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Prince Aries
Many of us that were close to Dayan probably have some fun anecdotes or just some warm and fuzzy memories. This is the place to share them.

One of my personal favorites is the time he called me. With my being so outrageously hyper and fast talking and him and his accent the conversation mostly was a lot of "huhs" and "whats" It was comical. Comical because it went on like this for A LONG DAMN TIME. I felt so bad I think I apologized to him (online) about a million times. He just laughed at me and said "aye..."

Anyone else care to share anything? Something positive, mind. Loss of a friend is not completely about loss and sadness....memories should be shared and the good times remembered. No, I'm not working for Hallmark Cards, you can drop that theory now. I just want to see people smile and have a good memory today on this day of sad things. So share some stories!

heh heh, he took over our minds with this song. i think it was a plot to control us.
For about the first two months I knew him, he called me Candice and I called him So formal. Then one day, after we'd talked a little bit without anyone else around, I told him I was sick of that, so from now on we were going to call eachother Cand and Debs and that was that.

My favorite memory of him is when I helped him apply makeup. There was some reason he had to take a picture of himself in drag (this was pre-PVC), I can't remember why....but it was really late at night and I was the only other person on I gave him instructions. His responses to everything were just hilarious..and he ended up jabbing himself in the eye with the mascara wand. I was the first to see those pictures, and I about fell over laughing. I will never, ever forget that. Or any of the memories I have with him. I'll think of tons more later, I'm sure. I hope he knew how much I loved him. He was such a wonderful friend to me...and we spent so much time together in IRC just talking about nothing in particular that there are so many memories. I'll cherish them always.
I wasn't very close to him, mind, but he handled my two divorces and was always very nice. I also was the one who gave him his livejournal code.

Yeah, it's useless, but ... *shrug*
Sir Psycho Sexy
I'll never EVER forget the Birmingham meet, he got so rip roaring drunk and missed his train home, so I went to the bar in Scruffy Murphy's at about 10pm and asked for the Yellow Pages and a pint of water, the water was for dayan, the Yellow Pages was for me, I spent the next (what felt like) hour trawling for hotels that still had a twin room free and had an open checkin at well past midnite, at this point Dayan had sobered up enough to walk on his own with out falling over, course now he wouldn't stop saying sorry and thank you, bless you dayan you were always welcome, now i think about it.... lil' bugger still owes me 30....i guess i can let that slide now tongue.gif

if i were to remeber one thing about dayan, it was his laugh, he had the most unique laugh i've ever heard, i'll always remember him for that
Unless Dayan told people about this, no one knew. But back when IRC was in another room, it was late at night...just me and him again...and he got kicked out of the room. In walks someone with the name of "Mata" who says "Hi Cand, who is Dacey?" Dacey, btw, was a bot. I tried to explain (my explanation was less than accurate as to what she really did), then lo and behold, "Mata" transformed into "debaser," who commenced in laughing at me. tongue.gif

I still can't believe I bought that one. happy.gif

Oh god...and of course....the poll about Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland. Debs, my dear...we are still RIGHT!
He was my absolute love and adoration.. and I was so stupid when talking to him

We had this one conversation in YIM about falling in love with forumites and how nobody thinks its real or plausable .. and he said something about how it had happened to him, and I said the same .. but at the time, he was talking about Laura and how she was just like him and sweet and caring and everything.. I lost the balls to say I'd been talking about him, but did it later anyway.

That was all so stupid and dramatic. All of that.. it happened with Jon and everyone.. and I guess by the time we both figured it out, it was too late.

All the nicks, too. Debbie, debs, debesexilicioius, all of it. his chief powwow of irc, making me a mod too, being my best f--king friend who let me use his british words and laughed when I tried to say arse and sound english. he swam when he called me and he was drunk just to say he loved me, throwing up in the toilet and apologizing.. he'd never stop apologizing no matter how many times I said it was ok and I loved him no matter what. he paid to talk to me and I never got to pay him back or do what I was supposed to, I was absolute crap and never deserved him. I told about the rubber duck even though it was cute, .. I don't know, I just fell in love with him. that's the best memory.

having fallen for someone like him.
Dayan, chucking up his guts on the street in Birmingham - then air-guitaring madly to Ace of Spades with Lee and I as if nothing had happened.

