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Full Version: Mata Combat
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Lord of darness
I'm going to make a game for the new site that mistress is making but I need help

I can't draw but i need to make charictors so If anyone is good at art it would be great if you would help.
*lurks* ph34r.gif

I quit drawing a long time ago. sad.gif

*continues lurking* ph34r.gif
laugh.gif w00t me too go us
ph34r.gif *lurks* ph34r.gif


*continues lurking inconspicuously*
hehehehe lurking laugh.gif
I havent been inspired to draw in months. Go me!
Lord of darness
well I'm looking for help so someone pleas help
sorry... but I have zero artistic ability... lol good luck finding somebody to help though!
Lord of darness
that dosn't help.
i can't draw either. WHEEEEE! (GO POINTLESSNESS!)
Give me a idea of what you want... I can draw and pant pretty good but I need something to go on..
Mmmmm.... drawing...
My favorite ever. smile.gif

What would you want em to look like, though?
Ditto on what Ravein said.
Lord of darness
nm rpg maker 2003 was taken off the net It looks like I can't get it anymore.

(there gose a good Idea)
Lord of darness
well my frends I disded to not trash the idea and to do it diffrent and make it an RPG.....

I'll still need cherictors but it will be easer.
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