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Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Anubis @ Dec 5 2003, 04:50 PM)
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ Dec 3 2003, 08:25 PM)
We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

somebody watchs too much DBZ

i don't think that quote is original to DBZ, in fact i had no idea it was even in DBZ blink.gif

hurry up cand, your seats getting cold!
I hope you make it home today! smile.gif
Come home mommy!! Auntie Jaq keeps touching me in inappropriate manners!! Gerbil calls me names and puts gum in my hair!! And..and...and SPS killed all my Barbies!!!
QUOTE (Anubis @ Dec 5 2003, 04:50 PM)
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ Dec 3 2003, 08:25 PM)
We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

somebody watchs too much DBZ

Actually, that's from Six Million Dollar Man. Tch - kids, eh?
We'll all breathe easier when you're back here.

Okay..that one was bad...
look on the bright side, if you didnt have insurance it may end up costing you an arm and a lung!
.. I see her! I see Candice!!

But she seems to be idle..
QUOTE (acidteardrop @ Dec 5 2003, 04:36 PM)
look on the bright side, if you didnt have insurance it may end up costing you an arm and a lung!

Ha...I DON'T have insurance..lmao. So, it will cost me just about that much. But it's okay, no worries there. I have plenty of people to help with that.

Anyway...I'm back! I just got home about an hour ago. It's weird being up and moving around after being only allowed up to pee for about 4 days. I'm still supposed to take it slow though.

I have to take Cummadin (blood thinners - unsure of the spelling) for a year (at least). It's a good thing I'm not terribly fond of spinach, cause I can't have it now. Unfortunately, I don't have the clot in a jar. That would be neat though! It is still in my abdomen, so please, no throwing darts at it!! They were going to go in with a needle today to remove some of the fluid off of my lung, but they couldn't find a good pocket of fluid with the ultrasound, and they didn't want to just jab blindly cause that could cause my lung to collapse, then I'd need a chest tube, and other not fun things. The way I understand it, my system is supposed to re-absorb this clot over the next few months. The blood thinners are to make sure that it doesn't get any bigger and that no other clots form. I was rather freaked out when my 2nd cat scan came back and the nurse came in and told me to stay in bed all the time, not move around a lot, and not cross my legs. But the worry of more clots forming is over now at least.

What else? Oh, lmao @ the get well notes with puns. It's still kinda hard to breathe properly, so I had to take a minute to calm down after reading those cause I was laughing so hard and it made me I have to go back into the hospital on Monday for another chest x-ray and some more blood work (I feel like a pincushion!). Oh...and the reason I ended up with this problem (in case anyone is wondering)...birth control pills. Evil, evil things. It's pretty rare, and my family doesn't have a history of it (well, they do now I guess)...but I'm lucky it ended up where it did and not in my heart or brain. I'm very glad of that.

Oooh, my mom's friend has a daughter who had a blood clot in her lung, and she ended up coughing it up. If that should happen, I shall take pictures to grace all dartboards.

I think that pretty much covers everything. Thanks everyone for sending your nice're all so sweet. smile.gif
Geesh, that sounds really bad.... I am glad you are okay! *hugs*

And it happened because of the pills? That's scary... *thinking I may throw mine away*

Glad you're back! ::hugss::

Well, seems everything else will be a breeze after the initial shock, aye?

Because of birth control pills? Wow. Never heard of it till now. Then again I never heard of many things till these last couple years. Odd.

Well, off I go into the night... see you around!
Cand I'm over joyed to see you back and doing better! I don't know what I'd do without my forum f-buddy around. laugh.gif Take care of yourself damn it! I also heard from Maxx that you won't be able to drink while you're on the drugs. That's gonna hurt isn't it? laugh.gif
Oni Usagi
It's not very common that you get blood clots with birth control pills...usually only if you're at higher risk due to things like being a smoker (I'm not), being over 35 (also not), or being overweight (ding ding ding!). Your doctor or nurse or whatever is supposed to warn you about that risk. I knew about it, and mine also told me what to expect should I happen to get a blood clot. I didn't think that was what I had though, because she told me that the pain would be in my extremeties, which is wasn't.

And nope...I can't drink alcohol for one year. That's assuming I get off of the blood thinning pills in a could last longer...don't know. Some people have to be on them their whole lives after having a blood clot. We're still waiting for the results from some blood tests to see if I'll be one of them (don't think I will though). I also can't eat foods with a lot of vitamin K (I don't particularly like them anyway, so no matter). And I have to lose 15-20 pounds in the next year. The thought of going back into the hospital is certainly motivation to exercise! *And one and two and NO MORE MEATLOAF and three and four* biggrin.gif (Seriously, the meatloaf they give you in that place is the size of a brick and tastes about the same..bleck).

