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Full Version: The Forumite Short Poetry Game
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Today is the day of your birth,
the day you joined us on earth.
I hope it's the best,
better than the rest,
Irishguy, red-neck of fun,
Thanks for reminding me, hon'
But jaq will decide,
To have fun, or hide,
(for she's an) English teacher, not a nun!
A nun I'm not, Pab
nor are you
But if you think I'm at the other extreme
I'll beat you with my shoe.
Oy! Don't beat me up with that sandal,
It weren't me who started this scandal,
Those hessian undies, dont make you a nun, geez
so go and grab the 'pan' by the 'handle'
Oh by the way, one thing I should say
To keep this topic free from flames,
Strictly, if I may,
(mind you, what the hey?)
but shouldn't this thread be in 'Games'?
This is for Pab, or is it about him?
I don't think I have ever seen him swim
I think I'd remember it, if I did
Pab is endowed - like many hominids
with a subcutaneous layer of lipids
making the floating easier
especially in water that isn't freezier

I think I'll cut this short and-
rhyming sucks.
Jaq really is an endearing poet.
I'm sure she just doesn't know it.
The problem, I fear,
Hindering her here,
Is that she was forced to write about Pab... wink.gif
gothictheysay is just too kind I say
I really don't know what I ever did
to be spoken of in such a sweet way
Her poetry skills are beyond reproach
In IRC she's infinitely schway
There once was a girl named Jenn,
who would often grin.
She'd pick her nose,
play with her toes,
and do it all over again.
There once was a boy named Vic,
who was fond of a silly trick
He'd eat playdough
and burp so low
you could hear him all over the thicket
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