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Well, I guess ya all know that I've been on a bit of a down of late... but I'm draggin meself back up out of the mire, an the first thing on the agenda is to cover the gap between where I am now, work wise, an where I wanna be. So I'm gonna be doin a pretty intensive few weeks gettin me CCNA accreditation, so I can quit this godawful job I have, an go do summat infinitely more interestin!

So for the next month, I'm gonna be crammin a 1000 page trainin manual, an then a week-long boot camp, an then an exam. After which there's an 85% chance I'll be qualified!! YAAAY!!! biggrin.gif

To be honest, pass or not, it'll be great to be actually learnin summat again... I've felt like I've atrophied so much the last few years, I'm kinda lookin forward to doin summat so gruellin...

Anyways, this means quite a lot less of me round here for a little while - I'll pop on when I can, but it won't be anythin like as often. So I'm really glad we have two great mods in lo an missy, who will keep this place in good shape while I go off an sort out me life smile.gif
I'll miss you so much. ;_; But hey, so long as you're doing sommat for you.

Study hard, Leo. The arses'd be mad not to give you the job. And I don't like the idea of you going to a job day after day that you hate, nobody wants that. There'll be tons of I miss Leo threads when you're around like you were, and channo, I'll be the top poster in 'em.

Take care of yourself.

/me hugs
awww...i'll miss ya leo. you were one of the first people to ever make me feel really welcome around here. happy.gif

good luck! i know you'll get the job...and i agree w/ what syuu said..hate the idea of you going to a job that you hate every day. no one should have to do that.

so take care of yourself....the time will probably fly by for you since you'll be so busy..but it'll drag on for us cause ya won't be here to keep us entertained! happy.gif
Awwww, well I hope you get all what you are aiming for there Leo buddy happy.gif

You certainly will be missed by lots and lots of people here, including yours truly

*gives Leo a big appreciative uber hug*

We'll be looking up at the skies for yer name smile.gif
/me uberhugs leo...

have fun training for your CCNA (yeeeeeeeeeah tongue.gif ), hope everything works out smile.gif
I'll definitely be missing you around here too.... I am really happy for you though. It sounds like it is something that you will really enjoy learning! And after you get your CCNA accreditation, you will be able to get an awesome job that you can actually look forward to!!!! That will be a nice change, huh? *smile* Just don't forget us... even with all that new information you'll be stuffing in there.... hehe tongue.gif Take good care of yourself... and come back to us when you can! *BigHugs*
YOU CAN'T LEAVE LEO! the forum can't exist without you! sad.gif
seriously tho, good luck with the job, and i'll miss ya! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
cheese is funny
well that sucks... later days leo..... pop in if/when ya have some time...
Sir Psycho Sexy
it ain't gonna be the same without ya leo, who's gonna move all those threads?? the english mod contingent (i know mata's a busy little bee) will be lacking, ho hum everyone should do what they wanna as a career, life's too dull otherwise, wouldn't catch me working an office job....ever....
Good luck Leo, I'll miss our long PM talks, or talks on yahoo, but I totally understand and will anxiously be awaiting your return!
Leo. You know I love you. Take care of yourself, all right?

Do what you want to do and be happy, dammit.

We're all here if you need/want a night of stupidity, revelry and general debauchery, okay?

ill miss you leo....

who will help me plan the ish event?

who will take care of ish...

who will share the lurve? sad.gif
WeeJ're a really great guy and you'll be missed by everyone here.

/me hugs Leo
Have fun studying. Kick the exam's arse. Walk back onto the forum looking dead chuffed with yourself. Job's a good 'un.

Take care matey, enjoy the challenge.

(I think we may need a new UK mod on the team...)
No one could ever fit into Leo's moddy pants sad.gif
Leo gets to keep his mod pants for as long as he wants them, but I' may give out a new pair...

