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You can thank Hins who inspired this, thanks to her yet another random game thread, but my version's a bit different. It has a new twist: poetry. The rules are simple. Write a small 2-4 line poem about the forumite who posted above you. Please keep it nice, as I dont want feelings hurt. Here, I'll start with one about Missy.

Missy, Missy fair and true,
hopping about the forums daily with syuu

And as she loves her InKy dear
she can't help but fret when he's not near

See? It's okay to suck at poetry when posting here, God knows I do. =P
Prince Aries
syuuuuuuuuuu syuuuuuuuuu
your mad crazy chat room skills are keen
you make me feel like a jelly bean
and so now I must come clean
o, prince aries you make me ponder
for 3 weeks i was on here longer

now at this time you make me think,
"how thw hell did you get more posts than me?"

hee hee hee.... you post a lot, prince....
Prince Aries
oh chester your avatar owns
my spamming is beyond compare
you are my wedding singer
let us all get drunk together

Prince is cute,
prince is fine,
im gonna turn him straight,
and then i'll make him mine.

happy.gif looky!! i suck at poetry!!! yay!!
what to say about hinsley?
she's here a lot
she posts a lot
and most of all she spams a lot!

(side note)hins this is in fun not meant to be a're spamming has seemed to decrease and that's cool. smile.gif
syuu is the queen
of hot tubs and beer
a visit to syuu land
and you will see
syuu is the queen
the evil queen of smut

lol... laugh.gif

p.s. hinsley i liked yours!!!!!! laugh.gif
kid the poem's supposed to be about the person who posted before you. **pouts**

although I do really like that poem about syuu. biggrin.gif
ohmy.gif oh no i got u guys confused...sumhow.. blink.gif sry sry!!

heres my lolo poem!

lolo flirts with everyone
no matter what their luck
she wont bother to ask your gender
"i like jello,wanna f___k?"

lmao laugh.gif
lol!! thats f**kin halarious!!!!

KidV is pretty cooel,
she's 13, so still at school dry.gif (damn school)
i like her loads, she's real nice,
but most of all she likes RICE!!!

(i told ya i sucked!)
Prince Aries
hinsley lacks the sleep
and prince aries she shall keep

she makes me me smoke, she makes me drunk
ow my head hurts this morning

(uh so yeah.....uh.....yeah)
aries is a cool, nice man
he is the best prince in the land
no matter what gender i be
aries is the cooolest to me

hey i tried ph34r.gif
my twin and partner alike
in evil and saving penguins
i had to go to roast marshmellows
and you quoted me in your profile
no matter what,
we'll always be the evilish duo wink.gif sucked....
Mel or Kidvish, she's never been rude
But no matter, I'll always see her as an ickle noob
'Tis pure joy to have her about
When she's away, I can't help but pout

Oooh.. early morning just woke up poem! Sorry, I'll think of better ones later. =P
syuu wrote a poem about me
i cried when i read it
because it was nearly
as beautiful as her was sweet syuu! laugh.gif
For dear kidvish -- anything!
Despite the pain in me tummy
her presence makes me want to sing =P

Ooh, very short.

Midol - doesn't work

this is a poem
written by me
just for syuu
for not feeling well
i think we will sue midol..
maybe some day
syuu rocks mega awsomelyish...

lol.... laugh.gif
KidV is an uber kissing bandit,
as it tells us in her sig,
she's pretty nifty with her rhymes,
now lets all do a jig.

(lol i am much too tired for this. )
Hinsley, Hinsley, Cool as that,
While questioning a talking cat.
Also in some quad weeding thing,
Hey Hinsley, save some for me!

Hehe.. thought I'd give it a try. ^-^

mirichan has a cool av
i don't know her
she doesn't know me
lolo, o lolo
you proform wedding ceremonies
lolo, o lolo
you may or maynot look good in green

do i win the bad poetry prize?
chester your a n00b,
come and make yourself at home,
talk to me on msn,
if you do i'll give you Rome!

