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This is a piece of internet spam... READY?

The corperation corperation.

Hello. pushing little children with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around. We will kill you if you resist being controlled. But oh no.

goodbye all my friends
for i`ll fly in the sea and drown in the sky.

Mutated by your own geans you are terminally i`ll, wheel chair bound, without speech, your bullied at school, they beat and rape you in the toilets, you are in debt because the money you borrowed that you needed to survive you owe and you can`t paye back because you are starving to death, you were attacked by a gang who kicked you in the face until you couldn`t see it in the mirror, your best friend died in a plane accident while you were at home shaking hands with your bank manager, your near death because some random angry man walked into the same alleyway you were strolling through and slipped a knife into your stomach and stole your shoes, your dead but you were buried in a near-by because you are alone and without family friends or aquaintences.
/me presses delete button

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