way pain resides here.
I love him so much.
Tired feelings. He
Tells me these things tonight. I
Sill love him so much.

Place in my heart breaks.
Tender memories sink in.
Sorry means nothing.
My neck hurts so bad
But I can't just go to sleep
Got work to do. Meh
It was Shrove Tuesday
Yesterday, but we didn't
Have any pancakes. dry.gif
All alone on the
forums, except for Hot Bot
Here with googlebot
forums echo, empty: me
and many unknowns
No noobs for a while
Are they scared or merely guests?
Either way it's dull

Musing on members
Not genitilia, though
That would amuse me

Little sense made means
It is nowhere near late night
Small hours, slow mind
Feeling lethargic
Should I have a nice lie down?
No; can't be bothered.
Eating French cookies,
They are really addictive.
I need re-hab NOW!
Never ask what a
Suitcase piercing is. You will
Regret it muchly.

My poor little mind
It will never be the same
Moop's not innocent.
Usurper MrTeapot
I haven't slept for days,
Just completed Diablo,
What shall I do now?

Might post on lj,
I might go eat some more fudge,
Anything but sleep.

I'l stare at the wall,
And think, about anything,
Damn insomnia.
With Bots to guide me
I creep through empty forums
Searching for old threads
They said "Expect Snow".
I feel that they lied somewhat.
Damn weather people.

I was hoping to
throw snowballs at old people,
to knock them off bikes!

Ho hum, nevermind.
I will just have to wait a
little while longer.
wow..i like all these haikus. they are absolutely lovely and wonderful in every little way.
Singing along to
eighties music whilst browsing
Matazone forums:

an enjoyable
mix ( I'm sure everyone
would agree with me).

Needless to say, I
really should be getting on
with some proper 'work'.
All alone on the
forums, so quiet without you
guys. Come on people!
Am drinking pepsi,
and also browsing forums,
whilst looking at the

price list that I should
be completing tonight for
tomorrow morning.
Not looking forward.
This thursday I suffer much
presentation pain.
Usurper MrTeapot
Emo kids are easy
Well, to make fun of at least
While drunk on Dr P.
Mean, mean Teapot makes
A stinging brew, I still drink
and laugh meanly, but

Guilt provides bitter
Aftertaste on the tonsils----
Continue laughing
There's nothing to do.
I'm so bored every day.
I need a damn job.
Coke and crisps are fine
But sometimes I wish I had
A slice of pizza
My falling food stocks
require me to enjoy
takeaway tonight
Of course, takeaway!
How could I be so stupid?
I shall order soon
A full day of work
Not happened for quite a while
misery awaits
Day after birthday:
My stomach's full of cake. So
much for the diet!
I am wondering
Did you have much birthday fun?
Get what you wanted?
Usurper MrTeapot
Odd, its not late night
"Online: Hot-Bot, MrTeapot"
Pass me the glove, bitch.
Been waiting ages.
Noone was here for ages.
< Likes saying 'ages'.

Just 7 members
But 104 guests.
Why don't they sign up?

Do many people
Go to church or maybe mass
On a Saturday?

'Cause that would explain
Why there were so few members
Earlier tonight.

Normally between
The hours of 7
'Till 8 Saturdays.

It really does hurt
Your hand when you are trying
To count syllables.
Back from party, late
House echoes, without much light
Hope I don't wake Mum.

Tiptoe upstairs, quiet
No noise, even in big boots
Trip over mouse cord

Prepared for sleeping
First, checking forums--but my
Typing's very slow
Early moring now,
Again there is noone here,
Just me and 'believe'.

I know that this is
Called 'Late Night Forum Haikus',
But who really cares?

Seeing as the fact
That they are not haikus, but
Senryus, so there.

One part of this thread,
Has already been broken,
So I'll break t'other.
Leafs, twigs, small blue tits.
Plus a few other nature-
related stuff. Like

a tiny badger,
and some nice, friendly squirrels.
This is a haiku!


My back hurts a lot.
I personally blame my
working day, as it

was a very hard
one, and now I shall suffer.
This ain't a haiku!
Sitting here in the dark,
Sipping Port from crystal glass,
I am alone and I yet wait.


Uncut nails and unkempt hair.
I leave them for the memories.
I wonder, am I alone?
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