I think someone may soon be proudly wearing their underwear on the outside of their trousers smile.gif
awesome!!!!!!! good luck!! I'm sure that you will do awesome... till you get back i will think about what might have been... laugh.gif
Mmmm fresh starts are always a good thing. Congrats and hope it goes well. I assume you'll still be coming to the UK Meet in September???

Sun Tsu
Good luck leo!
bah....ill miss him so..altho hes not actually leaving leaving....

well...its going to be less ishtastic witout ya leo....but we'll find a way to have fun...i hope./...good luck leo we'll miss ya!! biggrin.gif
Awwww, thanks so much you guys biggrin.gif I love ya all!

But fret not, I won't be leavin ya totally, I'll still cruise by occasionally when I need a break. Like now, fer example; I jus read the first chapter, all it does is say what the course is an how to do the prep from the book, an me head's spinnin! God knows how I'm gonna be come the boot camp!!

kk - UK mod time... I guess it would be really handy to have one just in case... I suggest the d-ster.

Oh, an I will still be makin the meet on the 6th... I should be done wi this by the 22nd August, an wild horses wouldn't stop me from meetin wi you guys! smile.gif
Good luck man, I hope you do well and manage to achieve your goal and remember there is no such thing as stupid questions only stupid people er something like that lol. Take care of yourself alright biggrin.gif
Leo, ill miss ya.

*hugs* /me breaks down crying
talking to faeries
Good luck leo, and kick the exams arse!!!

You, like kid, will be missed a lot.
Ahhhh, you guys are jus so great biggrin.gif

Well, it's tough goin, so I decided I was due a break... so I'm here fer a while now, make the most of me!!! laugh.gif
cheese is funny
make the most of you? erm...

<winks at leo>

Awwww, c'mon cheese, dun go all coy on me now! wink.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (leopold @ Jul 19 2003, 02:48 PM)
Well, it's tough goin, so I decided I was due a break... so I'm here fer a while now, make the most of me!!! laugh.gif

Sounds like an invitation to me, too, cheese... wink.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
omg u does tho....

if he used the words beat me,i would be pretty sure wink.gif

wb for now leo laugh.gif
Bah! sad.gif

Jus found out that four weeks prep is exactly four weeks less than I need... so it's gonna be a fair bit longer before I get me CCNA now. Damn!

So me choice is to do the steady 15 hours on that (plus the 38 I do at work) an have a little free time, get it done in 8 weeks, or do 20 hours, have less free time, an do it in six, or do 30 hours a week, have no free time and prolly fail in four...

I'm electin for somewhere between the 6 an 8 weeks. This means 2-3 hours a night workin on it. Which also means little to no Matazone fer a good while...

I'll keep poppin in to grab PMs, but it's prolly best if ya email me -> If ya wanna talk to me, of course...
Aw I'm gonna miss you leo, but GOOD LUCK!!! I know you'll do fine!

*tons of massive leo hugs specially for leo*
good luck to ya Leo dude! (even though you wont need it! you will beat the whole thing into submission im sure!)
Thought I'd give this thread the old bumpola...

Well, two more weeks to go. It's been damned hard work thus far. I've read the entire book an done all the labs, an I've jus done a couple of tests. I can remember about half of it, which accordin to the experts puts me in a pretty good position considerin a 30-ish y/o brain should handle 25-30% retention normally. Go team me!! biggrin.gif

So now it's the relative cruise to the bootcamp - I got two weeks to try an push that recall up into the 80% area, then the week out at the camp (15-19 September) to squeeze out the last drops, then the exam! EEK!!

An I'll still be goin to the meet on the 6th!
Good luck Leo! I hope you do well. Well I know you will do well.

Maybe when this gets done we'll actually get to run into eachother once and awhile? probably not. lol
It'll all be over soon, leo, then you'll be able to relax in the warm glow of your acheivements. biggrin.gif
Way to go, leo, we're all proud of you! I know you can do it!
Keep on trucking buddy, We all believe in you!

