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Full Version: Goth Girl And Robot
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This animation is awesome. Any more plans to create darker goth girl cartoons such as that one or maybe even darker still?
Must admit this is one of my more favourite LGG, as it show's the split personality's within her. Also great sound track ................. which i have not bought yet as i've been lazy, and not sure if i'd like the rest of there stuff.
Sir Maxerpopple
One of my favorite anims, the best of the goth girl yet. reveals a truly evil nature, even if it's completly out of touch with reality.
i agree, but i think the counsellors encounter is just that bit better tongue.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
But she's not in that one! biggrin.gif
Both of the LGG epidodes mentioned in this thread so far are among my favourites so I can't decide which is best.

Trust me though, there are things afoot in the world of LGG that I'll be hinting at occasionally in future episodes...
Prince Aries
LGG is almost becoming the RPG series Xenosaga laugh.gif Kidding.

But I must say, I randomly have this STRONG desire to rewatch LGG and the Robot...something about the imagery and the music and the script all mixing together...I actually get a slightly eerie feeling from this one, but I am drawn to it. I personally find this animation to be my favorite of the LGG's. Darn sexaliscious.
little goth girl and the robot is my fave!
I know what's happening next in the story, it's just a case of finding the time to animate it...
Sir Psycho Sexy
I'm sure you said something about a new LGG t-shirt with her new hair (mata)..... rush tongue.gif
I've got to restock for Christmas now so I'll see if I have any money left after that... Also if I have any space in my room...

Because I've moved house I now have a bit less storage space for the T-shirts and so I might have to get a smaller range of sizes in of items. sad.gif
William Wallace
What's that avatar about? you were getting attacked by bees?

Man I hate bees. mad.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
LGG has new hair?!?!

Did I miss something?
Yup LGG has messy buns in the latest lgg anim.

Is it just me or are the guys on skateboards in the last anim the only people Sarah's own age (ish?) that she hasn't accidentally traumatized? There were the girls with the spider, and then the two football players. Okay, there were the kids in the school one, but none of them talked....
Just a random observation.
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