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Sir Psycho Sexy
too cute! happy.gif
All baby pictures of me came out blank. I also had no reflection.


I do have a picture of Alanity as a baby though happy.gif
cheese is funny
what? no baby-commie? awww... sad.gif

lygo, that picture of you and the beer bottle is absolutely wonderful. laugh.gif
Guess which one's Alanity. Go on, guess.
Oh why yes, this IS a great picture of me....take a guess.

The tongue sticky outy one? I hope so. Tis really cute.
Eep! Yes, that's me. I was a cute little devil, wasn't I?
blink.gif Must be my latent psychic powers showing through. And yes you were darn cute (and probably still are). smile.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I looked the same, except shorter and fatter and without glasses. I was really...errr..round.
This was such a cute thread... more baby pictures?

ps BUMP!
I looked like Tweetie, thanks to being a premie baby. *hides pictures*
hmm..i might get my dad to scan one at work. i wasn't a REALLY fat baby. i was just chubby and in a bunch of pictures i looked like a porcelain doll...i'll make dad scan my best one for me. I was so cute..and i guess i turned out decent enough looking,..or so people say. Anyhow..i was kinda chubby, big, sandy blonde hair, huge shiny pretty eyes, very light porcelain skin, and i loved making pig noises after going to the zoo when i was like 2 or 3. Well..i'll continue working on my website. love and peacez everyone tongue.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif
Ooooh, I was an evil, EVIL baby. I was really chubby and round and scary. I had horrible black hair that was short like a boy... I take pity on your eyes and shall refrain from posting any pictures wink.gif
Ickle Jaq is for cute!

You have prolly seen this one as I've used it as an AV before wink.gif When I was younger I had wonky eyes and no freckles and I liked Cindi Lauper.

My contribution.
Awww! *Pinches Hobbes' cheeks* Coochy coo!

Hoho. I've found a picture of me when I was about 6 I think and I don't think that I look so bad here... Clicky
*dies from the cuteness*
Usurper MrTeapot
I probably looked something like this, just a lot cuter.

Sorry to ruin the thread...
Only one on the computer I have
I *think* Cand and Vic have a pic of me when I was at first school, although it is just a photo of a pic.

If one of them posts it I won't be mad, just poke them a bit.
I'm just curious as to what baby Teapot is planning on doing with the vegetable in his lap....
Aha.. I never did get any posted. Here's one, and I'll scan more when I get back from work.

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