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yes we all know popups are evil but think about it. popups aren't that annoying, you can just download a popup blocker, and if you don't all you have to do is click on the popup and click alt f4. popups at matazone would generate more money which means more money can be used for new t-shirt designs which everyone seems to want. Mata has even said that cost is a big reason that there aren't too many new t-shirts lately. so really think about it before voting, don't just vote because you're a popup hater.
Popups ARE that annoying, most blockers simply work by stopping the 'spawn new window' command from your browser, but this is a right royal pain in the unmentionables when you WANT it to do that. Mata has done a top notch job of not 'selling out' to banners or popups so far.
banners i can deal with. popups are a different story. especially the ones that come up like 5 at a time and then when you X them out another one comes up that says you forgot to click along with like another 5! oh god mata ill KILL you if you put one of those on....
Don't worry, I find pop-ups really annoying too. There was a possibility of there being a banner on the site in exchange for slightly cheaper hosting, but Jay, the guy who runs my hosting company (and the first ever person to post on this forum) was okay with me having a link to his company site. It's not selling out, it doesn't interfere with the site and people who are interested can still click on it. We all win and I can still afford the hosting. Just.
Popups are eeevil! And we all know it.
popups all the spawn of evil, some sites are so bad that your computer crashes coz it can not take all the info! and THEn you realize you never wanted to go on the site anyway!, banners are okay, i can deal with an annoying banner, or links thats okay, but popups are pure evil!
ok, fine, i was wrong. just asking. everyone stop posting and voting on this. your message has been realized and let's never speak of this again.
I think this poll has had the most people vote though, everyone feels strongly about this. I mean, if I had the choice between the site closing and popups, sure I'd live through them. But if it's not that extreme... Ok ok, I'll let it die now. unsure.gif
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