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Full Version: Small Question For Mata About Little Goth Girl
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I'm sorry to bother you with my pretty trivial question, but what's the font you use for whenever Sarah speaks?

I really like it alot and have tried searching for it myself, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Oh, and I also really like the way her hair is in the Space Hopper animation. biggrin.gif She looks very cute that way. :3
yep lgg's new haircut is great wink.gif
I'm pretty sure the font is one designed by Mata himself. Is there anything he cannot do???????(apart from have periods, snicksnick) biggrin.gif
Oi! Don't oppress me! I shall right for my right to have periods!! People's Liberation Front?... Splitters...

Anyway, I made the font myself, unfortunately it's not really a font at all, it's 52 drawings of the upper and lower case letters (+ a few bits of punctuation) that I individually place onto the 'stage' whenever Sarah says anything, as such it can't be downloaded... Yet!

I've got a friend working on a system to replace my current shop that will allow people to buy t-shirts without a PayPal account and to download things for a small charge. I'm hoping that once I get that sorted I'll be able to turn the whole alphabet into a font and make it available to everyone.

Until then the answer is that, like spoons, there is no font. Sorry!
You made it yourself? blink.gif Wow! Well, that certainly explains why I had such a hard time looking for it. tongue.gif
It does rather doesn't it? biggrin.gif
i think its cool...i tried to draw sarah becasuse for school we were doing this meboard thing on what we like so i had to put matazone up there somewhere smile.gif

well..needless to say i cant draw lgg or her laugh.gif
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