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Full Version: Why Do Ya Come Here?
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QUOTE (Pab @ Jun 18 2004, 07:48 PM)

Where else is there?

You'd think Gaia invented the word 'bump' if you were a local at the chatterbox. XD

And um, anyway. I came because Matazone is, in my opinion, the only Flash website that isn't run by a moron. = =; I mean seriously! Most of the time, when you find flash websites (, they're full of tasteless, blatantly sexual, meaningless and unfunny flash movies that only teenaged straight boys would be into. For the most part. And with Matazone, I can get away from all that. Huuu. = =; Also came here because I thought I might get a chance to meet the creator. perhaps unsure.gif

And the people that visit are worth talking to. I can start an intelligent coversation without the worry of flames! XD
Jeez, I don't even know why I'm posting. I'ts 7:07 a.m. or something stupid like that. But I feel I should say something.

I clicked pledging my allegiance to Mata. I was thinking this just yesterday ('cause I have no life and spent a good 60% of my waking hours randomly searching the web with the forums minimized) that when I think of Mata, and the mods in general, I think of them in this big white room, like wearing lab coats and small glasses, watching all of us*. And sometimes they get together and laugh or shake their head, but they're forever watching us. And then, occasionally, we're graced with a Mata post, and it is glorious and there is much rejoice. I just can't see Mata sitting down at a computer typing and reading, so I think of him like watching over us. What the hell is the matter with me?
So, yeah, all respect for the mighty and respectable Mata, and all the Animations and Short Blurbs of Stories He hath created with His bare hands.

*With the exception of Fuzzy, cause I've seen a picture of his room and it's much easier for me to imagine him there... and not in a white lab coat.
for leo biggrin.gif

hes ishtastically schway wub.gif

actually,i could be here for pretty much all the reasons you can think of..

but..mostly for leo laugh.gif
Patient #212
Most of RL pales in comparison to the internet. And most of the internet pales in comparison to Matazone. That's why. biggrin.gif
Duh, fer Leo! .. wow, Dayan was poetic when it came to woodshop. "the tragedy that is your final piece" .. pretty.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Reading the first page of this thread reminds me of why i used to come here, i stay in hopes that people like leo, tara and inky come back to make me chuckle...


I cant remember what I originally put. Escaping real life is harder now that there's a whole thing devoted to it. (daily life) *hides in daft*

I suppose it would have to be 'cos its a great place to be biggrin.gif and that I have nothing better to do that I'm not avoiding... meh.. probably all of them... *trails off*
Gothymothy girl
Im putting off doing stoff and im not about to let my brother use the comp. ^.^
Good lord! How on earth did this manage to rear it's head??

Not only has one of my old threads been bumped, but people are still saying they come here for me! biggrin.gif Paint me flattered!
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I use this place as a winding down tool. End of the day, jack shit on TV, work finished - it's nice to just come on and see what other people are doing.
Dolty McDaft
"You should be more social," says every friend I have.
"But I am being social. I'm talking to people here," I say, typing slower to irritate them.
"You never talk to me," they whine.
"Then join. I'll talk to you then."
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