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Full Version: The Spongebob Squarepants Drug Theory
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I have determined that SpongeBob SquarePants is all about drugs. If you can't see it (it's so obvious), here's some evidence.

SpongeBob SquarePants is on meth amphenemines. It's blatan. He's always really, really happy, energetic and, occasionally, paranoid. If he ever is in a bad mood, it's the result of a major crash. He never just gets mellow then sad. He goes from really happy to really sad or really angry. There's no middle ground.

Patrick Star is a stoner. He laughs at stupid things and eatsall the time. He's also really stupid. The THC is probably permanently in his system from his smoking so much. He must go through like a pound of weed a week.

Squidward Tenticle is on heroin. He's always down and he yells at SpongeBob for being hyped up and energetic. Also, with all of his arms, he'd have no problem shooting up.

Mr. Krab is on coke. He's really upity and notice how he's always concerned about money. Coke is expensive. He has to manage his finances carefully if he wants to sustain his habit. He's also their dealer. Notice how there are few people in The Krusty Krab. How does Mr. Krab keep his business afloat? The Krust Krab is just a front and a little extra money for Mr. Krab to cover is drug operation.

Sandy Cheeks is just an alcoholic. She ruins every episonde she's in 'cause she's always drinking. I wouldn't be suprised if she curls up with a bottle of Jack every now and again.
QUOTE (Righteous @ Sep 1 2003, 07:36 PM)
How does Mr. Krab keep his business afloat?

erm... It's, like, at the bottom of the sea, it's not floating. Duh!! tongue.gif

Sorry, couldn't resist that one wink.gif laugh.gif
someone's spent too much timed watching cartoons whilst stoned methinks...
Actually, I was sober when I came up with this, however one does notice things while high that would go unnoticed while sober.
Monkey the Rabid Red Rabbit
This is most interesting... It's off to the ParanoiaMobile with this one. Hands off! Mine!
Also, did you hear about kids who supposedly drowned because they jumped in the water to go to the bottom of the ocean to see SpongeBob SquarePants? That show is exploiting children... Not to mention the episode where SpongeBob watches pornography.
Drugs and SpongePorn. I also think the jellyfish jelly represents LSD. He's always talking to his meowing snail Gary. When he was watching the SpongePorn, Gary came in and meowed and SpongeBob said his famous line, "Gary! I was just looking for the sports channel!"
thats gross!!
Back to the whole jellyfish jelly thing. Notice how damn trippy everything is in Bikini Bottoms. I seriously think jellyfish jelly is supposed to be LSD. SpongeBob is always hounding after it like a madman. And, of course, he loves all the kinds of jellyfish jelly and even puts it in jars to save for later. And God are his jellyfishing adventures weird...

Okay, enough rating on this.
I agree on the whole spongebob drug thing, the back ground is all flowery and tripy like a some kind of drugged out epiphany, also just the random tripped out shit that happens is totaly for the people under the influence of drugs, like when he tries a jim cooked krabby patty (wtf?) and when he pretends to stupid for patricks sake and their laghing at him and it shows him spacing out wicked ways (WTF?!?). and lol i seen the episode when he's watching that coral thingo dancing and its like porn hahaha. I also think he is gay, there are so many gay moments on that show, like when he was wrestling Patrick at the fry cook olympics or sum shit...... well anyway at the end of it they're all buff and end up in their underwear, holding hands...... GAY!!! and also to add onto the gay thing some more, he clearly has a gay crush on squidward, just watch it, his always grabbing on him and thinking about him in a way that seems to lovingly for a friend... oh and sorry if this rant was really long but im actualy a big fan of this show and felt my analysis of spongebob should be heard... i mean, why else would i be looking up drug theories about SpongeBob?? that leaves you with one thing left to do..... watch the show and see this f**ked up s**t HAPPEN YORSELF!!!!! thanx for reading! smile.gif
Woah, talk about old thread. I miss Ri. sad.gif

My friend has a similar theory about Scooby Doo. I'll ask him about it next time I talk to him.
Cath Sparrow
This is definatly what you'd call a necro post...
Oh, completely. I mean, Spongebob is just SOOOOOOOO 2003. Who actually watches it these days? (Apart from MaGGoT, obviously)

Modly note to MaGGoT: Curb the swearing and cut out the gay references. What you wrote there sounds a bit homophobic, and we don't do that here.
Aislinn Faye
....people with kids watch it. My daughter loves Spongebob, and if I had to pick a cartoon to watch that she liked, it's be Spongebob...still trying to get her hooked on Avatar but, she's not having it.

