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Full Version: Xtreme! Dude!
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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! - YOU ROCK!!!! i am so obsessed with the site that it has come to the point where i almost go to no other site (apart from but his kitten annimations are NO match for your ace of spades one...check them out and u'll see your miles above the rest of the kitten singing world). cool.gif

my friend florence(who introduced me to the site) and i are both massive fans of your site, particularly your "Xtreme jam sandwich eating" and "skippy the goth kangaroo" but there is no way i could say which animation is my favourite but i would like to ask - did you base Sarah's (lgg's) personality on mine? we're so similar it's scary - ooo! bouncy walls! yay! -'s scary... blink.gif

anyhoo, i better be off, and btw, would you consider doing a special matrix little goth girl? it may sound stupid at first but you could make it really amazing with your amazingly funny sense of humor...he he...but of course she'd have to be careful about her perfect eyeliner..tee hee. ph34r.gif

keep making those spiffing animations of yours. you can be guaranteed that i'll be helping you get as many visitors to the site as possible along with my friend with shiny buckles..i like you have my size in black? ph34r.gif

Ellen (a.k.a. Annie Rexic)

i can smell your brains...*sniff*
i hope that in my post i don't sound like an idiot - i have a habit of doing that - it annoys me...
hehe... there was a matrixy type bit in one of the mittens animations..

I've got plans for the next couple of episodes of Little Goth Girl... I think that the web probably has enough Matrix rip offs without me adding another one to the pile! Crazymat is right though, I did do one for a Mittens animation, mainly because I wanted to see if I could do bullet time effects with Flash. It's really rather tricky!

Welcome to the forums, have fun!
i cant stop doing the XTREME thing on cam. its starting to annoy people. mwah ha ha.
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