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mata- when'll the male style mediums be in?

i want to give you money!!! well, actually, i want my birthday presie but yeah money for matabiggrin.gif

but just so this post isn't so short, keep up the great work. your anim's are, beyond words. and this forum is the greatest one ever. you deserve a parade, brought all these great kiddies(cuz everyone gets called a kiddie) together through some hilarious animations and not just anyone can do that.

*finishes her kissing up and begins to make float for said parade*
*Gathers swarms of emperor penguins to sit on the float and perform a 25 penguin salute*
They should be arriving on Monday smile.gif

an' zesty--25 penguins?!? i think we can do better than that!!! my aim is at least a 100 penguin salute. we might wanna try getting an overgrown penguin to stand in the center just for some added oomph tongue.gif
I was not aware that overgrown penguins existed. ohmy.gif tongue.gif Are they Xtra tall or Xtra chubby?
Hows about mine?
I also cannot wait to give Mata money *ahem* wink.gif
Just making sure you havent forgotten about me!
And killersquirrel is 100% absolutely super spot on correct about how amazing the animations & forums are! biggrin.gif
oh those penguins definitly exist. and they're just all around overgrown. there's this one gene in penguins and some wierdo science dude got bored a few years back and took that gene and attached a chromosome each from a girraffe and from an elephant. so then the penguin just sorta BLEW up (not burst, balloon style) and the scientist figured he was on to something...SO he added the chromosomes onto a giiirrrrrlllll penguin and then the 2 biggies got together and had biggie chill'un' (hah, just realized chill...penguin. yeah)

and then this whole breed of overgrown penguins came to live in the caves in the antarctic. they're kinda tough to find as they're realllly shy. but they're nice once you get to know 'em!

so i think we should be very nice to one and have him/her come on down and be on our float

and mat, ol' buddy ol' pal (even though i don't know ya)....*grabs you* you're SO in on our float making biggrin.gif

(i just brought home my brand new camera and am disgustingly hyper...can ya tell?)
I like shy penguins. Penguins are actually rather friendly animals. There is this story about the early antarctic explorers and how they used to get penguins to eat:

They would simply take one by the flipper and it would follow them back to their tent. You all know what comes next (But just in case you don't here is a hint: it resulted in penguin chops for dinner).

I swear I heard this on TV but it sounds so odd I have trouble believing it at times.

ANYWAY the moral of my story is that............if I was a penguin I would definitely marry another penguin.
eh.. *looks confused*
yeah whatever...
PENGUINS ARE EVIL!!!! blink.gif
..with their evil eyes and evil flippers they just pretend to be friendly... have you ever seen those explorers?! No!? Thats because the penguins got them!
Well I was brought up by a family of penguins. I won't go into the details... but they raised me as if i was their very own penguin chick. Whenever it got cold out they would all huddle around me to keep me warm. When i left the penguin colony I promised them that I would dedicate my life to bringing them justice**!

** In the form of condos especially for penguins located in south beach flordia.

By the way I am extremely weird sometimes. Please don't mind me... lol
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