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After we've all been tryin to persuade Mata for temp tats, howzabout the feasability of character beanie toys? I would love a mini squishy lgg and Devils, a snuggly Snowdrop and Mittens and a Mr SB that burps when you squeeze it. Would mini beanie toys ever be something that people would buy? I know I would..
i'd buy mittens, but only if it had brain-eating action.
kewl! An hows about an SB speaky toy - pull the cord an hear these fun phrases:

Mr. Snaffleburger very confused
Conform, Consume, OBEEEEEY!!
You made me with googly eyes
NOOOOO! You leave little Tommy and Daisy alone!!

Heh, hours of fun!!
Debaser that'd be good...
i've got a schway idea for a mr sb toy. it talks (yeah, taht was leo's idea i know, i've got my own don't yell at me), it has googly eyes, and it's a clock that begins hypnotizing you in your sleep (12:00-6:00) to conform, consume, obey, shop, or you can program the hypnotism (so you can use it as revenge against ppl you hate)
Good additions ta an already winnin format there Gerbil biggrin.gif
All of this is totally out of any price range that I'm going to be near in the foreseeable future, but don't let that stop you making things up!
i have some stolen money i need to get rid of. maybe that'll help laugh.gif
I'm sure prezgfish can sponsor ya... now he's CEO of smitin industries...
[FONT=Geneva][SIZE=1][COLOR=purple]I want to join , please let me join..its the only goal in life i now have..
JOIN US!!! I'll adopt you......
Sarah the Spider
There should be a Samurai Lapin toy. A cross between a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and the Energizer bunny...and it will walk around when you wind it up, and it quotes profound smaurai techniques...
Sarah the Spider
I totally think Little Goth Girl should be available in plush form. With the dark wings of doom and everything. And Fluffykins can be bought separately! OOOOH the fun...
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