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Full Version: Oh Great Mata
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how do you make animations like im trying to figure this out on photo shop but im stumped
You'de probably find it easier using Flash than Photoshop. Photoshop can animate things but not to the extent of flash.
The fair lady WeeJ has the right answer.

You'd be needing to get hold of Macromedia Flash. I use Flash MX these days but I started with Flash 4. I've got Flash Studio MX that comes with Dreamweaver and a host of other things, so I animate with Flash MX then fiddle with the page settings in Dreamweaver MX.

Photoshop has a thing in it called ImageReady (go to the File menu then down to 'Jump to...' and ImageReady will be there in the last two versions of Photoshop) that you can make animated .gifs with, such as you will see on but they really are more short looping images than long things like my stuff and you can't put sound with them either.
hey is there to get this stuff free??
You can get a 30 day trial of flash from here

some other nice trial software can be gotten from here jasc?

All of these are ofcourse trials and can only be used for so long *cough* unless you get the crack codes. wink.gif I mean... should pay for all products

otherwise I would suggest searching freeware/shareware site for them. Or somethin like Kazaa aslong as you have a virus scan.
As Oob says, you can get them for free by using Kazaa but I would say this:

When I started out I was using bootlegged software. These days I make a living from their programs and so I now have legitimate versions. If we don't invest in the companies that are making the things that we use then they will never be able to make better versions for us to play with in the future.

If you ever get to the point where you are using any of the Macromedia software for a commercial project please use the money you make to buy a legit copy. Macromedia are pretty good when it comes to prices (far more affordable than some software companies) but to keep it that way we need to buy their product not just steal it.

Oh yeah, and it is illegal (as if that ever stopped anyone).
thanks you guys. now i just have to figure out how the heck im going to do this...
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