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Full Version: Character Stuffed Animals!
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ok, i dont know how much this would cost, and if its even fesable, but mata should make stuffed animals for his site, such as samari lapan, lgg, mittens, and mr. snaffleburger. i think a lot would be sold! i sure know that i would buy one!
That would be so totally groovy biggrin.gif

Mata, you should do that. I'd buy the lot laugh.gif
I would buy them to. But I'm pretty sure that it couldnt be done because of the cost of making them/bulk and such. Maybe I can convince my friends father that works pretty high up for a place called Build a Bear to pick up the characters. I dont know how likely it would be though cause they tend to just have bears and sharks and cows and stuff that you can dress up, normal animals. but hey mittens is a normal-ish cat. right...right huh.gif
plus its not very advertising as much as a T shirt is, unless you never go out, like me... hmm.... defeatin the object aint i.
cheese is funny
based on that advertising logic... if you had a thong, would you HAVE to show people? laugh.gif
I think Mata discussed this already a long long time ago so I don't expect anyone to remember this.

I believe he said that the cost in making the stuffed animals/toys is far to expensive. It takes most of what he's got just to have the t-shirts made.
hrm well i'd volunteer to make em for free for him to sell, but lol that's just a bit beyond my skills, i think. i can do quilt blocks and the like just fine..but anything 3-d gets too tricky for me. dry.gif

plus i have a feeling there'd be a bit too much of a demand to justify me doing that just to be i don't like sewing that much. tongue.gif
Yep, Lolo's spot on, it would cost far too much to get made. The only way to do it even vaguely economically would be to have them made somewhere like Taiwan or Thailand and frankly I can't afford the ticket to get over there to arrange it!

So that's a 'no' then... but I'd like to one day, it's been suggested quite a few times.
Mittens could be Hello Kitty for a whole new generation!
oohhhhh *excited* I know this is out of the question for now.... but it would be so awesome if it could be done later!
i tried to amke my own LGG, i think its best not to ask how it turned out. dry.gif
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
I could most probably make Mittens and Snowdrop stuffed animals. I've made little rabbits for my friends before.
Hmmm... if you ever do it, I'll buy a few dozen Samuri Lapins, especially if they have swords! Oh, tell you what, I'll fund you when I become head of microsoft.
Okay, what about the next closest thing, offically "franchised" pillows? Somebody could make a plush pillow out of a pre-designed pattern, you then get your own filler and and sew it together?

Like a pillow case you see? you have a two dimensional design , front & back versions of the character, see. Anyway I ramble on quite a bit... just an idea? smile.gif
mr scribble
you could just have massive merchandising chain

with stuff like...

Carpets eh?

*strokes chin*

You might be onto something there...

To summarise: I really don't have the time to sit around sewing things every evening of my life! I do enough during the days and nights as it is!
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