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So my little link button didn't work today, and instead of popping directly to the forums from Hotmail, I got a "cannot be displayed" page. So I typed in the standard and Lo and Behold, Mata's made a new home page!

It's teh spiffy lookin' Mata! How long has it been up that I didn't notice it? Am I just a hopelessly loserish being for not noticing earlier? Anyway...I was wondering what you used for that groovy little pop-up-tab rollover thingamajig. (I just love using these hi-falootin' technical terms!) So...whatdja use? Huh? Huhuhuh?
It's been online for about a week and a half now.

The menu thingy is all made using Flash and _a lot_ of programming, several hundred lines of hand-written code (not to mention all the other bits of code I did by hand to get other pages interacting properly).

One thing I'm really rather pleased with is the borders around the animations. They look like normal borders that you see on loads of websites but actually they're done with Flash too. Because they're made in Flash I can feed a bit of information into the movie when the page first loads, this datum is then read by the movie and it tells it which colour scheme it should display. This way once the borders have loaded in once they will never have to load in again when you look at other pages, they're the same file but they look different thus saving me bandwidth. Hurrah! smile.gif
wow.. that's amazing (all that code).
I really love the new design, and said so when I first noticed it.. but I didn't know where to put it so I just posted a reply randomly in some thread... seemed like a good idea. and I mentioned that the image gallery is super-awesome, 'cause it is.
smile.gif Thanks!

I know people probably weren't interested in my last post particularly but I was happy with what I managed to get working but no-one will ever see it so I wanted to tell people! biggrin.gif
Spiffy! biggrin.gif

I must confess I had bypassed the main page and came in through the "short cut" all this time since I had joined, so yes, I would have missed it completely!

It's so streamlined and fun!

.:: thumbs up! ::.

quite spiffilicious mata! I do enjoy! tongue.gif
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