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Full Version: Who Is Better (more Popular/funny/etc)
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cheese is funny
i think i have my friends password to his name here..... *laughs for no apparant reason biggrin.gif *
mr scribble
an lgg pulls ahead

but mittens still rocks...

i think, my friend, this was a poll that was never meant to be. it is the impossible question that will only cause wars and tears.

kelly j.
mr scribble
an impossible question maybe

but lgg is still better
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
It's getting suspiciously close. Almost...too close. Maybe one of them will unfortunate accident. Yes. Most unfortunate.
I voted for Sarah, because I love her. She's my sig (thanks to the wonderful kidvish) and she's just so ueber-great.
I think it should be a tie, but LGG is cuter. Mr. Sb is cool, but... just... so... I dunno...
mr. sb's losing by 6 votes! that hasn't happened since march! C'MON DEATH CULTISTS, WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

o, and *BUMP* biggrin.gif
LGG winning by 7.14%! Woo!
NOW IT'S 7 VOTES! *sighs* this is one of the bleakest days in mr. sb death cult history sad.gif
it's been a loooooong time since mr. sb was losing by this much sad.gif
wow took me long enough to say anything lol..
sorry to LGG fans..but I have to say Mr SB...I just love the guy wub.gif laugh.gif
*cheers for edwardlover* biggrin.gif
I feel loved... wub.gif but how can you NOT love Mr SB?
I voted Mr SB, i just love satire. Weird voices, slogans and flashing colours have reverence inspiring effects on me blink.gif
cheese is funny
you made the right choice AMND... a good choice indeed biggrin.gif
thanx for the vote d. wanna join the mr. snaffleburger death cult? laugh.gif you get to smite heatens AND get schway cloaks
Weary Traveler
I love mr. sb's message... LGG is great but Mr. SB wins the prize...
*in mr. burns voice* eeeeeeeexcelent laugh.gif

seriously tho, glad ya voted for sb! biggrin.gif wanna join the death cult?
Weary Traveler
QUOTE (gerbilfromhell @ Aug 25 2003, 09:38 PM)
*in mr. burns voice* eeeeeeeexcelent laugh.gif

seriously tho, glad ya voted for sb! biggrin.gif wanna join the death cult?

what does the death cult involve?

But I was forced to vote for LGG :::gasp::: it was the little red dood with horns on its head made me do it, yess, that was it!...and he's choking me now..ack!...
It's been so long since I first saw this poll I can't actually remember who I voted for...
I think I voted for LGG. Mr sb is a firm favourite these days wink.gif
mr scribble
you may all be voting for mr sb
but lgg is still winning
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Aug 26 2003, 10:07 AM)
you may all be voting for mr sb
but lgg is still winning

Personally, on a really ethereal plane I can realate to LGG more than Mr. SB... it's too ackward to explain, but it's personal...

I need a Zuriel, I think?

i agree with some previous comments, LGG has better music and this really improves the cartoon. but it still rocks without it.

but i do like SB biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 26 2003, 02:28 PM)
It's been so long since I first saw this poll I can't actually remember who I voted for...

you didn't tell us. but there was a very blatent hint in your av at the time smile.gif

back on topic, hmm.... 6 votes away from being tied..... jeebus mr. sb hasn't been losing by that much in a loooooong time
mr scribble
Personally, on a really ethereal plane I can realate to LGG more than Mr. SB

who's gonna relate to a big purple ovallyish thing more then a half demon goth girl?!

(Not counting people with a criminal record or who has been the subjects of suspicious looks when they have been talking to the wall)
I like LGG beta biggrin.gif I think shes kewl... Even my sister likes LGG an she tries to hate everythin i like so Mata LGG must b good!!! laugh.gif

...Mr SB is still kewl... dont mean to leave him out unsure.gif
I vote for Snaffleburger.