Dayan and I air-guitaring (I get the feeling that a lot of Dayan-related memories will involve air guitar) to The Song That Must Not Be Named EVERY TIME WE HEARD IT.

Dayan in a Camden pub, talking about Katii with a mad gleam in his eye - a gleam that only got madder with every pint.

Dayan signing in as ChanServ and I as Googlebot, scaring people.

Dayan threatening to sic the WereBugger on me whenever we argued (more or less constantly).

Dayan being a curly-haired emo fag. Just in general.

Dayan giggling at some stupid joke I'd told.

Dayan in PVC at my house - and the look of dismay on his face when my father, mother and sister came in to see.

That's enough for one post, I think.
i remember dayan arguing endlessly over whether gerbils were rodents and whether nirvana or the pixies were better. i remember bullsh*tting through an art essay, and showing it to him. i remember how we both ranted to each other about our homework. i remember how we'd pretend to have 'fights' (i.e. i type /me throws a sharpened piano at debs, and he kicks me off the IRC channel) all the time. i remember when he would steal pringles from forumites. i remember all the general post conversations we had on the forums. but, more than anything, i remember spending my first few waking hours for the past few weekends talking with him alone on IRC. talking about anything really (including most of what i just posted). he was such a great person to talk to, and such a great person all-around.
cheese is funny
i dont even know where to start... i have so many fucking great memories of the guy....
I almost got him naked.
I'm sorry. I just have more.. and I don't want to forget anything.

The spam manitee, when he immitated me and borrowed all my emoticons.. when he said he was coming to las vegas and if i couldnt keep him he would sleep in a ditch, and i had to stop him. talking about how wonderful the meet would be, finally getting to see him and touch him and tackle him and kiss him. how much he hated logicman and thanked me for going to bat, helping me through sonic and in the yahoo chat, calling himself a cockmonger for the silliest reasons, putting the ice cubes in his shorts and documenting it, the sleep deprivation diaries, his guilt trips he sent me on, saying he loved hearing me laugh and that I was a poor britposeur if I said ass.. and on the 22nd when he called me, he said I said wanker correctly and that he was proud of me. i told him i loved him, i wanted him to know how much and that it was true. hanging up on my parents, me getting him with the mata irc joke, us joking about who raped who to make chanserv, us snogging and joking in whispers and his erps and bleahs and his perfection.

I don't know how long I can stay with this information.
QUOTE (Mingtea @ Nov 25 2003, 11:38 PM)
I almost got him naked.

Now THAT was f*cking funny.
Prince Aries
I know he didn't take it too well, but you guys remember that time he came on IRC and we just tackled him with Dayan lurve? THen we made him LEAVE IRC so we could do something to surprise him. And we all switched nicks. I'm sorry, but that was just hilarious. I think he figured it out when he talked to me in whispers (thinking I was Commie).
two words... rubber duckie. =)

mostly i just remember this sweet guy who kept me company on the long afternoon waits between my calcII class and whenever Mike would come on. he was always so kind to me. he hardly gave me a chance to log on before he'd begin to care. "how's you?" he'd say. he always sympathized with me. not in a patronizing manner, just this calm, kind way that always made me feel better. i could tell him anything. and i did sometimes.

he's one of the few people in my life that never turned me away. never scraped me with a harsh word. just was there, always. whenever i needed him. especially when i needed him.

and i can't help but feel guilty, because he never came to me with his pain. i was so selfish. inconsiderate. maybe he couldn't trust me. i don't know.

i rarely told him how much he meant to me. i rarely told him that i loved him, but i did. i loved him too. i wish i could have told him that before he died. i can only hope that he knew.
I have lots of memories of Dayan.... but one that I remember most is me getting to play messanger between him and Jon.... I'll never forget that.... Jon saying one thing and Dayan countering with something random.... and then Dayan talking about how "irresistable" he was....

another memory that stands out in my mind is the first time I saw the pic of him in PVC.... I wouldn't let him forget about it... talking to him on Yahoo... every few posts I'd just put the link back up just to have him tell me to shut up about it.... and me saying that I had to make a big poster of it just to put it on my wall.... he always got a kick out of that....

