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It's up and on the main page. It's deliberately all whizzing past quite fast so you might need to watch it a couple of times.

Have fun!

Geezus H, Mata, that one's disturbing on a perfectly amusing level...

That is a compliment. In case you couldn't tell.
Scary because you could see it happening perhaps?
Sadly, yes... among other things...
That was great...loved it...alarming and yet hillarious.....
i can definitelly see somethin that add appearin on TV within the next coupla months biggrin.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif LMAO!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Morally destitute but seriously funny... this is why I like snaff so much, ya can get away wi murder (pretty much) with him...

I like the fact the ecstatic meal can only be claimed between 2 an 3 in the mornin... laugh.gif
lol i love those little things that mata puts in the anims. 'specially the sb ones smile.gif now, i need to go watch that 50 more times to get every little thing that i missed burned into my memory biggrin.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
the evil knot made me laugh hardest there, simply because it could so easily appear in a real those old sky one's.....hmm
I'm glad people got that joke because I thought that one might just get confused looks!
I just got a PM question from Hinsley that I thought you all might be interested in:

where in the world is that plastic toy from? (the one that i there when  it says about SBcorp restaurants)

I made those toys by doing a very extensive search on the internet and eventually coming up with a site that lists recalled toys (recalled because they were dangerous, eg. choking hazrds and suchlike). There were a few different ones from MCDonalds so I chopped them up with Photoshop and put the pieces together in different arrangements to amek things that look like toys be have no real discernable function smile.gif
QUOTE (leopold @ Jul 17 2003, 09:58 PM)
I like the fact the ecstatic meal can only be claimed between 2 an 3 in the mornin... laugh.gif

and within 4 hours of shooting. laugh.gif

This seems alot like that "shoot bambi" thing the started in the States.

I thought it was great Mata. One day you should run for some sort of government official. Changing the world one satirical day at a time happy.gif
mata, could you make this as a popup for bush's reelection? laugh.gif
*cough cough*Live journal post*cough cough*
for those of us that dont check the fourms
I'm getting around to it!

I posted this at the last minute last night because I wanted to get this online ASAP but I was supposed to be cooking dinner and Sues was getting hungry. You do the math, which is worth more cooking for girlfriend or posting on my LJ? smile.gif
funny as hell..
was this inspired by the Naked chick paintball??

but being a tradanlist my self,
i must now cry...

there was no Mr S himself saying
C C O!!!!
I thought I'd give the catchphrase an episode off smile.gif It'll be back!

Naked chick paintball? I can't say I've ever heard of that. Sounds like there would be a lot of bruises the next day...?
mr scribble
was it me or was the catch phrase one of the questions on the crossword...

mata m' lad... are vehehehehehehehery strange

(not a bad thing)
Ah yes, 3 across 'Conform, consume, ____ ', four letters. I'd forgotten about that!
wasn't mr sb cola a question too (i think i saw the word 'beverage' so i assume it's mr sb max biggrin.gif)
ok, well apparently i didn't see the word 'beverage' newhere, but mr. sb max IS one of the answers smile.gif

"Bizarre Game Targets Women: Hunting for Bambi:"
I read in the news that the BBC suggested launching a reality TV show whereby the public votes on whether asylum seekers get to stay or not. This was shouted down, and a damn good thing too because it's about the most barbaric thing they could possibly do. Was this animation a subtle reference to that, or was it just a horrible horrible coincidence?
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