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Full Version: Egad...
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Lord of darness
i think it brings it down to post here (that is good for me)
exactly..... that would mean i owe someone sanity... i'm in sanity debt....
Lord of darness
I think I never had it now.
gerbil? sanity ? what?
cheese is funny
please stay on topic on this thread... sarah feels like a noob and she is sad... im sorry you feel bad sarah... even though its all my fault....
sarah you are not a noob youare cool!
cheese is funny
she is too cool to be a noob
noobs are cool too though
cheese is funny
sarah is cooler then noobs
QUOTE (MistressAlti @ Apr 9 2003, 01:02 AM)
It has been determined that missing the Matazone forum for prolonged periods of time grates slowly upon (what's left of) your sanity.

Missy - by prolonged periods, do ya mean more than, like, 6 hours?

I miss so much stuff overnight while you crazy Americans and Canadians (an Inky!) are online I find meself sittin here at 7:45am postin when I should be gettin ready fer work, jus so I don't end up a whole day behind!!

Or have I jus proved how truly sad I am there...? unsure.gif

An it's nice ta see ya back, Sarah smile.gif we kinda missed ya round here
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