He just always made me smile.... and I will always remember him for that....

need i say more? i love you dayan.
Mr Fuzzy
The eyeball. There's nothing like an eyeball in a drink.
when Dayan found the glass eye on ebay and I made him make the Count Down to Glass Eye clock and we checked it everyday.... and made up the "ohh you found my glass eye in you drink" gag...
the first time we talked in IRC and got into a 10 shrug off....
all of the e-divorces we made millions off of.....
all of the "can you belive he said that " pm's

god there is so many...... I cant type for the tears..... he made a girl across the ocean grin like a villian..... god I love that boy......
The last time we played truth or dare in IRC...anyone who there knows what happened and resulted in me blushing furiously. I won't repeat it around innocent forum ears...

Me and Chan's e-wedding...even though he was nowhere in sight...imagine that! ohmy.gif In fact, me and Chan's whole affair.

I have so many memories....we spent an average of 4 or 5 hours a day talking in IRC. Shameless IRC addict that I am. I don't want to lose any of those memories. Some of them were just so damned funny that I still have to laugh..even now.
oh god, i dont even know where to start, his laugh, our late night conversations, the way, no matter what i had said or done, he always said he loved me before we hung up or went offline, his insane planning even when he claimed to be shy and retiring (sure dayan tongue.gif), the way he could always make me smile, the way i could always talk to him no matter the time of day, even when it concerned things i knew he didnt want to have to confront about me, how we argued constantly about music and he sneakily sent me songs until i saw his way of things, the time he hung up on my mum three times in a row cause he thought i would answer...even tohugh id just told him i was three miles from home, and just last week how much he freaked out when my friends kidnapped my keyboard and pretended to be me, stupid things, little things but thats what il remember about him. thankyou to everyone else, i was scared i would forget important things but i see now that we all have our own memories, our own little moments with him that will remain most precious to us and us alone...thankyou

dayan, i loved you, i still do. im eternally sorry for the way i hurt you, all those weeks lost through my own stupidity. im just glad i didnt lose you just glad we were talking again, friends again. im glad i have good memories of our last days and i hope you do too...i cant even see for the tears now but i have to keep typing, tell you how much you meant to me. i will never forget you, i only wish i had had one chance to hug you and tell you all this for real...
i just remembered something else...i want to write it down so i dont forget it again...when he was in turkey a few months back...and i got called three times in under an hour with him squealing cause some turkish waiter who looked like brian molko kept coming onto him and he couldnt get away...oh and "the great phone hijack" - almost a solid week when neither of us had money in our phones but we couldnt stand not talking so we "borrowed" our assorted parents and/or siblings phones to keep in touch...and the time he called me near pulling his hair out cause he couldnt find a lighter or matches but was surrounded by hundreds of duty-free cigarettes his mum wouldnt notice going missing (also in turkey)

ok...thats me...for now...
Sun Tsu
There's a lot of memories from me...happy the time we got really bored and took the piss out of the Tony Hawk games, we invented one called ''Tony Hawk: Jizzlobber''...hahaha....that went on for about an hour....''Minger! Speed halved!''

Or the time I gave my mobile number and we could'nt find the code for Ireland to put at the start...such franticness....

Or the time he told me his theory that every band has an outsider:''Black Francis is one....because he's fat..... =P''.....

Or the music discussions........the last time I talked to him, we finally managed to settle the System vs. Pixies fight....

That's all I can think of for now...I wish I could have seen that glass-eye trick....
QUOTE (Mr Fuzzy @ Nov 26 2003, 12:57 AM)
The eyeball. There's nothing like an eyeball in a drink.

Yes. He got me with that one.

I can't post my thoughts and memories of Dayan right now. I used to talk to him every night on msn. Just feels far to surreal to think that won't happen any more.

Sorry. Selfish of me not to share really.
It's hard to know what to say at times like this. I'm incredibly shocked, we all knew Dayan was having troubles but I don't think any of us really realised just how serious it had become.