I kept seriously wishing that I had a laptop while in that hospital. I completed more crossword puzzles than is healthy for one human being. I'm rather looking forward to my place being decorated for Christmas, because I still need to take it easy for awhile...which means I sit on the couch and point to where I want my sisters to hang things. It'll be like I'm a queen and they're my servants!! biggrin.gif
Prince Aries
Seems like you've figured out how things work after a hospital stay...enslavement of loved ones! Always an amusing perk happy.gif

Anyway, I'm OVERLY thrilled to see your wit bounce back onto these forums, Cand. Your Aries has been deathly worried.

/me holds up your Rubber Chicken

Does that mean I can hold onto this for awhile longer? I don't think you'll need it.....but we'll see.

And shucks on the alcohol thing. There goes my BRILLIANT plan to get you intoxicated and on the dance floor. Guess I'll just have to redouble my efforts on LoLo then laugh.gif Prepare yourself Lo! happy.gif

*hugs Cand* Love you Cand, great to see you back!
Candy's back! Candy's back!

Taking it easy, uh? I'll just keep these safe until you're better. *puts pom-poms away*

Missed you, girl.
Commie with pom-poms. Now there's an image...

*hugs Cand gently* Good to have you up and with us again.
cand! you're back! yaaaaaaaay!
/me hugs

glad to hear you're feeling better biggrin.gif

and beagh at hospital food. i can understand why you don't want to eat meatloaf anymore... unsure.gif
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 6 2003, 12:46 PM)
Commie with pom-poms. Now there's an image...

They're Cand's, I was just holding them for her.
Yay! Cand's back! No more hospital food for you! laugh.gif

/me hugs
Thanks everyone. smile.gif

I'm really happy to be home.

/me hugs everyone
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ Dec 6 2003, 03:46 PM)
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 6 2003, 12:46 PM)
Commie with pom-poms. Now there's an image...

They're Cand's, I was just holding them for her.

Strange, cand never let ME get my hands on her pom-poms ....
I have good news. smile.gif

I was in bad pain earlier, but I went into the ER cause I couldn't handle it, and the on-call doc gave me beautiful, beautiful drugs. He is a god.

And Sean dear, I said you could borrow the pom poms, not the whole outfit! Take my skirt off! Gosh.
Yay! Cand's back! *hugs tightly* sad.gif missed you...
Mr Fuzzy
Drugs and being back... Can things get any better?

Glad you're returning to health. I would have to punish you otherwise!
Welcome back Candice smile.gif

oh yes the sweet sweet ER drugs.....
Sun Tsu
Welcome back cand, good to see you're well smile.gif
Cath Sparrow
Ouch!! A year with out alchol or maybe longer dont think I could take it! sad.gif Any way glad to see your back and feeling better. And have slaves running round after you and nice friendly ER drugs! tongue.gif
Hehe. Well, at least I have the pain pills, Cath! Well, not for the whole year though. One would hope that the pain (and the fluid on my lungs, which is what is causing it) will vanish soon. But, I rarely drink anyway, so I can survive. The nurse looked at my toothbrush and said I had to buy a new one. Apparently my old one was too rough and could have ended up cutting my gums, which is very bad with such thin blood since cuts in your mouth don't heal quickly even under normal circumstances. I also have to use an electric razor...and if I get a nosebleed when I'm alone I have promised to call my parents' house or a friend in case it lasts too long.

It's crazy. Yesterday in the ER, there was this elderly man who was in there for some bad pain he was having...and he was on the same medicine I am. There's a number that measures how thin your blood is (I forget what it's called...I&R, I think). Mine is currently 2.4. The higher the number gets, the more thin your blood is. His was TWELVE. I didn't even know him, but I worry about him because if he gets the slightest cut before his blood thickens again he could bleed to death. Yikes. So at least I don't have to remain completely still at all times like him. That would be scary. ohmy.gif

Thanks again for the warm welcome back, everyone. smile.gif I missed this place horribly. Especially during awful daytime TV. If only hospital rooms came with laptops...
Sarah the Spider
Oi, I didn't get to see this thread until you were safely home again. I'm glad everything worked out, Cand. Careful with those electric razors now. wink.gif
Glad to see ya back, cand smile.gif

I dun think I can add much more without goin over what everyone else has said already. But I am glad yer feelin better. An dun let daytime TV drag ya down...
the lil' pie fairy
*hugs* hope you're ok, good that your well!
WB Candice biggrin.gif Glad to see you are getting better.
WB Cand, good to hear your chipper and back on form.

Screw daytime TV, someone clearly needed to buy you a Gameboy!
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