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Full Version: Alan!
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Any chance of doing any Alan animations? I have the "opposable thumbs" piccie as wallpaper coz i love him!!!! I would also buy tshirts if they were available Mata baby, darlin, *creep creep* rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
I'll think about maybe doing some animations but don't hold your breath for 'em, I have plans for the next few months...

As for t-shirts, I could set them up on CafePress if you want but they'll be on white. Still interested?
Would they be girly skinny fit ones coz i'm not a big fan of big t-shirts...Sorry to be a pain.... rolleyes.gif
There are loads of different style tops on Cafe Press. Because they print them up individually per-order (rather than having a stock like I do) someone like myself can choose a design to be on as many things as I want. When I get some time I'll set these up for you smile.gif
Aww cheers babes, keep me posted biggrin.gif
Ok hijack old thread here.

Mata, long time watcher/poster, first time poster to you personally ........God i always wanted to say that smile.gif

Cafe press, i want to buy a few items off them, mainly for the work place, so people stop stealing the stuff i bring in (as in there all boring and have never heard of LGG, so if they steal my gear i know it's mine wink.gif ). But i'm worried that i maybe lining some companie's pocket and not helping the site. I know when i buy a T-shirt you actually make a "little" cash. So i'd rather know i'm helping you and the site, by shopping cafe press.

So what i should have asked in a not longwinded and butt kissy way is "if i spend cash on cafe press will it help the site?".
Yep, I do get a few dollars from sales at Cafe Press. I can't remember exactly how much it is for mugs but I think it's four dollars go to the site.

Cafe Press do make quite a bit of money from the sales I think but frankly I haven't got the infrastructure to make all the items that they stock and to get them sent around the world so I figure it's fair play that they get do well too. It can't have been easy to get themselves set up the way that they are so they deserve to do well in my opinion.
Is there no way we could just forward the money to you through some media and bypass CafePress? You'de get more money then. Plus, CafePress won't take Switch, one of the most commonly used debit cards in the UK ohmy.gif
It depends what you're trying to do. You could use PayPal but they do take a small comission. The only way to make sure that I get all the money is to send me a cheque, every other service on the web charges a percentage, that's just business for you.

As for Cafe Press not accepting Switch... Well, it is a bit stupid isn't it?
I'm more than happy to send a cheque if your comfortable giving me a forwarding address biggrin.gif Easier for me and more money for you biggrin.gif
That's okay by me, I'll PM you my new details. Thanks! biggrin.gif
Hurray biggrin.gif
Hoody for me biggrin.gif
Dosh for Mata biggrin.gif
Everyone's happy smile.gif
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