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Full Version: Central Us Meet?
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well, I don't think it'd be much fun travelling in the winter, and at least this gives everyone the opportunity to save up the money to get there ('cuz unlike the UKers, we have to travel LOTS of miles to get to where we're going! dry.gif )....hell, if I can come to the West Coast meet with ya then that's cool! (no, ya didn't tell me *thwap*) anyway ummm...where was I? Oh yeah...

Since we have lots of time to think about it, here's another question for those of us wanting to have a Central meet:

Branson or Chicago?
Definately Branson. Much easier for me to get there. And for me, Spring or Summer is as good as the other I suppose. Right now I have no idea what I'm going to do for money, since I'm an unnemployed college student drowning in student loans and all that. Hopefully I'll be able to get a job and save a little money before then. So actually, Summer might be better for me monetarily, giving me more time to get it figured out, but then, I don't really know what I'll be doing this summer, if I'll be busy or whatever...
Hey, who's going to be responsible for making any arrangements that need to be made, like reserving a campsite or whatever?
i can get a campsite fairly easy and at a pretty good discount from the fact that im there alot and i have freinds that live there (aka my x-boyfreinds mom) if thats what we decide to do, and my freind becki (babystew on here, she hastent posted anything because she lost her internet) is comming with me, and like i said befor anybody from the chicago area im a 3 hour drive away if you take i55 carlinville is right on it and if you could meet me half way ill drive you the rest of the way, but youll have to stay at my house a night because im not driving that then the 5 hours to branson in one day. but i can fit 3 more people in my car if anyone wants to take the ride
QUOTE (Goddess of Wheee @ Sep 8 2003, 04:49 PM)
I think the general thought was a weekend excursion, hoping we can all stand each other for that long! tongue.gif wink.gif happy.gif

and Logic, Chicago would be sooo wonderfully perfect for me and the rest of the Iowa crew, but we're trying to be nice to those in the Central US that reside around Oklahoma and Texas...get as many of us together as we can, and all that.

why, where are you anyway?

I live in Joliet, which is about 50 minutes from Chicago, so it would be most convenient for me, and probably the only place I could go, if the meet becomes an actuality. I can't drive, and I don't really have much money to bribe my brother...
Chicago, I'd love to go back there...I miss the lake front , Wrigley Field, Field Museum, Lincold Park & Zoo, the planetarium...uh...yeah... can we tie down dates??? I prob would drive up...but...

Hmm I want to go west coast also...oi...

Anyway...hopefully I won't get my schedule messed up and interfere with the meet...
I'm starting to think I might not be able to make it...I still haven't found a job yet and I've got like $25 in my account...that's not good, I don't know if I'll be going anywhere anytime soon....

I'd certainly like to go, though. It's a little early to tell.
Prince Aries
Since I'm back on stable internet and all and have pretty constant communication, I'd like to help organize things. I can make calls and work with everyone to try and find the best possible time to do this. Let's just kind of clear the slate here and start all over. Ok. Now I want everyone to come up with what they think is the best time to do this. I myself am completely open so long as it isn't too close to UK MataMeet 2. So other than this, let's see what we can get done!
We should meet in Lincoln, Nebraska so that I can go.

or not. Anyway. Well, take pictures for me. *sigh* A year left before I can drive. . .
My call is for spring or early summer, or mid-fall, next year.

Mostly because the Midwest is HEEEELLLLLL to be wandering around in during the mid-summer months. Hot, muggy, hot, moist, hot, bugs everywhere...I don't recommend travelling or gathering in large groups during this time.

The only concession to a summer gathering I'd make is if it was held around my birthday happy.gif (just kidding)
PLEASE let's say Chicago. In the summer. It's nice and cool then. Plus that's the only way I could even begin to THINK about getting to go.
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