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I may be under the delusion, Mata, that you should make wallpapers with stuff from your animations in it. I'd do it myself, but I don't have your permission, and I can't draw or do computer creativity for anything. I said...just a suggestion. I'd put them on my computer. biggrin.gif
You're in luck. Those wallpapers actually already exist. Missy has a lot of good ones on her Mata fansite: go here and you'll find quite a few cool LGG, Snaffleburger, Mittens, Samurai Lapin, and other miscellaneous wallpapers.
whoa...... long time no see sickness, wb biggrin.gif
cheese is funny
QUOTE (gerbilfromhell @ Aug 17 2003, 12:50 PM)
whoa...... long time no see sickness, wb biggrin.gif

what a spammy post... i mean... erm.... <runs away>
you're one to talk tongue.gif
besides the question's already been answered, mindas well derail the thread. besides it's not nightime yet (if you can figure that out, you get a prize biggrin.gif )
Yep, check out the fan site! It's really bloomin' good.

I will be making screensavers and 'official' wallpapers at some point in the future and charge a coupe of dollars for downloading them but I've got to get the system sorted first (ie. it'll be a way to get a donation sized chunk of money. People who have already donated will get them free!).
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