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Full Version: What Percentage Of This Forum Are Goths
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QUOTE (miss_spunk @ Dec 7 2003, 04:38 PM)
Let me say this now...Manson, I believe, SUCKS.

*cries* But Marilyn Manson is so cool!! Argh! Smart guy that one is. I'm not big on his music, but I still like it. In fact I should probably get more into it. I guess, like I have said so many time to so many people, I dont' think about this "goth" stuff. So to me, Manson's just another mainstream musician. But smart one. I used to fear him imensely. But now I fear Michael Jackson instead.

I have friends that used to call themselves goth. I just called them lame. Lame potheads. Trying to peer pressure self infliction. Not cool. And hopefully, not goth. Just a couple naive teens.
QUOTE (cheese is funny @ Dec 4 2003, 08:49 PM)
i wear all black 99.781% of the time. i like black, i look decent in it. and, i dont have to worry to see if my shirt matches with my pants (no shorts, pants only). but, i am NOT goth, far from it. ive only been called a goth once, and i think the guy was an idiot.

lol. cute, cheese, cute. 99.781... i think for me, it's 97.465201... because i don't have that many black clothes... i need to go shopping, i go clothes shopping about once a year =\ anyway, yeah... i've been called a goth daily, and sometimes by my own close friends o_o;
I'm not goth. Well, at least I think I'm not goth. I prefer green over black any day.
I always wear pants. And for some reason because of the fact that I rarely cut my hair (and it grows like a weed) the Morons at my school once called me goth. The way my hair grows I look more like a bararian.
I don't know if i am or not..

I do wear a lot of black eye make-up, most of my wardrobe is pink, i like fishnets and new rocks, but i team them with ribbons in my hair...

QUOTE (lygophilia @ Dec 2 2003, 11:24 PM)
I believe Pixie wasn't sure what the "<3s" was. It's a heart...with an "s" at the end...meaning "loves".

Yeah sorry Elf I wasn't quite so specific as I should have been biggrin.gif I didn't understand the abbreviations. Silly me wink.gif
I have to agree with the dressing up thing. I LIVE to dress up in funky clothing. I have dresses for all occasions and I even have a costume that resembles carrie anne moss as trinity. I'm a full on costume dressing up girly. The thing is too many people assume that if I dress up the way I like that I want to do silly things like cause myself harm or run cackling down the street in nothing but a dog collar. Rhere are many levels of goth, as are there many levels of "normal" I bet if any of us went upto someone who we considered to be straight they would never classify themselves as such. I find it interesting listening to what people think about pigeon holing myself personally I think that the worst sort of pigeon hole you can end up in is the non conformist pigeon hole. The "I'm not conforming to an ideal and therefore by doing this I am conforming!" That one is a real mind %*k!!
Little Green Goth
Well, I'm a green goth. Not a black that count?
QUOTE (Little Green Goth @ Dec 11 2003, 12:43 AM)
Well, I'm a green goth. Not a black that count?

Well you obviously think it does. That's all that matters, isn't it?
Little Green Goth
ohmy.gif laugh.gif Yeah, I guess it does!
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