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Full Version: Mascots!
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So I was re-watching all the animations (as I do every so often), and I read where Mata entertains us all with his pre-animation insanity (don't ya love it? happy.gif)...anyway, it was where he rambled about the mascot bar. When he said "These events are probably happening somewhere", I remembered the time back in grade school when I realized that *right now*, somewhere in the world, someone is being born. Right *now* someone is dying, etc. When I read the mascot thing, I was pretty positive it was safe to say that those events weren't happening. ...but then, sure enough, later that day I saw a preview for an episode of CSI...I only got a glimpse of it...but there were people in animal or mascot suits dancing in a night club (not exactly the same as the bar in Mata's loved-by-many, imaginative mind, but hey, it's pretty close!). So, you know what...there probably *is* some kind of place similar to that. There *are* a lot of weird fetishes out there. It shouldn't have surprized me that something like that was gonna happen on an episode of CSI...there are a few episodes with weird fetish BDS&M-type places where a good time goes horribly, horribly wrong. ......Is it wrong that I enjoy those episodes more than the others? unsure.gif

(it's kinda frightening that Mata's insane world is really happening unsure.gif. I mean, I'm all for insanity! biggrin.gif But seeing that preview the very same day was just a little creepy. blink.gif Stuff that always happens to me. I guess the weird, creepy insanity is drawn towards me! tongue.gif)

Mkay!...just had to share all that with everyone! Maybe some very enjoyable insanity can come from this thread. tongue.gif If it does, then my work for the day is done. happy.gif Ooh! Quote of the moment!: "My day is never complete until I've terrified a complete stranger." In't is great!? biggrin.gif *turns into a little glitter goth faery and flies away*
QUOTE (lygophilia @ Oct 28 2003, 02:38 AM)
. ......Is it wrong that I enjoy those episodes more than the others? unsure.gif

only if you feel its wrong

everyones boundrys can only be set by themselves

and technically the law
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