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Full Version: Cats Smell Brains, Photographic Evidence!
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You might recognise the skeleton from the photo competition last year smile.gif
cheese is funny
thats one hungary kitty... laugh.gif
its so cute! laugh.gif

i lurve kitties!even evil ones wub.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif LMAO!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Cats are great, aren't they? That one is sooooo cute...
Sun Tsu
haha, good kitty..... laugh.gif
mr scribble
you realise what this means

mittens is training others
mittens is spreading
mittens is taking over the world!!

and i have front row tickets...
It's the world's first Feline/Piranha Hybrid... The world has gone mad!!!!!
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
Did that skeleton still have any brains? I didn't see any...but... That cat could be working with the gnomes...
awwww that kitty looks like my kitty back home sad.gif pretty kittyyyy
LOL those were cute and funny smile.gif I liked the dialogue too... makes it even more funny smile.gif
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