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Canice gave me
her clone!
Now I'm no longer

That was not very good, but it rhymed.
lmao happy.gif well at least i got a poem again finally! ty logicman..and here's yours..

logicman, oh brave ruler of helonica
i know you are more honest that bill
and in your office we shant find a monica
i entrusted you with my clone
the wondermous hezekiah
now she has a happy home...


the end! happy.gif
Wow, that was good! Thanks! Unfortunately, I can't come up with a good poem right now, so wait a while and I'll PM it to you.
logic logic a cool dude
knows how to handle his 'tude
sizzlieswix we missd he/she/it do
from this forum i hope you never go
you are cool like an icecube
smelly garbage is soo rude
nummy nummy
in my tummy
whenever i see this forumite
i think of oreos...not of vegemite
this is due to her yahoo name
this forum without her wouldn't be the same.


(oho i like that one! *pats self on back* )
Candice is a chick,
Who to her opinions she'll stick
Her friend Missy A,
I met one day.
If I piss Candice off, I'll lose my dick.
righteous's signature quotes the bible
and on the forum s/he isnt to idle
s/he sit on her bum
but on the forum s/hes fun
im not doing this to well
and surly you can tell
i dont know what to talk about
so man im out

yeah exactly
Prince Aries
yo yo there was this monkey called narth
sent from above, sittin in the habit
what is narth but a cousin of darth
tears the forums up something rabid
Sit tight, or monkey's gunna get'cha
Are YOU skilled in the arts of Monkey Kombat?

Erm....yo....word to your muddah and stuff. blink.gif
lmao ya won't! happy.gif


in iowa, there lives a boy
his name is prince aries
and with him, you musn't toy
for he has a buddy named cheese
and this mischevious penguin
has the power to make you sneeze
they drink together, laugh together,
and just basically have fun...
and the most wonderful think about prince arieses is
he's the only one!

(like tigger!) happy.gif
Prince Aries
*chuckles* Niiiiiiiice Candice biggrin.gif

So I was rollin up in this crib and what should my lonely eyes but gaze
a vixen named Candice all dressed up in snow
She looked down to my mortal body and spoke the immortal words I'll never forget:
Why go to a hotel when we can just go camping?

*laughs* Sorry Candice, I couldn't think of much *laughs* Not TOO terribly bad though! biggrin.gif
there is a boy called prince aries
when i see his name i think of fairies
his poem was great
he should eat some good steak
or how bout some nice berries
Narth is a monkey.
No, I didn't say junkie.
From drugs to refrain
is a noble game,
but they keep making me feel funky!
righteous likes freedom, oh yes he does
in fact he'd like some anarchy
and then all the bees would be free to buzz
in whatever way they chose
and we'd live in harmony
and instead of relying on the government, we'd repair our own roads.

righteous also is quite spiritual, yes he is
he's a christian ya know
and he's going into the minister biz
when he does, he's gonna do something really cool
he's gonna perform gay marriages
and whoever thinks that is immoral, is simply a fool.

smile.gif (hrm hope the last line didn't offend anyone...well i think they're a fool if they're against gay marriages...but to each their own. happy.gif )
in a town lives a girl named candice
and no she is not a but kiss
she stand by her opinoins
and the world will be taken over by my minoins
in the end ill give her antartica
well maybe just part... yah
and ill also give her canada!
There once was a monkey_called_narth,
Who's minions all faught on his path,
but Candice it seems,
was far from his dreams,
I wonder if he's had a bath?

Ammendment1: can't avoid version 2 ... only last line changes:

There once was a monkey_called_narth,
Who's minions all faught on his path,
but Candice it seems,
was far from his dreams,
he thinks he's that Vader called Darth...

Ammendment 2: 2nd verse:

World domination is free,
at least I suppose it can be,
but watch out who you label,
all genders are able,
the monkey, it seems, is a she!
i once met a guy called pab_onwalkies
he somehow wandered into our channel
then cornered us for some...talkies
and now we chat with him, nearly every day
he's quite a nice guy really
so we hope he doesn't go away
he's my buddy who also has no @ sign
and that's just fine with us,
cause that one word in the rules (wink.gif ), pab and i think it's devine.

Dear sweet Candice came from afar
From the richest land of LoLo's bar
And when I saw her, I knew then
She would make the greatest friend
Nobody have I adored as much as she
Thinking Mata's girlfriend was .. me!
And now I blush, hoping this poem's well
While Candice struts about, ringin' my bell.

=P Love ya', Cand!
Syuu, syuu dearest syuu.
Never have I met
Anyone like you.
Even if Mata's girlfriend you are not
The truth still remains
That you are scaldingly hot.
Your pinky finger tastes like lime
And we all love talking to you
All of the time.
I do not know much,
But this much is true
I am certain that Candice was touched by your poem
And that she loves you too.