Though, on the whole drug theory....there was one episode where Plankton got a krabby patty and put the "lettuce" in the machine and Carol (the computer wife...atleast i think her name is Carol) said "seaweed...50% sea, 50% weed"....and I actually had to rewind that, because I couldn't believe it was on a kid's show.
Lmfao. Spongebob just got a lot cooler..

Oh, also, I remember it differently (more variety, less LSD), but here's the thing I was talking about.

Izzy says: (1:38:10 AM)
Hey dude, you know how you have that Scooby-Doo drug theory thing?
Ishikawa says: (1:38:27 AM)
Hypothesis and yes
Izzy says: (1:38:32 AM)
Right. What was it?
Ishikawa says: (1:39:35 AM)
Fred is on Acid and Steriods, Daphine is on X and Acid, Scooby and Shaggy are on Acid and Marijuana and Velma is on low doses of Acid.
Hahahahaha. If they were all on acid, they would get a lot less done.

I love SpongeBob. It is excellent- I can sit and watch it with my younger brother and we both find it funny on different levels. Aaaallllso, the animation reminds me of Ren and Stimpy at times- the newer episodes are a bit cleaner, a bit more friendly for younger viewers, but there is still sometimes that technique of using one shot of a really detailed and disgusting drawing and then going back to the "normal" animation.

My favourite episode is where Patrick and Spongebob pretend to be Squidward to an art dealer or someone, and they put on his voice, and everyone ends up saying "I'm Mr Squidward". I guess you have to see it.
Hahahahaha. If they were all on acid, they would get a lot less done.

They don't actually get anything done, the whole thing is the hallucination of a goat. The goat is also hallucinating that it is invisible, hence the reason it doesn't appear in the show.
I dunno, I really don't remember there being that much lsd the first time... It should be something more like this.

Shaggy and Scooby are big time pot smokers. That's why they're always hungry. One time when they were really hungry, Shaggy discovered some funky looking mushrooms that just happened to be the magical kind, so they've been hooked on shrooms too since then. High dosages, because this would explain why they're always scared to enter caves and stuff. Because it isn't really a cave, no, it's the mouth opening of a huge monster, ahh!

Scooby snacks are made of heroin, which is why Shaggy and Scooby will do anything to get them. Hmm, maybe even meth, which is why Shaggy's so skinny.

Daphy is definitely on mdma. That would explain why she's always so happy. Her hubby Fred loves the lsd, so she'll occasionally candy roll (lsd + mdma).

Velma just does small hits of DMT. That's why she never appears high. Her trips are so short, she's in reality for most of the show, which is why she's usually the one to identify the baddie. While the rest of the gang stand there giggling at a 'monster', she sees him clearly, and is like "Uh, no guys, this is <name>!"
I see.
I forgot to mention about SpongeBob- Stephen Hillenb..something, the creator, is a marine biologist. Which makes him awesome, in my book.
QUOTE (Daria @ Jun 24 2009, 08:43 PM) *
Stephen Hillenb..something, the creator, is a marine biologist. Which makes him awesome, in my book.


QUOTE (Yannick @ Jun 24 2009, 05:26 PM) *
candy roll (lsd + mdma).

I have learnt something new today. I love the way that drugs constantly add new slang to our language.
QUOTE (Aislinn Faye @ Jun 24 2009, 06:15 AM) *
Though, on the whole drug theory....there was one episode where Plankton got a krabby patty and put the "lettuce" in the machine and Carol (the computer wife...atleast i think her name is Carol) said "seaweed...50% sea, 50% weed"....and I actually had to rewind that, because I couldn't believe it was on a kid's show.

And of course, such a reaction is going to make the kids wonder what Mommy is getting worked up about.

Most kids programmes I've watched, both as a kid and an adult, have adult-level references in them, otherwise the kids would never get the parents to watch them. See, to a child, that reference would be funny because they see weeds as those annoying plants that they see their parents hacking out of the garden, and the whole joke is based on... actually, we've all got an IQ higher than 4 here, do I really need to explain this?

The top and bottom of it is, if your child says something along the lines of Spongebob being all about drugs, you probably need to have that talk...
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