It's always tempting to think that there is something more we could have done. From looking through his posts and his livejournal it's clear there was a lot more going on than he was telling anyone and I'm not sure that we could have made more difference to his life than we did. I hope that by knowing him and being his friends, we made the last few months less painful for him than they would have been otherwise.

I know I have personally enjoyed chatting with him and, for as much as I did, getting to know him. As this thread shows, lots of you knew him better than I, so the most I can say is that he was a really sweet guy.

He was the person who sorted out the IRC channel for me after it was first set up. He was really happy to be helping out and I was grateful for him to be taking control of something that I really didn't know about. I remember being told that he was so happy when he heard I'd made him a mod on these forums, he was on holiday at the time. I was glad to have made him so happy, and looking back on it maybe that was because, in making him a mod, I was saying I respected him.

He wasn't afraid to speak his mind on subjects but he would listen to others too. That's quite rare in a person.

He's now finding out what, if anything, happens next. Whatever finally drove him to this is now over and things are peaceful for him. His family and friends are the people who now have to live on with the knowledge that they have lost an intelligent, emotional man from their lives. As we remember him please also remember his family too. To suffer the loss of a child... Well.

The last few posts in his livejournal speak about a dream that he kept on having about his own death. Understandably this upset him a lot. I can't imagine what was going on during those last few days. I hope this was something he did without forethought, I don't like the idea of him dwelling on it.

Memories... Like I said before, I remember hearing how happy he was when I made him a mod on here. And of course, when we met up in Birmingham for the meet, the glass eye, the over-drinking, the apologies, the drunken dancing. It was a really cool night. We sat and talked about music for about half an hour. As I said earlier, he was a really sweet guy, I'm sad that I won't be seeing him again soon.

I've been crying a few times over the last day since I heard about this. It's so hard to know what to say when something like this happens. I guess that's something else he's managed to do, make me feel lost for words to describe something. I don't have that happen very often!

Thanks Debs, this one's for you.
Ah... so many memories. Hard not to have them with a chap like Dayan, he was always doing summat crazy!

I remember when we first started in IRC chat, he was very much a lurker in those days, watching people chat to each other (or not) and saying nothing. I remember goading him into chatting many times - and how often he just refused, or say just a couple of words to us all. Then one time I collared him in there on his own, and we chatted for ages. After that, he opened up a lot more, eventually becoming the king of IRC.

I remember first giving him the moniker "D-Man", which I was happy to see stick smile.gif

Oh, and the evil twin argument he had with Cheese - how many times I changed my allegiance there!

And the time, after he became a mod, I encouraged him to change Cheese's sig to say "I am emo"!! Don't think Cheese was too happy, but we both had a good laugh about it...

I remember him making the "evil bread", which he fed to his parents. But not before he ate some himself. He was a fool for doing it, but it was pretty funny hearing him recount the tales afterwards. And then he threatened to make some more for the meet and force-feed it to me! laugh.gif

And during the meet, we set up the glass-eye prank on WeeJ. Once she noticed me filming her (and it took her ages to notice the eye in there!) Dayan took over the camera and filmed the moment when she noticed it in her drink.

Oh, and the fist-shaking. How many times he shook his fist at me in defiance, anger, or just for the sheer hell of it.

I know that this sort of situation usually makes people embellish things, but Dayan really was a great chap. He had so much time for people, a great sense of fun, a wicked sense of humour. And that laugh!!

I know that there are people here who were much closer to him than I was, but I know I'm gonna miss seeing him around a lot.
Oh lord...evil bread. That was mentioned in IRC last night (I think by Sean). Missy and I both said "Evil bread!" We'd forgotten that.

I am making the bread for Thanksgiving. I am tempted to buy some sleeping pills and laxatives just so I can make PURE evil bread...he was always talking about doing that, but he never did.

Truth or dare in Yahoo chat, when he made Leo pick which male forumite he'd give..uhm...a certain kind of pleasure to. That made me laugh to no end.