Oh haphazard fish,
oh coin-toss pick'd dish
Oh chain-laden haunter of Lo

I had but one wish,
'tis not tish, nor pish
and into your pond i did go,

for warmth is a thing,
that happiness bring
and neither for penny nor pound

would I walk away
now here what i say,
once lost i feel now that i'm found

pab goes for tissues AGAIN! wub.gif
I really like that Pab smile.gif
Pab can write really good poems....
I am afraid of lawn knomes
hes welcome in all of our homes
and i
There is a girl named Num
Who, I'm sure, has a really nice bum.
The words she speaks,
Of sensuality she reaks
The way she talks makes me want to cum!
righteous doesnt have a good rhyem
and this is taking up some time
hes really funny
and hits on nummy
and her nice bum
but i have to wonder
do i make you wanna cum?

sorry i got bored and couldnt find a good ryem for your name and just had to
Narth is crazy.
Righteous is lazy.
The guys are here.
The hour is near.
We'll go to my room and make it hazy.
righteous has a little stick
one he likes to beat
and no girl want to eat
because he smells like old peoples feet

yeah... exactly... i love you!
Narth says I have a stick
That is so small it's sick
I'll admit that my shlong
it ain't super long
but ait't it more important that it's mondo thick?
righteous really is very smart..
this much i know is true
but there is something he may have forgotten...
young kids read this forum too! tongue.gif
Every woman knows
Reality's just a pose
Appearance just a scam
What's there is just a sham
But men see only form
What's there must be the norm
That beauty in the face
Must link to inner grace
feylila must have not read the rules for this game
they are on the front page
to ignore them would be a shame
for, dear feylila, your poem is suppose to be
well, you see, it's supposed
to be about me.
because i posted before you
and that is how the game goes
you write about whoever said something last
or we spray you with the garden hose

i'm just kidding about that last part!
your poem was great, just so ya know
and it showed a lot of heart smile.gif
Pouring water out of boots
Wringing water out of hair
Shaking water from her clothes
Spreading droplets everywhere
Stops to hug Candice for help
Decides her thanks would not be best
Wrings more water from her clothes
Then writes a poem like all the rest
Posts the poem then sighs aloud
Walks away from thread all wet
When you don't read when you've been gone
Soaking clothes is what you get!
a seeming stranger
i do not know...
her av is small
and she can rhyme
yay for soaking clothes i say
meh...this sux...oh
Kidvish, the ever cute
I say we'd never give her the boot
Why? Because she brings this forum joy
With her sweetness and smiles coy.
Mel came to us not long ago
However, I've come to adore her so
Her cute pink av and her stylish ways
She takes the gray out of my days.

Sucky, but ah well. =)
syuu, dearest syuu
the troutman has stolen
all of my best rhymes for you!
you amuse me, a whole lot
and like the troutman said
you, my dear, are very hot tongue.gif
i hope that we never get into a fight
cause life without your friendship,
that just wouldn't be right
the troutman may be clueless
and have no hope of catching lo
but he was right about one thing--
i do love ya so tongue.gif
Candice, your eyes,
they startle, surprise,
and are kinda hot, hearts a lump

So I'm glad that it's you,
not one without clue,
who I mention as this thread I BUMP!

(the rules: you write a poem about the person who posted before you .. so next poem is about me .. be gentle)
I do not know much about Pab
This is oh so true
But I do know one thing
That his avatar can do
It captivates my mind
As I watch it spin around and round
Slowly making me go insane
And padded room bound
Pab, Pab, dearest Pab
You know you really are
Rather quite fab.
It is so good to see your worm once again
That wasn't meant to be dirty...
I meant your avatar, just then.
You taught me so much about Internet Relay Chat
I'm so glad you wandered into our fishy channel
You can be sure of that tongue.gif

Edit cause Spiffy beat me to a response:

Is delicious
Like pie.
*snap snap*

Shut up, it was all I could think of. tongue.gif
candice is so great
she is so fine
she can really
blow your mind
she's really quite sweet
and thinks that I'm delicious
that kindof makes me
a little suspicious
but for her kind words
I leave behind
this not so little
but funny rhyme:

candice candice bo bandice
banana fana fo fandice
me mi mo mandice
Oh candice, and spiffy,
you post in a jiffy,
so quickly your responses came ...
You stepped on your toes,
like lightening it goes,
when worthwhile is this type of game.

My avater spins,
but that worm it grins
and into infinity goes
I show my worm here,
just vectors my dear!
Flash® by name *then rubs his nose*

Thank you Pab for posting about us both
It really was so kind
And though I've said it before
Your avatar really blows my mind
Spiffy likes her black and white av
She also likes street-luge,
Speeding downhill really fast,
And links to pics that're huge.
What should I say
About Mata today?
Should I suck up since he's a special one,
Or take a chance and just poke fun?
Hey - wait - I'm already done. biggrin.gif
Gothic, they say,
But I wonder do they,
This poem rhymes,
Mata is so talented,
i'll pretend to be him instead.
that's the way i'll spend my day!
with flashy art, i will play.
Is a name that's hard to rhyme with,
So I'll fit in solipsism
To end my line with.

(my poems are dreadful, sorry)
You gotta love Mata
Cause you know he is the man
There's nothing he can't do
That little goth girl can
Spiffy, you see,
between you and me,
Matas art flows from a tap,
And tis just as well,
his artwork don't smell,
cos his rhyming there really is arse-buckets
the lil' pie fairy
For Pab,
Who's never drab,
Mean, boring or blue,
I still can't help but wonder,
What colour are your shoes??

(Sorry, I've been reading lots of nonsense poems lately)
Hey lil' pie fairy, how are you dear?
You know that your pies should give you the crown.
My shoes, they are red, and plimsoles, I fear
And I'm walking around like a dork about town
Pablito dude
you aren't that rude
But sometimes you know
You smell like food.

*falls out of the bad poetry tree hitting every branch on the way down*
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