It shows that even the most rebellious thought criminals can be brought to their knees...bloody fairy

seriously, Snaffleburger is in a league of its offense, but nothing on the Other Side comes close to the rantings of a burger we call snaffle huh.gif
thanx for the vote ugabuga, want to join the mr snaffleburger death cult? all you need to do is shave your head (optional), wear a schway cloak, and find the official death cult thread that's hidden somewhere in daily life and post your entry biggrin.gif
ugabuga i get to know the real identities of the members? if so, of course ill join dry.gif ph34r.gif

what colour cloaks do we get?

oh, and do we get to choose one of Mr. Snaffleburgers cheap plastic toys with limited funcitonality?
you can choose the colour of you cloak. the mr. snaffleburger corperation is THAT generous that they only ask for a payment of 2 souls a month for your own customised cloak laugh.gif

and those toys are only available with a mr. snaffleburger exstatic meal, sorry, but you'll just have to go out and buy one.... RIGHT NOW! ph34r.gif

welcome to the death cult ugabuga
Oni Usagi
Oh yeah, hundredth vote on the poll!

i voted LGG first time... because of the music and the great directing (seriously), but now i think MR snaffleburger is tres cool also... but mittens has the best jokes *viva la mittens woo*
I nulled my vote... how can I choose?! wink.gif they both are great.
mr scribble
mittens has not been mentioned for ages!

hoorah for mittens...
I wooda thought this kinda thing would be 'tween LGG and Samuri Lapin

P.S. is the fuzzy bunny w/ a shiny sword french???
QUOTE (scipiomexicanus @ Sep 21 2003, 09:43 AM)
I wooda thought this kinda thing would be 'tween LGG and Samuri Lapin

Nah, LGG and Snaffleburger hold sway here. And LGG is slightly more popular! Go Sarah!
Wow this poll has to be the longest active poll on the forums. Oh and cool beans that LGG is winning still. There were a couple times Mr SB got in the lead. Oh remember when I threatened people who were wanting to smite NoNames noob on here when NoName went MIA the first time. Oh and then right after Crissi as well. I think I was pissy that day. Was well before I was a mod. Oh the memories.
I want to see LGG eating god or decapitating the samurai lapan during sepuku dry.gif
I voted for LGG
a rebelious glove-puppet is a different kind of animation
LGG on the top of the church was just... well... ekhm... cute ?
yes I believe this is the best word to describe it
hm it's my first post on this forum so "HELLO WORLD"
please don't eat me...
theres no question! mr. snaffleburger gets the vote hands down. yet i see LLG is winning? *proceeds to do the "meaning of life" pose* granted she has a certain attractive element and entises a slight giggle from ones self. however mr snaffleburger has the sheer comical genoius that can only come from complete controversy! hats off to you mata... nice one! by the way, where do you get your ideas from? sometimes i find myself becoming concerned for your mental well being. are you sure your ok?............... im jelous really tongue.gif biggrin.gif
:: pumps arm into the air :: yeshhh

...just came back to see how this was doing...and to cheerlead the new poll winner!!!
::thumbs up!::

Go LGG...

Freakish Munchkin
I think that Mr. Snaffleburger wins. Only someone like Mata could think of something so original. Seriously, who else would think of a glovepuppet that is being used to brainwash the world bymaking the people to conform, consume, and obey. I love Mr.Snaffleburger. I do like the Little goth girls, especially the spider incident, that kicked ass. I do think the Little goth girls has a good storyline with the devil wanting her to bring demonic dominion over the world and then the councilor trying to save her. That could end up very funny. But I think Mr.Snaffleburger would be funnier, with the world being completely hypnotized to Mr.Snaffleburger.
-The Munchkin
mr. snaffle burger is just the best. lgg just makes me watch... mr.s (hope he doesn't mind me calling him 'mr.s') makes me laugh... oh how i laugh too!
i vote for lgg
vote for MR SB

*hugs everyone who voted for mr sb* biggrin.gif only 2 votes down now....

while you're at it, join the mr. snaffleburger death cult (link in my sig) smile.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
mr. snaffleburger is mad funny because corporate america is REALLY like that! lmao
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