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Full Version: I Hear Voices
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depressed fromage
Mata, I always wanted to ask you how you record the voiceovers for your animations. Mr.SNaffleburger is a favourite voice of mine, as well the unseen narrator that always urges the viewer to go shopping...

/me slaps herself, puts wallet back into bag

...and I want to know: is it you talking, and then later distorting/changing the voice through a special program, or is it just completely computer generated? I'm also going to ask the same for Samurai Lapin...whom I love. wink.gif
I'm not Mata, but... I'll answer anyway.

I think most of that voicework is done by Mata himself. Seriously. Well, except for Ozaki, but she's female... Sues does her voice, doesn't she?
Yep, the voice of Mr Sb is just me putting on a silly voice, the Corporation's voice guy is me doing an impersonation of the patronising children's TV narrators that have been around on British TV for about fifty years (and are, quite frankly, a bit sinister already).

Samuri Lapin is just me trying to sound dramatic, which is made a lot easier by the fact that often I'm reading from several thousand year-old bits of Chinese texts. I've sometimes played with it slightly to get rid of some of the high-pitch resonances but they come more from the very cheap microphone than anything else.

Ozaki is indeed played by my girlfriend Sues. The next Little Goth Girl may have Sues doing the voice acting on that too, we'll have to see how that goes...

I do occasionally put some vocal effects on the voices, for example the voice of the little boy in Skippy was me but I raised the pitch slightly, and later on for Lord Oberon who is trapped down a well I put a slight echo on the voice.

I record all the sounds on a mic that cost me two pounds (around $3) from a shop around the corner. I really should get something better!
depressed fromage
ohmy.gif I am genuinely surprised that Mr. Snaffleburger's voice comes completely from you! I always try to imitate it, but then I just sound like a chain smoking hag from Russia. Go figure. rolleyes.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
what sorta software do you use??... well obviously sound recording software, but, which flavour??
"Chain smoking hag from Russia" biggrin.gif

I use Cool Edit Pro. It's very user friendly and the multitrack editting is incredibly intuitive. It's also a very powerful piece of kit that I've only really begun to scratch the surface of working out how to use.
pipes up..* *

was that a hint about an upcoming LGG smile.gif
Yep, Sues may be playing LGG, I'll see how it sounds, but don't hold your breath because I've got some other things to make first.
mr scribble
you mean like a mittens animation?!
Not yet, but the next animation will probably involve kittens if that's any consolation!
mr scribble
i suppose that's acceptable

and the fact that you used the word 'yet' suggests more mittens animations...
out side of all the animations,
id have to say that they are all my fav smile.gif
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
Why is Mittens blue? Are there really blue cats? I'm not questioning the great and powerful Mata, but I'm curious.
i want an avatar, but not the default
QUOTE (darkglass @ Aug 1 2003, 10:41 AM)
i want an avatar, but not the default

i did put some in the little goth girl thread,

there are also some here... little images

also there are some located at the unoffical matazone fansite here .... Avatars

if you need any help putting an avatar on your profile PM me and i'll be glad to help. smile.gif
Cheers Hins smile.gif

Mittens is blue, therefore Mittens is blue. It's simple really.
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 1 2003, 11:12 AM)
Mittens is blue, therefore Mittens is blue. It's simple really.


Wow, Mata... that is so simple... yet so incredibly deep... you are a GOD... laugh.gif
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