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Full Version: Using Fonts/colours/sizes For The First Time.
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Mr Fuzzy
Little tip for those new to Invision based boards...

When you use the buttons to set a font, size, or colour, click the button again after typing your post. Either that or use the 'Close all tags' link. The board won't accept the setting unless you do.

Edit: If you do feel the urge to use colours, be gentle on my eyes - light colours really don't work for text, and it's awkward having to highlight posts to read them.
didn't someone find all the colors you could make awhile back ago? hmmm.... ponders
[FONT=Impact][COLOR=orange]I think I can... I think I can... I think I can
I will type in orange impact! I will, I must!!
*Breaks into the Alliouiah chorus* Wow my self esteem just jumped 5 points
Sir Maxerpopple
Yhat's what Fuzzy means by hard to read.
is this hard to read?tongue.gif
anyone know what all the colors are? cuz i've been wondering that for a while.......
lets see...

[colour=love]krys *giggles*[/color]

mess around. if your not sure its a color you can always hit the preview post button.
Sir Maxerpopple
QUOTE (acidteardrop @ Dec 30 2003, 03:46 PM)
is this hard to read?tongue.gif

yes as is this dry.gif

Yeah just experiment with colors you like, chances are you will get something out of it. Yep.
hm.. i think one day someone shoudl write down all the colors...
Sir Maxerpopple
Beter yet, inscribe them into a ring in aramaic and sell it on e-bay as a LOTR authentic artifact or a trinket from a dig at a Crusades battle ground. I hope the aramaic literate don't use e-bay.
umm...krys...someone already has. Crayola did it, and added a few of their own. check your local toy store coloring aisle for details.
Here's a thread to help anyone trying to experiment with the colors on the board (since everyone kept talking about it):

The Undiscovered Colors Thread
This should do the job smile.gif (assuming the forums use the standard HTML colour names, which i'm sure they do).
Ooo! if this is right this should be green I think lets see...

hmm.. not green right second attempt this will be blue

Ok not looking good here hows about orange?

Im thinking now is the time for a hasty retreat whilst I rehearse my all too rusty colour theory! Are there other colours out there? and how on earth do you train them to sit still and behave whilst trying to concentrate on letters? Eep!

Now lets see if you sit there quietly and I type this you should be ... ah! ... hmm........
Little observation from when I was messing around on the spoonguard thread.. You can use hex values for colours.


Like so.

What's a hex value? Hex (hexadecimal) is a numbering system, like decimal. It goes through the numbers 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-A-B-C-D-E-F. Hex colours use three colour strains, red, green, and blue, aka RGB. 0 is the darkest, and F is the lightest. (so #000000 is black, and #FFFFFF is white). Each of these strains has two digits, and you preface the whole thing with a #.

That example above looks like this:

(with added line breaks so it doesn't trail of the edge of the post).

You can of course go for even more shades by using 01, 02, 03, 5B, F3 etc., but I'm too lazy for that and it's more shades than the human eye can distinguish anyway.

Well, I'm done.
Actually 00 is the darkest, FF is lightest. tongue.gif But if you want simplicity you can go for 3 digits of hex (eg. #f0f) instead of the usual 6 (#ff00ff). Usually the extra colour resolution that 6 digits gives you is more confusing than helpful.

Lets explain the hex stuff more. In decimal (the usual number system we use, with 10 digits (0 to 9) since thats how many fingers we have - convenient eh) you use the digits 0 to 9 and each digit in the number has a value 10 times that of the number to the right of it, so:

15 in decimal = (10 x 1) + (1 x 5) = 15 (in decimal again tongue.gif)

Hexadecimal (shortened to hex) gets used in computers because it happens that 2 digits of hex nicely represents numbers from 0 to 255, the same as one byte in binary (convenient because computers tend to split things down into bytes, but it's a lot easier to write, say, 0f than the binary equivalent 00010000) . In hex there are 16 digits (0 to f, where a = 10, b = 11, c = 12, d = 13, e = 14, f = 15 ... you get the picture - they ran out of digits so they started using letters), likewise each digit now represents 16 times the value of the digit to the right of it.

15 in hex = (16 x 1) + (1 x 5) = 21 in decimal.

(while we're at it binary follows the same rules except it's base 2, there are 2 digits, 0 and 1, and each digit represents 2 times the value of the digit to the right of it).

</geek waffle caused by boredom>

So how does that help colours? In the colour codes each pair in the triplet (first pair representing red, second green, third blue) can have a value from 00 (black) to ff/255 (full brightness). It tends to be a lot easier to work out how your colour will come out if you know how the numbering system works. smile.gif

I'm not exactly certain but I think the colour mixing behaves slightly differently on computer screens to mixing paint colours because computer screens are emissive light sources whereas paint on paper is reflective (also somewhat annoyingly the eye copes better with reflective sources because 99% of what we see is lit this way).
QUOTE (moop @ Feb 25 2005, 10:39 AM)
I'm not exactly certain but I think the colour mixing behaves slightly differently on computer screens to mixing paint colours because computer screens are emissive light sources whereas paint on paper is reflective (also somewhat annoyingly the eye copes better with reflective sources because 99% of what we see is lit this way).

It's that, and also the fact that mixing paint colours is mixing negatives, since you're working with what you want to be absorbed, effectively. Hence mixing all the colours on paper gives you black, but on a screen it gives you white. Strange that the red/blue/ mix works the same way, but blue/green/yellow has green and yellow switched. *shrugs*
Ok I know I'm not a noob but this has been bugging me for a while now. Since the posting screen changed I am now unable to change my colours. How do I do it using the icon. I'm stuck. Help!!!
When you click on the change colour icon, scroll up to the top of the screen and VOILA! A colour palette has appeared.

It's still there, it's just shy.
I soo didnt know that!
Hell's Vampyre
Ok so I have the font and size down pat,I'll have to wait about the color part though...
Thanks for the advise!
thats how you do it
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