This past week I was supposed to be taking a break from posting because I had a ton of schoolwork to do. Every time he caught me online, he'd PM me and say "Oi! Get back to work, you delinquent student!" Then when I was freaking out about possibly failing a test, I went into IRC and he consoled me. This was just the day before. I asked how he was doing, he said "meh" or "feh" or one of those other words he uses for emotions, and then we commenced focusing on my problem. It was usually like that. Occasionally he'd come to me himself when something was bothering him (I can only think of twice), but other times I had to IM him and say "Are you okay?"

Even though it was across thousands of miles and never in person, he gave great hugs. He always knew the perfect moment to do so to comfort me. There were always lots of "/me hugs" and "/me hugs back" back and forth between us.

I wish I'd taken him up on his offer to call me when I said I'd never talked to any forumites on the phone. I told him nooo I'm far too shy and it'll be nothing but awkward silences because I won't know what to say. He told me he was the king of awkward phone silences. So much of our friendship happened while everyone else was asleep. I'm just straining so hard to remember it and write it all down so I don't forget it...because if I don't remember some things, no one will. I should probably just relax and stop trying so hard. More stuff will come to me in time.
QUOTE (candice @ Nov 26 2003, 04:06 PM)
Even though it was across thousands of miles and never in person, he gave great hugs. He always knew the perfect moment to do so to comfort me. There were always lots of "/me hugs" and "/me hugs back" back and forth between us.

yeah...i remember that night we just sent those /me hugs and the little icons for about 10minutes straight...he always knew when to give advice and when to just be there...
We sat through the Matrix Revolutions together (the only time we met - and he was "pretty cool" by my judgement at the time, despite my complete idiocy). He laughed when I cracked jokes and made sarcastic comments - Squee! That movie was saved by being able to make bad jokes and have a laugh with Dayan. I didn't know him as well as some of you guys, and I definitely ought to make the effort to get to know some of you better. I wish I had known Dayan better, even though I would have been even more distressed than I am now when he died. He seems like he was a really cool person, and I feel so chewed-up about him dying.
QUOTE (porcelainwarrior @ Nov 26 2003, 04:11 PM)
QUOTE (candice @ Nov 26 2003, 04:06 PM)
Even though it was across thousands of miles and never in person, he gave great hugs.  He always knew the perfect moment to do so to comfort me.  There were always lots of "/me hugs" and "/me hugs back" back and forth between us.

yeah...i remember that night we just sent those /me hugs and the little icons for about 10minutes straight...he always knew when to give advice and when to just be there...

He'd do that a lot. He'd go out of his way to cheer me up if I felt crap and he always wanted to talk to me if something was wrong. He listened.
That's pretty rare amongst some people.
QUOTE (leopold @ Nov 26 2003, 03:31 PM)
And during the meet, we set up the glass-eye prank on WeeJ. Once she noticed me filming her (and it took her ages to notice the eye in there!) Dayan took over the camera and filmed the moment when she noticed it in her drink.

I will never forget that.
He laughed so hard I thought he was going to throw up. We all did.
And its true, Lee had to preactically point out the eyeball to me blink.gif
Sun Tsu
I remember all of those time he called me his ''little padawan''.....hehe....
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (WeeJ @ Nov 26 2003, 04:37 PM)
I thought he was going to throw up.

he did....and only seconds after i convinced those complete strangers he was sitting next to he wouldn't.....damn him tongue.gif
like the first day i was even on the forum i got on the chat and there was a couple of people on there too and i was talking to them and in walked debaser and everyone was sayigng hi and i asked him if hed mve my babie and he said 5 of them....
Ahhh the meet! It just wouldn't have been the same if Dayan hadn't had his lip ring done that morning! We all took the p*ss out of him while he was trying to eat a Pizza around it laugh.gif I didn't see the eye ball gag but I did see him get very, VERY drunk and fall over a lot. I felt like mothering him there and then. He was so sweet. I remember asking him if he thought all Pixies should die (see t-shirt) and did that include me!! biggrin.gif

I also remember him and Commie hijacking my hair colour thread and having a slanging match! It made me chuckle. Can anyone remember what colour he suggested as it should be done in tribute to him smile.gif

Funny what you remember in these situations!

