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Full Version: New Halloween Animation - The Ventriloquist
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There's a new animation on the main page,

It took a very long time to make.
Sir Psycho Sexy
oh wow, technically you're best to date (obviously) and such a good story! you ever considered script writing??
Sometimes, but then I realise it sounds like too much hard work biggrin.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
are you kidding?? you could just do it on the side sell a script and you make money!! no rush no presure and i'm not putting any thought into this am i?
No, but your enthusiasm is endearing wink.gif
{Gothic Angel}

absolutely amazing!
ill give that 13/01 for style and such smile.gif
verry well done, probly the icest swf ive seen
online so far..

i hope there will be a sequle next year to it,
its jsut screaming for one..
Sarah the Spider
Oh wow, that was great, Mata! The animation was so good on this one...I'm really impressed. biggrin.gif
You scare me, Mata.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ Oct 24 2003, 02:48 PM)
You scare me, Mata.

What were you expecting from a halloween animation? Fluffy bunnies? oh no wait they're goth bunnies aint they... nvm...
Great work mata, nice and dark.
QUOTE (Spacehappy @ Oct 24 2003, 03:41 PM)
Great work mata, nice and dark.

Dark like my soul! biggrin.gif

Thanks everyone, this one was a huge amount of work using some techniques I haven't tried before. I'm glad you like them!

I watched it before going to my math test this morning. The people really looked great in this one! It looks like it did indeed take forever!

Very well done, Mata. happy.gif
its awsome, very awsome.... how did the girl voice in it??
I'm guessing that was Sues?
Sir Psycho Sexy
if you read the credits at the end then you'd know it was in fact....sues...yes and the sound effects were by....some guy....i forget his name, i looked at his site though
wow mata. just... wow. that really was an amazing animation. graphics were great (definitelly your best graphics so far. and that's really saying a lot!), amazing use of music, and the plot was where the whole 'wow' comes in. great job mata! it must've been a lot of work, but it's definitelly worth it.

but PLEASE turn that into a new series! pleaaaase?
cheese is funny
wow... i was actually quite shocked with the way that turned out... great work, indeed, mata biggrin.gif
mata you are one of the few animators/creators that never stops amazing me... excellent work i love it!
Aww... *blush* You're all very sweet.

I'm not sure that this could ever really turn into a series though... Ventrilquist's dummies are great for a good spooky story but if you use them too much they just get to be a bit old.

Did you like the 'donging' noise at the end? I was sitting there trying to work out the correct structure for one of the newsreporter's lines (yes, I really do sit and contemplate these things) while fiddling with some Chinese mediation balls... dong dong dong they were going (they've got some weird mechanism inside them that lets them chime as they rotate in your hands) and it suddenly struck me that they would be perfect. I was really pleased, I thought they had just the right unearthly quality.

The guy who did the sound effects works for , Suddi Raval is a professional sound engineer and provided me with all the sounds that I then mixed in with the vocals. I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I've bothered to use stereo in one of my animations too...
yay mata, another awesome job... laugh.gif
Little Green Goth
Very very nice, Mata. I love the animation. I hope to someday be as good as you, but I'll even settle for a tenth of your talent. I just need a good working computer......Anyway, Very very nice. laugh.gif
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