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Full Version: It's Not Big And It's Not Clever
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I'd considered getting stick on tattoos made of my characters but again it cost loads of money to get a variety done... Still, what do people think of the idea?
I think it would cool, I'd definately have lgg and cannibal sex kitty....
cool.gif cool spikes Mata, i have my ear lobes streched, one is 10mm the other is 8mm, one day i will make them bigger, hey at least it's somewhere to keep my pencil..
a stick on tatoo of mittens is already on my xmas wish list..
i like it! LLG an Mr. S would be great. And if you mass produced them they would be cheap.
Mass produced does take down the per-item cost, but it still costs a lot to buy in bulk, striking the perfect balance between the two is the main aim. At the moment I just don't have the money to make it worthwhile doing, but I'll add it onto the bottom of my 'things I'd like to do' list!
right below cutting up babies and right above world peace, right?
that last one was wrong.....
that last post reminded me of a joke

Q: What is the difference between a BMW M5 and a pile of dead babies

A: I don't have a BMW M5 in my garage
ok that last post was wrong too but i blame Dimitry
I think that lgg tat would be pretty cool... I just got one done on my ankle about three weeks ago of this goth/industrial/drag queen looking moon (it is pretty tight) it hurt like a mofo. It is very Eon Flux. But it was really the most painful tattoo I have ever gotten. I have a dragon on the top of my back.. they guy went so deep that you could hear the tattoo gun change speeds when he would bear down... IT HURT. But not as bad as my ankle.. I thought I was going to pass out... sad.gif
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (ravein @ Mar 21 2003, 07:39 PM)
Eon Flux

The very mention of that name rocks almost as much as your new Cheetara avatar.

BTW, temp Other Side tatts = great idea.

Ever given further thought to the sticker idea you had, Mata? I'd imagine stickers would be cheaper and almost as much fun as temporary tatts.
My boyfriend's best friend is practically covered in tattoos. I like tattoos on people but not when they are completely covered like that.. I think a few tattoos (that actually mean something to the person) is better. He even has a tatt inside his lower lip... when you pull it down, you see it
Industrial Kybosh
Hmmm.... I've seen that lip-tatt thing before. I did wonder why they bothered...

What does his say? Or is it a (small) picture?
"why" -- that's what his tattoo on his bottom lip says smile.gif lol
which is kinda funny cause the first thing I said when I heard he got it was "why?" lol
It is very Eon Flux.

Aeon Flux is great! I'm so pleased someone else knows of her existence!

Stickers: I might design some to be sold through Cafe Press, but whilst they are very large they are also quite expensive for just one sticker, so I'm not sure I'd like to sell them like that. It's another idea on the list.

What I'm really hoping is that some company that does licensed character merchandise is going to come along and offer me a tidy sum to take that side of things off of my hands... It may happen yet!
YAY! merchendise..... mmmmmm...... purchase..... conform.... consume..... obey...... mmmmmmm.... so anyways, AWESOME PEIRCING!!! OMG!!! that is soo awesome! i mena i used to want eyebrow peircings but then i kinda thought i wouldnt look good with them, oh well, i might try them some tiem, as for tattos, i dont like any designs
id still go with the temp tattoos
Ok I'm a bit late but those piercings are *so* cool!!! I had my ears done again last weekend so now have 5 in the ears and 1 in the eybrow, but I've just changed jobs from which which doesn't allow piercings and hair dye to w=one which does YAY!!! next step will be the top cartilage on both ears, the lip and the tongue, and a custom tattoo design on my arm, and then maybe a paw-print or wolf's head on my ankle, and the hourglass on my shoulder, and maybe the celtic design round my navel...and LGG if the temp tats take off...
Eon Flux was so revolutionary for her time.. she was so awesome.. I think it was the first anime that made little brainwashed American kids think. I love her.... The same guy who made Eon is coming out with a new anime soon.. it is supposed to be off the hook.. I saw the previews and it had the same style as Eon. I think it was on Adult Swim (cartoon network). If I see it again I will get the details.
As for tats of the lip--- ew--- and ---ouch---!
piercings rock! only got 3 so far in the ears but im planning on at least 3 tats of my own design. temporary first so i know i like it...temp tats, what a wonderful invention for the feeble minded such as myself
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