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Full Version: Stupid Injuries
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Two days ago I was holding a usb plug. I dropped it, but managed to grab it before it fell. In the process of grabbing, I jammed it into my leg and began to bleed. Skilled, no?
QUOTE (Polocrunch @ Aug 8 2003, 12:54 PM)
I can't open my mess tin on Army camp.
So what do I do? I get out my nice sharp (Swiss Army) knife and try to open it.
The blade slips and I nearly chop my finger off. But the cool part is that when I bent my finger, blood fountained up. Whee!

Blood?? ewww, man, dude... im squeamish. *giggles* i cant stand blood and guts at all man! not at all. shit man i could not even bare to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre... that movie was just too damn freaky and scary for me to watch

Also, i now know not to pick fights with my little 16 yr old sister because she will literally kick my ass, if i start anything with her...It's kind of bad when i am scared of my little sister blink.gif
QUOTE (Calantyr @ Oct 5 2005, 09:38 PM)
I burnt my tongue pretty badly the other night. But damn, those noodles were worth it!

Now it just feels odd though.

Oh yeah, I ripped some hair out when I was taking off my hair band. I consider that to be an injury. Poor poor hair. sad.gif

ya know? There's always hair extensions or hair implants to replenish the lost hair *looks at you understandingly* If i ever lost some of my hair due to someone messing around with me, someone would be getting into mucho mucho trouble *acts all innocent* laugh.gif
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