RIP mate, RIP! sad.gif
Oh lord. lmao

I just read "The Thread You Cannot Disagree In" because I wanted to see what he and I had said to eachother. I have to say, I reccommend doing that for anyone who was really close with him...what he said to me was just really..comforting.

Anyway...what made me laugh was what I said to him, because it reminded me of something that happened in IRC. I said bunch of mushy stuff that is really true, and then "Plus, I love your skills at greasing a cookie sheet wink.gif "

God that cracked me up. This came from us talking in IRC about how I don't do anything naughty..I only "bake cookies" and "hold hands." Somehow this ended up in him helping me virtually bake a batch of cookies. I can't remember how. It was all innocent, but with the innuendo of what it really meant in real life, all of the directions I gave him were just so funny. "Debs dear, will you please grease up this cookie sheet for me? We can't have our cookies sticking!" Irish was in there at the time, and he kept saying stuff like "Stop being dirty with my mommy!" which I said "What are you talking about dear? We're just cooking."
i remember how he talked...
so cooly..
never did get a word of it..
good times...good times... i gonna miss him...
QUOTE (Pixiegoth @ Nov 27 2003, 01:43 PM)
Ahhh the meet! It just wouldn't have been the same if Dayan hadn't had his lip ring done that morning! We all took the p*ss out of him while he was trying to eat a Pizza around it laugh.gif

laugh.gif I'd forgotten that he'd had that done in the morning! It took him so long to be able to even take a bite, we'd all stare at him and he'd get self-conscious smile.gif

I'm so happy to have so many fun memories of him.
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 27 2003, 05:24 PM)
laugh.gif I'd forgotten that he'd had that done in the morning! It took him so long to be able to even take a bite, we'd all stare at him and he'd get self-conscious smile.gif

I'm so happy to have so many fun memories of him.

Yeah he was so self concious in Pizza Hut and when he looked up and we were all staring at him he just blushed and told us all to bugger off (or words to that effect!) biggrin.gif

He was just so mad that day! It was so funny. I mean usually if someone gets blind drunk and staggers around it just irritates me but Dayan didn't. He made me laugh and I just wanted to take him under my wing and tell him he was alright. He kept apologising for his behaviour (in his own unique and drunken way) and I just kept telling him that it didn't matter. It really didn't.
How frustrated he got when we talked about his animated eyebrows. XD


Ah.. he said the f word so cute. ._.; and bollocks. He said all profanity in a perfect way..

Does anyone still have that cursing wav he did?
The frog noises. The feh's....the meh's and the blurgh's

I'll never forgot his sleeping experiment. He tried to stay awake for as long as he could and starting to think his vcr player was glaring at him. soon, it was all electrical odds and sods.

I'm going to miss him a lot sad.gif
You know, the 22nd I told him his ceiling was going to eat him.

We had a very fun roundabout conversation about that, and me being outside his window.

Dayan always apologized for calling me. He said if he were me, he would have hung up and slapped himself in the face. I never knew why, because those phonecalls were the sweetest, most perfect conversations I've ever had with a single person. I used to tell him if he did stop calling I'd be very sad, and I suppose now he knows I wasn't kidding.

From his making fun of the microwave to me calling him cute and making him curse a string something awful, I loved those conversations.

And his giggle. Omg, his giggle. There never was a better sound in the universe.

AND.. the alright thing. It went like this:

Dayan: Hiya.
Me: Hi!
Dayan: Bleugh.
Me: You alright?
Dayan: Yeh.
Me: Promise?
Dayan: Promise.
Me: On Black Francis and Kim Deal?
Dayan: Do you want me to get out my copy of Doolittle and swear on it?
Me: Yes! That would be wonderful.
Dayan: .. Blegh. I swear on Black Francis and Kim Deal and this Doolittle album that I am alright.
Me: Thenks.
Dayan: You alright?
Me: Yeah.
Dayan: Promise?
Me: Yup.
Dayan: Pro-oooomise?

._.; Yep. That was the best thing ever.
I remember when he tried to correct my taste in music when he caught me singing along to 'Faith' by George Micheal one day. My, did he tell me off.
LMAO. I bet he did.

