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Full Version: T-shirt Sale, One Week Of Everything Reduced!
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Hi all,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, or All-Hallows night, or Samhain... or Friday...

The Other Side is now two years old today-ish, to celebrate I've put
a sale on in my on-site T-shirt shop until 7th November. If anyone's
interested it's the last chance for sale prices before Christmas!
Everything is reduced...

See you all, have a fun and safe night!

BTW, the site is about to get its 700,000th hit! Woohoo!

Not bad going in two years!
*took advantage of the birthday sale to buy another shirt* tongue.gif hehe

And congratulations on the 700,000 hits--that's awesome! smile.gif
Yep, I clocked over 700,000 just before I switched off my machine on Friday, meaning that in the first year I had an average of 350,000 hits.

Even if my hit rate doesn't continue to increase from it's current rate I should still be on 1,300,000 at this time next year. Last month I had 55,000 hits, so working with an average of 50,000 a month that's another 600,000 in the next year without any growth. Woo hoo!

The trouble is that even though I had my record number of hits last month I had one of my lowest months for t-shirt sales... All these new visitors mean that I'm drinking my bandwidth for breakfast and could end up paying a lot more money very soon... Eek! Thanks for buying another T Crissi, I'm really having to do some serious thinking about the finances of this site at the moment.
guess what! guess what! my school is giving me 270 backdated bursary money (long story, i nearly hit a council official for all the muckups) on november the 11th and i can buy things of mata-y goodness in abundance! finally! with no reason not to have enough! and i shall...cause i think i have paypal worked out now too! finally! joys!

sorry for that outburst as i know the sale thingie will be over by the time i get funds...but still...yay....

will i be able to get tshirts and stuff before christmas? cause i want to get mata stuff for at least two people...
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