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Full Version: Syuu: In An A Greatly Reduced Quality
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QUOTE (syuu @ Sep 13 2003, 05:54 PM)

I managed to find my 12 year old monitor in the garage, and it works quite well!

The older ones are always best! Before i got my 17 inchie, i had a 7,8 year old monitor that was my sister's before and that I used on my older computer with. Tis a cute monitor that still works but its a spare incase this one gets damaged or stops working someday (hopefully not anytime soon)
Don't leave again Syuu. I suggest a bit of five finger discount next time your mom goes bananas and smashes up your stuff. Nick a computer and come talk to us.

You're too great to have stuff like this happen sad.gif

/me hides Syuu under her jumper and runs away.

(Don't forget Katii....I still have your soul under my bed wink.gif )
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