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Full Version: Why Do Ya Come Here?
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Morbid curiosity forbids me from lettin this go on unpolled a minute longer biggrin.gif

OK, so ya know the drill by now - go vote peeps!!

Oh, an I realise usin the openin 2 lines from "Suedehead" is a bit cheesy. It's MY poll. Deal with it tongue.gif

(BTW I'm in the "reality sucks" party here)
i gave up on reality a while ago, now i just refuse to acknowledge it's existense. makes everything a lot easier.
I hear ya bud! I try an leave reality alone but it dun afford me the same respect. mad.gif

I allus wanted to grow up to be a Debaser...

OMG!!! I seem to be hooked on late 80s indie lyrics at the mo - first Morrissey an now Black Francis!! Fookin ell, looks like reality's let me offa the hook fer a mo biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
heh, run while you still can! biggrin.gif
I'm runnin wild, I'm runnin free...

Oh bugger, wrong end o the decade. An wrong music type too... Still, I spose I can get some cred fer quotin pre Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden...

Er, RUN, ya say? Yer havin a laff, shurely??? unsure.gif
where's 'all of the above' and 'meh'? mad.gif
cheese is funny
i dont need real life.. cept for food... this place rules too much
ok, i've really got to work on my 20 pager, gotta work on my 20 pager, gotta work.... oh! a new poll! i'll just add *one more reply*....
hehe, tell me about it...
ok. (she says, taking him literally) well, on the second, i've got a 20 page essay due. on the 8th i've got 2 portfolios due. another portfolio on the 10th, and a 5 page essay on the 12th. i also have an exam on the 12th, and one on the 28th, then i'm allllllll done. but it's hell until then... and you?
mine kinda pales in comparison compared to that...

i have science coursework due next friday (and seeing as my friend completely screwed up the experiment, i'm gonna have to do a lot of arse-kissing to get someone else's results...), an RS essay due for monday, my entire DT project due for the next week (haven't done any of the writing, and the school lost my stupid little wooden thing), and some maths stuff that i'm about a month behind on...
rs is religious studies? dt?
i am so glad that i don't have to take math anymore! it's evil! and at least 90% of the general population will never use all that crazy n to the power of x stuff outside of a classroom!
DT is basically woodwork, they made us take it... mad.gif and yeah, RS is religious studies...
wouldn't mind taking wood working. i kinda regret not taking it actually.
no, woodwork is evil. you actually have to research on what your plank of wood with the nails still sticking out is supposed to be, as well as do surveys, think about how to make it comfortable, draw up 50 zillion designs until you decide that they all suck, staring at the tragedy that is your final piece and saying what's wrong with it...
I took construction in high school. It wasn't nearly that bad. They told us what to do and we did it. It was like their own little kiddie factory!
or santa's elves!
Yes. Santa's elves. *ahem*
i hate that stuff! the teacher we had was such an idiot.......... lucilly i dont have to have him again until next year (only have to take that for one quarter) anyways i stole stuff from his room every day. i have pencils, money, metal, glue, paper, sticks, boxes, and a chair seat..........
yeah, everyone does the moment i'm working on getting a hacksaw out without anyone noticing...
I have a take-home assignment on early modern chemistry sitting in the other room. it's not getting done.

~checks~ nope. still not done.
You guys must be incredibly bored in school if you steal things for fun. Dang juvenile delinquints. In *my* day...we only stole chalk.
we didn't steal things. I put a condom in the nun's desk, though.

ok so im thinking that there really does need to be an all of the above, im putting off a latin translation that will take me only an hour but no, theres a matazone forum, the other thing im putting off now is bodily functions, like eating and drinking, basically im trying to kill myself with the forums, and i mean its not like i even know it..... yay..... im dening my body the essence of life, food! whooopppeeeeee ok so anyway im also using this as a procrastination tool.... yay!
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (leopold @ Mar 21 2003, 10:43 PM)
Oh, an I realise usin the openin 2 lines from "Suedehead" is a bit cheesy. It's MY poll. Deal with it tongue.gif

I allus wanted to grow up to be a Debaser...

I'm runnin wild, I'm runnin free...


I'm here for laughs, me. And because me usualy haunt - FFGurus - has gone a bit cliquey and wanky. Far too many humourless pricks.

This place is much nicer.

Nice ta know I make some of ya laugh anyways biggrin.gif

But I note nobody comes here fer me tho... wot's that all about??? Me greatness must be some sorta draw for yas all???

I'd go off an cry but I had too good a time at tha weekend an I'm not gunna let this get me down... I'll leave that fer when I hafta go ta work sad.gif
oooooooolllllldddd thread bumpage......... lol...... I'm bored.... this is interesting.... so I'm bumping it............ yeah.....

i come here cos this place is my family, and i love you all.
I come here because this is the sort of atmosphere that allows me to be what I once was. It gives me an outlet for my darker, thoughtful side, which is good because it was starting to get awfully cramped in that bottle...
Sir Maxerpopple
I come here as part of my signing on routine.

The discussions here are quite interesting or entertaining. I enjoy debates in issues, and lighter conversations. For really deep philosophy i go to another forum, but part of the charm of this place is that it is light hearted and entertaining as well as debatable. The balance between the two forums is great stimulation for me. I nulled my vote because none of those choices suited me.
Sometimes, this place is all I have...
the lil' pie fairy
i put off doing stuff. and also to escape. but mostly to escape doing stuff dry.gif
I would've voted for more than one thing if I could've... I just chose the first becuase it's a pretty good summary of all.
now that i think about it, i come for the leo wub.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I like it here because it takes my mind away from my problems, and people really understand me, and I can be myself.
I'm here because it's an awesomeness place to be! Whee! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (acidteardrop @ Dec 30 2003, 03:36 PM)
now that i think about it, i come for the leo wub.gif

Hah, that may be, but I'm the only one who actually voted that!!!!

**Thereby proves her undying devotion to Leo, her Snuggle Pimp Extraordinaire**

the freaky part is that I voted before I read any of the replies.....tongue.gif lol I truly am without reprieve! wub.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
English please?
rats! foiled again!
Damn I never voted in this til now? Well basically it's cause I have no life. laugh.gif
Eh... well, it's something to do. Besides, my extreme boredom from the absence of a life has to be relieved somehow.
Yep. No life. Tis me.
A combination of no life and avoiding doing things, usually. Things being obligations like homework and the like...which I don't count as a life ( I don't think anyone dry.gif
This is the only forum I belong to, I generally thought that forums were for sad people who had no life, but I've found some great friends on here who I cherish muchly. Plus I'm here for my splendid e-hubby, ain't I lee??? wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
this place is good for a laugh...although i mostly laugh at my own jokes...

but good for a laugh nonetheless

Sir Maxerpopple
I generally thought that forums were for sad people who had no life

But don't alot of people here (including myself) have no life? laugh.gif laugh.gif
Cath Sparrow
Escaping R/L definatly definatly! But for the High Lord of ISH himself Leo wub.gif and it goes without saying. I STATE YOUR STATE YOUR NAME! HERE BY SOLEMLY PLEGE MY ALGENCE TO MATA!!! tongue.gif

Where else is there?
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