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Hi Mata. The forum is looking good. tongue.gif
Cheers matey, it all seems to work doesn't it? I'm pretty chuffed with this. Now all we need is to have other people on here...

HEEEELLLLLOOOO??!!?!? Is there anybody out there?
Rum tum tum tum tum tum taaaaa! *jazz hands*

And is if by magic I suddenly appeared. I approve most profusely to the creation of this forum. May it have good health a frequent visitors.

I wish a good afternoon to you all.


P Goth
Hey Perki, good to see you here smile.gif
This is a fine looking forum smile.gif

what a lovely idea this is biggrin.gif

i love forums, what a great way to waste my life away... i do it all day long

biggrin.gif *waves* hiya!! so I am! mata, you'd better have lots of t shirts in, I'm feeling rich. (make the most of it, this doesn't happen very often!) have a nice day everyone!
jezzi wub.gif
Hey there folks, I think I might start up an introduction segment to the forum so people can say who they are.

It's nice to have people that I don't know joining up on here too. That's 13 members (including myself) in the first twelve hours online. This is going to be rather fun I think!

Too much white...need more black, or possibly a darker colour smile.gif
That would require me to be able to work out how to change the colour scheme... I've not got the time at the moment but I'll be getting onto that at some point soon hopefully...
The burrrrnnssss it burrrnnnsss
Yay! An Other Side forum! biggrin.gif
whoa... 33 members in 4 days. good job mata! biggrin.gif
It's all going rather well isn't it?

Say hello to Hobbes everyone, he's a very decent fella who's got a partial credit for suggestions towards phrases used in the Arm Wrestling with Sigmund Freud game.
*waves* Hi, Hobbes!
HHHHIIIIII!!!! biggrin.gif
holla hobbes.... uh.... thanks for contributing to the arm wrestling game.... yeah.... that's about it
hi everyone.

em hobbes - - - would this by anychance be the hobbes that was responsible for a similar bb site within scottishpower byanychance?

if so Howdey I was the first person to be temporarily & permanently baned from said site remember.

if not sorry for the mix up and Hi
yep, i'm ressurecting another REALLY OLD THREAD AND THERE'S NOTHIN YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! tongue.gif
Yes there is! I can help you!
I'm glad ya resurrected this one smile.gif It was really cool to read that (which looked like the first thread)
yarg! this post gave me deja vu...
Sun Tsu
omega bump
Anyone notice that out of all the members that first posted on here 3 still post, 4 if you include mata.
Sun Tsu
Just for the sake of historical purposes should we get this pinned?

Sun Tsu
QUOTE (LoLo @ May 21 2003, 07:53 PM)
Anyone notice that out of all the members that first posted on here 3 still post, 4 if you include mata.

LMAO yeah, wierd. laugh.gif

man im the best lol... ive been here since the VERY begining laugh.gif
holy crap....
this is old, jesus, it must be only mata's friends though, he seemed to know them all.... and look what happened, i think he now knows about 1 or 2 people in real life... now we have taken over his fair forum.... MOI HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
btw, hey hey everyone since this seems to be the REAL introduction thread
never mind.................i was wrong this thread doesn't contain my first post...........
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Sun Tsu @ May 21 2003, 07:54 PM)
Just for the sake of historical purposes should we get this pinned?


Use the Links thread, dude - that's what it's for.

First post in Adoptions thread - use the link - make a link to this.

It's a piece of history...
nah unimportant....
Very nice forum i must say! Wow, the first ever thread! laugh.gif

Feeling like bringing back a few of the old skool threadz, cos of another new-ish thread.
Sun Tsu very old....
wooo....... cooel....... biggrin.gif
o_O This is really old! o_O...
Time sure goes by fast indeed my friends.

I remember when i started posting on a normal basis...very slowly lol. The reason why i started was because a few of you wished me a happy birthday and i got quite a few emails from people in here bout that. That encouraged me i think to try this out. I was really hesistant at first because of my last incident in a forum, where a lot of people were total assholes except for maybe a few people that ridiculed my angel and I so He made his leave and I made my silenced leave from there. I've been here for not too long but I am proud of myself for getting over that over-shy self I was back in March. I can really trust you guys and so does Jonathan smile.gif

I love you all so much and this is the best forum to be at, Cheers biggrin.gif
Awwww, I'm really glad ya like this place rebecca... an jon too

/me hugs ya both

It's nice to see yer enjoyin yerselves here smile.gif
Well how can you NOT like this place?!?! thats my question.

Quote from Jon:

"It's easier to post when you don't have people breathing down your backs like at SB"

And it is the truth. I even have an old roleplaying story i posted in SB that was 21 pages long! I had to save all of it on like 20 notepad files (estimating). I miss my roleplaying story, but i brought back good and BAD memories from that other forum....the bastards (excuse my language)

Aside from the fact this place would be cool too with a roleplaying forum, you got real cool people with cool topics and all the spam you can wish for LOL

*hugs leo back*
*goes off topic for a moment*

Oh and I just noticed you called me by my real name. smile.gif first time in this forum you have refered me to my real name, Cheers Leo smile.gif

It may not seem to be a big deal to many, but I like it when people call me by my matazone name AND my real name in equal useage.

*goes back on topic*
Ah... Mata will be so pleased to get such positive feedback smile.gif

I think there was a roleplay story started some time ago, but it went a bit wayward... why not start one now?
Sounds like a good idea, but I wanna have a good story with people in here on one side and others on another, y'know like good guy vs. bad guy. I will think about it though. I probably am still not over my lost roleplaying story, my memory is one of a kind wink.gif tongue.gif lol

If anyone wants to see it contact me by Pming me or e-mailign me at
*bump* OLD THREADAGE! hee hee, im resurrecting a bunches this week. mayhaps i turn this into another thread resurrection week?
Sir Psycho Sexy
if you do you'll get just wait til july

Sun Tsu
Hmm.....if Porce appears back onto here I just may bump that ''revival campaign'' we started....
Sir Maxerpopple
Need to spam to be a part of thread history. May we never see the last thread!
so matas children will take over the running of the site, and our children will take over our accounts. blink.gif this oculd go on for a looono gitme
WOW, I just saw my old posts on here, and my goodness! I posted A LOT laugh.gif how we grow up so fast...

*reminices for an hour and toddles off*
So ... is this a passing of generations? Is this where flames are passed from one bunch, to another? Maybe so ...

There never really is one point where a generation is over and another begins. There is no 'seam' to be seen, no frontier that marks a limit between one and another.

We do, however, have the advantage of speaking ONLY in the written word ... with databases to mark time stamps ... and the power of resurrection to suit our purposes ....

Perhaps this here thread is a mere sign-post on a long road, that we rip past without hardly acknowledging it ... S'true that without sign-posts, we wouldnt really be able to clock the passage of time, on a road that is so rich, so intimate, and so rewarding ....

Maybe it is a simple shot-glass on a simple night out, that we remember fondly as time beats onwards ... a pointed slap in the face on this road to our future ....

Its great that we get to all raise our hands, those that are here now ... maybe those who flash past in the future, or those that should be on the same road, but aren't...

Glad to be here ...

beep beep ... vrooom
*applauds* nicely said, pab.
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