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Full Version: Mittens + Snowdrop
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Mini Silver Storm Dragon
o.k. it may just be me but is there a reason why mittens + snowrop can't physically turn around to walk away?
Maybe it's because they're afraid of the z axis.
Mr Fuzzy
That sounds about right. Cats are just odd like that. Even animated ones.
Mittens did turn around in the second animation, to show us "It's" butt. wink.gif
and the third one too! it was all 3D-ish and stuff.

besides, normally, mittens and snowdrop are just TOO GOOD for 3D biggrin.gif
Question: why will people quibble about 'its' ability to turn around, but NOT about the fact that heshe is a blue cat that can smell brains and wants 2 take over the world?... i know which one I find more unlikely! (tho obviously that doesnt stop me loving mittens 2 bits)
oh, and i totally agree with gerbilfromhell- it wouldnt be as good in 3D theyre better than that!
Mr Fuzzy
No, I cant say I find the thought of brain sniffing, funny coloured, megalomaniac cats unlikely in the least. You're generally more likely to find them than cats which turn round.
oh come on now,
as if any of us dont know a blue talking cat that smells spicy brains,
wants to eat them and is ploting to take over the world..

now as soon as you add a strang disare to mainly face one frount
on it becomes weird.
The thing i like most about mittens and snowdrop is that you would expect the pink one to be called mittens and the blueish one to be called snowdrop. Instead it is the other way around.

I guess blue is a cool color and makes you think of cold snow and pink is a warm color that makes you think of fuzzy mittens.
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