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Full Version: Bandwidth Wonder
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Urg, already I've posted my second poll. You'll have to forgive me, I'm just natrually curious. The reason for this poll, is that mata is kind, and on most of his animations he'll add something for you to read while the animation loads. The problem is, it takes me less than a second to load the animations. I'm not saying that he should stop adding the forwards (they're funny and interesting), but that I think the newer episodes should have more music and sounds. They'll make slightly longer d/ls, but I've found they add a lot to the animations. In LGG, LGG and the Robot would not be nearly as effective imho without the music. Btw, the music that your animations have had so far mata has been great. Anywho, long posts start getting dull to read, so post and have fun.
The problem with music is that it does mean that the files are larger. This isn't just a loading time issue, it's also one of cost.

I'll do a basic explanation for those who don't know aything about webdesign: Whenever you look at a webpage obviously enough that page's data has to be uploaded onto your machine so you can see it. That's what the net is all about. The larger the files you're uploading are then the more information the website has to send out. The amount of information sent out is called the bandwidth usage for a site.

Most corporate sites have around 10Gb bandwidth a month if they are very busy. Because of the nature of mine I'm currently over 100Gb and growing rapidly. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that it costs a lot of money to have that kind of bandwidth usage. Seriously, I'm just having to upgrade my package for the second time this month and the cost is now in the region of a couple of thousand US$ just to keep the site online for a year.

This is why I'm often trying to cut down on file size.

This is also why I really need people to buy t-shirts!

Sorry for the guilt trip but I'm getting a bit poor at the moment from running this site!
Wow, that's a lot of bandwidth.... How big are these animations files actually? Hmmm, maybe you can get hot topic to sell your t-shirts. If that was possible, it'd mean more money and more traffic. I dono, it'd be sad if the site ever was down because it exceded it's bandwidth. Since you're getting more traffic, maybe you'll eventually find someone with some servers who will host your site for you w/o bandwidth limitations. Ack, to early in the morning to be thinking. huh.gif
Opps, just now read that you already tried selling them at Hot topic. Sorry, my bad. But yea, if you find someone to distribute t-shirts for you, that'd be a definate plus for the site. More money for you, slightly cheaper t-shirts for us (wouldn't they be?), and more traffic. Hehe, of course we'd want to hope that the increased tshirt sales will cover the increased traffic....
The t-shirts are already very reasonable by UK standards (not too sure about the US, you put tax in funny places on things) so I don't know whether they would cost any more or less. I do supply to one shop in the UK and I know he charges a bit more than I do for them, but then again there is no shipping either... It's a very complicated side of the whole site and I would happily pass it over onto a professional company so I can get on with doing the fun side of things.

Speaking of which, I'm off to pack some t-shirts off around the world, today's US states being sent to are VA, AE and ME. What/where are they anyway? Oh, and there's one going to Manchester in the UK too smile.gif

There's not much chance of getting a cheaper host. The deal I have is very reasonable for the bandwidth usage; companies that say bandwidth is 'unlimited' on hosting accounts soon get annoyed when people test their word!
well now there's nothing to say anymore so...
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