*gives leo a good luck uber hug*
Awwww, thanks fer the props, you guys smile.gif

This is the stage I hate... tryin to figure out which bits I dun know well enough so I can get to know 'em better. Or as Donald Rumsfeld would call 'em, the "unknown unknowns". laugh.gif
*sniffle* sad.gif who'm I gonna cuddle wif while you're gone, Leo? Will you at least leave me a t-shirt so I can have something that smells like you? lol tongue.gif

but I'm really happy you're gonna be movin' on up to the nexterly level of your goal-achieving plan-type thingamajig!

(wow.....I'm in Del mode today.....I should change my av tongue.gif)
EEK! Jus three more days, then I'm off down to That London fer the bootcamp!! ohmy.gif

I feel so utterly unprepared fer this. I hate exams as it is, but this one has so much ridin on it that it's workin me up a lot more than any I've done before.

So yeah, I've been hittin the books a bit. But not as much as I want to... I've got summat else RL-related which seems to be occupyin most of me thoughts right now, and it's distractin me a hell of a lot. Not sure I should go into it here an now cos I'm not fully sure of what's in the ole noggin as it is, but I have an ominous feelin there's gonna be some biggish changes in the life of leo...
Good luck on your exam Leo! Just remember, don't drink too many fluids before you go (I always have to pee when I get nervous), get plenty of sleep the night before and if you must study the night before or the day of do only a bit of light review, no heavy cramming. It won't sink in and it might even push out the stuff you already know. Gah! Scary I know but always a possibility. If you get really nervous during the test I always find thinking of the invigilator in pyjamas and fuzzy pink slippers always helps calm me down, and it also reminds me that everyone in the room is a person too and that everyone is probably nervous as else?

I hope that your RL problem(s) are figured out and resolved if not fixed....I don't know what they are but I hope they get better whatever they are!
QUOTE (Jaq @ Sep 11 2003, 04:48 PM)
I hope that your RL problem(s) are figured out and resolved if not fixed....I don't know what they are but I hope they get better whatever they are!

Ya might well find out at some point... I think I'm gonna need some advice or summat on this one, it's really f**kin with me head... It's one o those "I know what I want but I'm not sure how to get it without hurtin anyone" sorta things...

Heh... anyone else find it bleedin obvious what I meant by that??
Well, it's enough to speculate about, that's for sure, leo...

We love you, man, take care of yourself. PM if ya need anything.
Mr Fuzzy
Yup. I've got it. You want to become a career criminal, but waving shotguns at bank staff isn't your thing. How do you make them give you all the money without waving the boomstick?
Leo, you know i love you loads, if you need owt pm me or email me honey.... wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
I'm a bit confused by that
"I know what I want but I'm not sure how to get it without hurtin anyone"
But that's alright. Confusion is me natural state of mind.

PM me if you think I can help! Good luck smile.gif
May the force be with yo leo. And I'd like to add that it might be a bad idea to try to sort out 2 distinctly different mind-humps at the same time. Perhaps even forget one of them til the other is over with. Easier said than done, eh?

have a hug, dude ...
QUOTE (Pab @ Sep 11 2003, 09:22 PM)
May the force be with yo leo. And I'd like to add that it might be a bad idea to try to sort out 2 distinctly different mind-humps at the same time. Perhaps even forget one of them til the other is over with. Easier said than done, eh?

have a hug, dude ...

Cheers, man... an thanks to the rest of ya as well. Fuzz, yer not a million miles off in spite of the silliness wink.gif

Yer right, pab. I'm gonna get the CCNA thing sorted first, cos that's a finite thing with a clear end in sight (ie a week tomorrow!) Then it's time to address the true headf**k. So in this case, it's prolly easier than one might think. Plus it gives me some breathin space. Oh, and an opportunity to find out summat that may make the second, more life-alterin thing a bit clearer.


I wish I could be happy bein content sometimes...
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