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I was going through some of the Mr Snaffleburger cartoons, and, particularly more recently, I have noticed a slight degradation in the quality of the humour. The animation that jumps most immediately to mind is Mr Snaffleburger And The Pixie. I could see the point very well (your blurb was very detailed), but once I got into the actual animation, something seemed to be missing. There was none of the usual spark. Instead this one was very dark, very serious and perhaps slightly outdone by it's pre-amble. Is there a reason for this? Just wondering really.

Sorry if this seems a bit forward. I am absolutely useless at creating such high-quality art myself, so perhaps this thread is rather presumptuous*. Anyway, it can't hurt to have some constructive criticism, can it? Euch, I'm not sure how well this thread is going to be received (fore-thought is a new experience for me biggrin.gif ). Has anyone else got anything vaguely intelligent to say about the animations?

*Big Word Alert!
vaguely intelligent? on these forums?rolleyes.gif
nah, im j/p

no i didnt notice any degradation of the humor. im fact, the human hunting is his second best yet (first best beign corp childrens show)

sorry, but i dont agree at all; though mr. sb and the pixie wasnt his most intelligent
Oh, the human hunting was great. Am I getting my chronology wrong? Probably. The Pixie one wasn't so great though. I'm not really into Little Goth Girl (*Gasp!*), I'm not really a gothy person, and I don't find the humour quite so amusing.
whew, i thought id be stoned for being the only person not into LGG. i mean it is brilliant work, as al lof matas animations, but i just didnt think it to be all that interesting.
I think the earlier ones were the best, but isn't that the way of everything? LGG is an exception, she just keeps getting funnier and funnier (shut the hell up, Crunchy).
Maybe I'm just not "getting" LGG. I just don't find it funny at all. Is this a sub-cultural thing? Equally, I didn't get much joy out of the Hallowe'en or Ace of Spades animations. They were wonderfully animated, but I just didn't connect with them. They seemed slightly empty and pointless. Is it just me - am I just not getting the humour?
Samurai Lapin is absolutely brilliant, as is Mittens. Maybe I'm just into the blood, gore and sick jokes (which is worrying). I suppose I must be more of a child of the Nineties than I thought.
it's all about preference, really.

some people are going to like the new anims better than the old, some will like the old better than the new.

personally, i do like the first two mr. sbs better than mr. sb and the pixie. that's mostly because mr. sb and the pixie lost all pretence of subtlety. not that the meaning was ever less obvious than a brick to the head (or something. bad analogy day for me, i guess.....), but this didn't even pretend to be subtle.

my favorites though are still 'mr. sb 2'and 'the mr. sb corp. children's show'

lgg did get better as time went on. except that i didn't paricularly like the latest one. and no, i'm not just the kind of person that only wants to see violence and death and so on. it was just so.... random. and seemingly pointless. plus it just doesn't follow the pattern of little goth girl. 'councelor's encounter' is my favorite. excellent plot twist there, mata. and animated really well.

i'd go on, but i've suffered an attack of the history research paper. and the bio test. and the latin test. and.... you get my point
I was always a Mittens/Snaffleburger girl, Mittens more because I've got a close friend we've nicknamed Mittens, and when that anim came out .. well, he still hasn't lived it down.

The only Snaffleburger anims I haven't 100% loved have been Mr. Snaffleburger for the community and Eat Mr. SB food, simply because it wasn't an episode and instead played as a commercial or ad whereas my sister and I like watching the show itself (if that makes any sense). The commercials are brilliant either way, though, they serve as a nice break for variety. =)

Like gerbs said, it's all about preferrence. Mata's anim quality has never gone down in my mind.
Fair enough, but the thing that I've found from two years of feedback from people is that what one person loves another will say 'meh' to. Some people love Mittens, others don't see the point etc etc etc...

It's the old thing of not being able to please all the people all the time.

If you watch a sketch show on TV there will always be a few things that you see and you're not too bothered about, even if it's your favourite character. The trouble is that on shows like that there's a new sketch straight afterwards, in my case it takes at least three weeks to make the next one so any slip in quality (even perceived quality, which like I say is very variable) becomes exaggerated.

I'm always happy to get constructive criticism!
William Wallace
Well, if it isn't mr. Come and Go when He Pleases!

Aren't you supposed to make another LGG animation? sad.gif
QUOTE (William Wallace @ Nov 12 2003, 08:07 PM)
Well, if it isn't mr. Come and Go when He Pleases!

Aren't you supposed to make another LGG animation? sad.gif

WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! stop the world from revoolving!

did you just mock mata on HIS OWN SITE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


get out of my face or i go kerazy ninja/ronin on you!

QUOTE (William Wallace @ Nov 12 2003, 08:07 PM)
Well, if it isn't mr. Come and Go when He Pleases!

Aren't you supposed to make another LGG animation? sad.gif

Err yeah, I thought every came and went as they pleased... It's an internet forum... *confused*

And currently I'm making a Mr Snaffleburger animation.

Next time I plan to make something that doesn't involve quite so much work. Bah. Me and my big plans again.
Mr Fuzzy
Meh. I tend to like different anims for different moods. Mittens is my base, but I like Mr SB when I'm going into cynical derangement.

/me doesn't like faceless companies, and wonders what a SB Corp' bank would be like.
I really quite like Mr. SB when I'm feeling cynical, I'm not too crazy about Mittens, Samurai Lapin is good for when I'm in a silly-intellectual-epic mood and LGG reminds me of high school. I also like the web art for when I'm in an artistic mood...

Different moods for different animations. But the one thing that ties them all together is the high quality. So many animators on the web just get a bunch of stock pictures together and cut the little heads in half and flap them up and down to make them talk or sing or whatever. Either that or they'll go on 'paint' and draw really bad cartoons. Mata actually puts some effort, thought and creativity into his animations. And his site. And the forums. And I think we all appreciate it.
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