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Full Version: A Question For Mata
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ok the question is "is mr. mc'squeaky a gerbil/bat or a rat/bat?" see, i've had mr. mc'squeaky as my AIM icon for awhile now, and recently i've gotten into many arguments with ppl over whether the rodent part of mr. mc'squeaky is a gerbil or a rat. (this really IS an irrelevant question, sorta, but i think it should go here because it IS 'about the animations')
its obviously a bat!!!

bats squeak too!
Ermm... I really don't know... Still. sleep.gif;
mr scribble
i will have to check this...

it's a rat head

cos when sarah walks past the jars
there's one with a bat
and one with a rat
(heheh... that rhymed)
it had to be a rat
cos gerbils don't have long rat-like tails...
Mr Fuzzy
They do if you staple a rat tail to them...

I'll get my coat.
lol, fuzzy, just inhale and exhale..... inhale.....exhale laugh.gif
actually, gerbils have really long tails. they're not furry, but there wasn't ne fur in the anim, so that's why i'm havin this argument........ i still think it's a gerbil-bat hybrid smile.gif
It's a white rat head, bat wings and I think they're chicken feet.

Basically it's what you would get if you stiched together the bits of things in jars from the biology department of the school I once went to. I really wasn't making that introduction up you know!

Mr Scribble is correct when he says its the things from the jars she walks past.
mr scribble
*cough*teacher's pet*cough*
...i mean
*cough*animator's pet*cough*

...just a second...

am i insulting myself again?!
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Aug 11 2003, 11:19 AM)
am i insulting myself again?!

again? You do this on a regular basis?
Sun Tsu
QUOTE (WeeJ @ Aug 11 2003, 12:36 PM)
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Aug 11 2003, 11:19 AM)
am i insulting myself again?!

again? You do this on a regular basis?

Hopefully. It's amusing to read. laugh.gif
mr scribble
i have a habit of self punishment
self insulting...ment
and other such problems

the other day i stood up too fast and got head rush so my vision went blank
and i went to sit on a chair
and missed
and ended up lying on the floor...

that's my story...
QUOTE (mr scribble @ Aug 12 2003, 04:56 PM)
that's my story...

And a very fine story it was too. It had a begining, a middle and an end and it even had an amusing plot twist!

Head rushe's are always funny laugh.gif
mr scribble
ah yes
they always amuse me...
with the blackness
and the
'oh my god...
i've gone blind...
... wait
it's just another head rush...

...every time...'
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