"What's that crap you're listening to?"
"I Can't Stop Raving.. the Blode theme .."
"*Turns it off*"
"Thankyou. >_>;"

Liked it when I played The Smiths, tho'. He said he should have known that I of all people would play them.
I dedicated a song to him once. Drarok was playing a gig at some bar in Nottingham and I called Dayan up during the set and the singer dedicated the song to him.

I don't think he was that impressed really. He said all he could hear was lots of noise and me squarking down the phone at him.
Sun Tsu
I remember a VERRRRRRRRRY long time ago, when he first told me about Pixies:

Debs: Have you ever heard of Pixies?
I: No. Any reccomendations?
Debs: Debaser. Obviously. =P
I: Oooooh. Really?
Debs: Yup.
I: Wow.

....and then it graced my ears. \o/
Me: So I called him an arse and --
Dayan: - Mad giggling -
Me: What?
Dayan: - Continues giggling -
Me: Oh what?!
Dayan: Noooooothing. Nope. Nothing. Not a thing. Nowt.
Me: ...
Dayan: ... - Giggle -
Me: What, arse?
Dayan: - Giggles more -
Me: diydgdfusydf.
Dayan: What on earth are you doing? It sounds like self pleasure.
Dayan: - Giggle -

I have too many phone convo stories. ._x
Sun Tsu
And I with MSN logs. I wish I had kept them, but my comp had reached it's capacity so I deleted them all....oh, well.....
Take me home tonight
where there's music and there's people
who are young and alive
driving in your car
I never never want to go home
because I haven't got one anymore
and if a double decker bus ..
crashes into us,
to die by your side would be a heavenly way to die.
and if a ten ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side, well the pleasure, the priviledge is mine.
oh there is a light and it never goes out.
and in the darkened underpass
I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last
but then a strange fear gripped me
and I just couldn't ask

All men have secrets, and here is mine so let it be known --
We have been through hell and high tide,
I can surely rely on you
and yet you start to recoil,
heavy words are so lightly thrown.
But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you.

you took me behind a disused railway line
and said "I know a place where we can go
where we are not known"
and you gave me something that I won't forget too soon.
Oh the alcoholic afternoons
When we sat in your room
They meant more to me than any .. than any living thing on earth.

No it's NOT like any other love
this one's different
because it's us!
Yes, we may be hidden by "rags"
but we have something they'll never have
If they dare touch a hair on your head
I'll fight to the last breath
The good life is out there somewhere
so stay on my arm, you little charmer

Everyday you must say
so how do I feel about my life
anything is hard to find
when you will not open your eyes
when will you accept yourself?

When you cycled by
here began all my dreams
the saddest thing I've ever seen
and you never knew
how much I really liked you
because I never even told you
oh, but I meant to
Are you still there?
Or have you moved away?
Or have you moved away?

I dreamt about you last night
and I fell out of bed twice
you can pin and mount me
like a butterfly
But take me to the haven of your bed
was something that you never said
two lumps, please
you're the bee's knees
but so am I

Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head
and as I climb into an empty bed
oh well, enough said
I know it's over still I cling
I don't know where else I can go, mother

So we go inside and we gravely read the stones
all those people all those lives
where are they now?
with the loves and hates
and passions just like mine
they were born
and then they lived and then they died
seems so unfair
and I want to cry

How can they see the love in our eyes
and still they don't believe us
and after all this time
they don't want to believe us
and if they don't believe us now
will they ever believe us?
and when you want to live
how do you start?
where do you go?
who do you know?


All lyrics from Hatfull of Hollow and The Queen is Dead, all for Dayan.

Sorry for the double posting. They're just so.. me n' him.
i just want to say guys have no idea how much its helped me to read all of these memories of dayan...i was getting really bogged down in remembering all the times he was upset or depressed or we argued...this thread has been amazing in making me remember all the beautiful, funny, and - yes godamnit - cute(!) things he said and did.

and sun...thats exactly how i found out about the pixies tongue.gif then he started to e-stalk me trying to make me download his stuff from slsk tongue.gif

which has just made me remember when i set up slsk and accidentally shared my entire hard did he freak out that day...tongue.gif
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