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Full Version: We Need An East Coast U.s.a. Meet
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thanx irish, and didn't you plan a meet in sc at one point? well, sorry if it didnt' work, and congrats if it did.

nyc spring weekend sounds fine with me smile.gif . one question: WHERE in nyc. it's a pretty big place y'know. so, first of all: which borough? i vote manhattan
i wanna see where the twin towers fell... really bad... so .. i dunno....not like we can go bar hoppin or nething......... tongue.gif
Weary Traveler
Manhattan was where I was think, I have a place I can stay there...
I've never been to New York before, and I have no clue about anything there, so I'll just let ya'll throw out ideas and say whether something interests me or not.
QUOTE (NummyNums @ Aug 27 2003, 07:16 AM)
i wanna see where the twin towers fell... really bad... so .. i dunno....not like we can go bar hoppin or nething......... tongue.gif

Why would you wanna do a depressing thing like that? blink.gif

Blah, I wish I could go to this. I miss NYC quite a bit. I'd feel more comfortable there than I will in Sacramento (if I am able to go), since that'll be a strange city and not one I used to live in (although the fact that other forumites will be w/ me does Oh well, I'll be there for a visit in a few years....but none of you will probably be But I agree that you all should meet up in Manhattan. None of the other boroughs have anything really worth seeing...but lol my opinion doesn't really matter since I won't be going. Tis just a suggestion. happy.gif

Ooh another suggestion...someone bring a camera! smile.gif
Weary Traveler
okay I set up an IRC channel for all those who have it.. for all those who don't if you want it here is how to get it...

Ok this is a little tutorial for mirc (a chat program thats much more stable than a Java app), I'll try and take this step by step and if ya have any questions or need help IM me.

1. Download a mirc client, here's a link to a few I've used Sysreset (download the Full installation pack for this).
2. Install program.
3. Go to Sysreset folder that was just created, go into folder, and double click mirc.exe.
4. On the little about Mirc popup just click the x.
5. In the next menu that pops up fill in the Full Name, Email address, Nickname, and Alternative Nickname fields (you don't have to include your full name your first is sufficient, but you do need to put your email addy, no one sees it anyway so tis ok, Nickname is what you will be known by in IRC, and the Alt one is a backup in case the first is taken).
6. In the box that now says Random US DALnet Server, click the triangle next to it, scroll down till ya reach BeyondIRC: Random Server and click.
7. Click the edit button, and in the IRC Server Feild put in (and make sure the spellings exact):
8. Click OK, then click Connect To IRC Server.
9. When you see all the info scrolling down that means your connected successfully, now in the top menu bar with all the icons, click the icon one to the right of the one that has a hammer and a folder (and remember the icon you'll need it).
10. You should be in the Mirc Channels Folder, if so click Add, then put in the channel feild (make sure this is spelled right too): #MataZone
11. Click OK, then Double click on the chan name.
12. Congrats, you have just joined the official channel for this fourm, if not then go back and make sure ya did everything right if your still stumpted IM me.
13. To go back to the channel whenever ya leave and come back on click the icon thats one to the left of the hammer one, and then repeat the last part of step 10.

Well hope you enjoy it
sorry ya can't come cand sad.gif unless of course we postpone the meet for a few years.....

but neways, to respond to some posts:
nummy: you sure you want to go down there? i mean, i've been there. and there really basicly isn't anything left (unless the new plans for it are already underway). it's a nice place to go if you want to contemplate the meaning of life and other such things, but umm..... i wouldn't recomend it for the mata meet. also because by the time you people get here, the new plans for it will probably be underway.

and we can really go and do whatever we want. i mean, it'd be a great sightseeing experience for me too (it's sad, i live in the city and almost never see the sights all the tourists go to). just as an example of what we could do (this's just a suggestion, not a vote): meet in front of central park, the 91'st street entrance on 5'th avenue. i'll probably be the first there because, well, that's about 3 blocks from my house smile.gif so, we all go wearing various mata shirts (or something that makes you recognisable as a forumite: if you want to, you could even bring a sign biggrin.gif). so, as people come in, we introduce ourselves, talk about stuff, etc. etc. once everyone's there, we go into the park. talk as we walk or sit and talk. the park's a good place for that. tell each other about our lives, how we found matazone, share matazone memories, etc. etc. ok, so after that we go for lunch. the only reason i know the restaurants in the area is because it's my neighborhood, so don't expect me to know where the good places to eat are around, say, 45'th street. ok, so considering that i doubt we'll have a large price range, there's a good and cheap fast food place around 91 and madison. or there're plenty of deli's. or we could look for a vendor and get a something from there (hotdog, pretzel, etc.) after that, well, i can't think that far ahead.
comments? suggestions?
Central park is definately a good meeting place. We'll set up markers along the route to guide those who don't know the city =) I know what you mean about the touristy spots, I lived in NYC for 16 yrs and I didn't see the view from the empire state building til about 2 yrs ago. Sad.

Too bad Katz's deli closed, best eatin spot ever.

As for things to do . . . geez I dunno. Never really plan activities when I'm in the city. There's just so much to do that I just walk around til I find something.
heheh i just thought of something: if everyone who has one can come with a cloak and a mr. sb shirt, we could go on subways and start preaching about the mr. sb death cult laugh.gif

ok, seriously now: do you guys wanna just walk around after lunch and try to find something to do?
walkin around checkin out all the lil shops and stuff would be fun....... lotsa places to shop there.... hehehe and lotsa weird things to take in..
Hmm....I think I just might wear my cloak and a Mata shirt of some kind.......
Ok heres the deal.. my cousin will be training up the east coast threw the month of march.. she works on amtrack and basicly goes all over the country. so she said that ne one of those weekends, she could set up all our food reservations and junk. I also can only go if my cousin is running my train because my mom doesnt trust trains ever since she rid on them three weeks ago. March is perfect because april starts tourists season.. april may june july are prime tourist months and everywhere is packed... She knows of some awesome faerly priced places to chow and theres some cool stored worth checking out in the same area she said... if there are drinkers we prolly hit a club that everyone can get into but only serves booze to those that have been carded and banded.. i dunno thoughts ideas??? oh and if someone were to fly in... i live near the airport......cuz usually you fly into hartford and then shuttle into newyork
Do put it in anutshell i can go to Nyc any time this coming march... so yeah... if ne one wnats to join me... that would be super duper.. the weekend is soo up to you guys.... i just wanna meet a few of you all and take lotsa pictures.. hehehe
March 13th through 21st is my Spring Break.
perfect.. ne one else have objections?
what about march 13th to 14th.......?//// saturday to sunday.. if ppl stay over of course
that's fine with me.

i'll ask my parents if y'all can stay at my house as soon as i'm done procrastinating from doing my 5 minutes of hw
or i could get a hotel ill have the money.. even if its just the three of us with guests it will still be good good fun
and we need someone to look up good places to eat.. and if that date is ok with you gerbil then ill make a poll sayin whose goin and give the date
the date's fine. and i'm happy to go to a hotel with y'all, or you can come to my place, or something else entirely (camping on little spaces of grass on park avenue maybe? laugh.gif )
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