(wat? no, everyones not ignoring me, im not desperate for someone to talk to before i go slit my wrists, i mean mm....... HAPPY DANCE!!! yeah, dry.gif )
hinsley hinsley,in my pants
gets funky with cheese
on yahoo last night
and turned prince aires straight methinks
hinsley hinsley,
your the best...
im sure you look better than me in a dress...

gah!my abilities to write beautiful have left me... dry.gif
i look awful in dresses. i look awful in everything. i am awful.
QUOTE (hinsley @ Jul 8 2003, 05:21 PM)
i look awful in dresses. i look awful in everything. i am awful.

y do ya think such things hinsley?
kid is wearing an lgg av
what she is only mata knows
shes scared of me
so i'll eat her toes
shes scared of me

wut do you mean im scared of u? huh.gif
melanie melanie,
i hope no one sneaks in and posts before me,
melanie melanie,
you look just fine in your pink frilly dresses

(i know it doesnt rhyme)
Poem by ME!
Matazone is the place to be,
When in the house or up a tree,
Things said here can make me HEHE,
Matazone is the place to be.

Matazone is the best site,
I like to go on it at night,
It brings me so much happy delight,
Matazone is the best site.

Forums here are full of class,
Mess with me, and they'll kick your ass,
Number of peeps here has so much mass,
Forums here are full of class.

We all here are family,
Brothers sisters aunts are we,
Some of the people drink tea,
We all here are family.

All in all both place and forum rule,
Each treasured place is a jewel,
It is better than a stinky horny mule,
All in all both place and forum rule.

- The end happy.gif
tigerlily writes the truth
her witty ways leave me aloof
i have no thoughts no expectation
that you know me gender specification

hahaha...i'm stretching...i tried ph34r.gif
sizzle may be a guy
sizzle may be a girl
sizzle could be both
but than itd just confuse the heck outa me....
chester has a boys name
chester definately is a girl
chester would be the same
no matter if me head was bald or had curl

tongue.gif um...that was sooo bad...after i was done typing i did this-> huh.gif ...i dunno..forgive the badish poem
sizzle is a mystery
who he she is you got me
i think its cool
now go poo and check your stool
roses are red
violets are blue
lolo really rocks because she helped me and mel put my stupid quiz up

lol... laugh.gif
mel mel
you dont smell
mel mel
cant you tell?

did i win the bad poetry prize, yet?
oh kelly....
sometimes i really miss you
sometimes i want to kiss you(no!lol!)
sometimes you make me mad
other times..i blame my dad
kely..u r a good friend
you'll write better poems than me...
i swear..
QUOTE (sizzlieswix @ Jul 8 2003, 10:11 PM)
tigerlily writes the truth
her witty ways leave me aloof
i have no thoughts no expectation
that you know me gender specification

hahaha...i'm stretching...i tried ph34r.gif

*Applauds and whistles frantically for more*
Tiger-baby, she's so grand
Always looking where to lend a hand
You'll never see her without her Jon
He's always around to mow her lawn. ;)
what can I say about you?
you're spunky and fun
if you weren't here I'd be a nun.
lolo has nifty av's
because shes a girl she squats when she pees's
unless shes a freak she has two knees
lolo lolo wil you please?
(poke the bacon)
nummynums has an av turtle
it flies so it has no need to jump an hurdle
nummynums name ties me tongue
i'm sitting here bored on me bum
sizzlieswix name is hard to say
she likes my turtle
is name is ray
(not really its bob)
its all
its all
its all
in the mix
nummy is 11 posts away from 1k
she says some stuff that makes me not know what to say
she's cute and funny
if she were an animal, she'd probably be a cute ickle bunny
I see her posting here or there,
I almost see her everywhere!
Lolo's spiffy, yes indeed
She doesn't have be drunk or on weed!

oO Erm.. yes.

There's my poem, hope you all like it.
logicman is crazy as a coot
im gonna by him a yellow suit
all thats leftto say now is woot woot

Another minimalist masterpiece!

now thats a poem
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