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Full Version: What I've Noticed...
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The majority of people that really, really like Mata's animations are incredibly intelligent, mature, and nice.

Did you put some brainwashing stuff in your anims, Mata? =P

No, seriously. I mean... since I've seen Mata's anims... I've started to mature a lot and be more... nice. *shrug* o_o;
Hm... yes this is odd, I didn't really change that much after Mata's anims, but then again I had just gone through a drastic change in my look on life, myself, and humanity. I did however notice that with Mata's animations: BEFORE: I hung my head in defeat, staring at my feet (heheh, that rhymes biggrin.gif ) all the time. AFTER: Held my head high and looked the world straight in the face. So I guess they also have confidence-raising hypnosis in them. Hmm... personally I think the cause is Mr. Snaffleburger's googly eyes.
not so much maturing and not so much as its matas animations, though thats where it starts. the forums have made a change in happier. i guess its the feeling that some people do care. if not for mata and his site, and the forums, then i would be dead now. technically i owe my life to mata. i love these people, you all are my family.
I can say with cirtanty (sp?) that that is also true for me...Matazone is almost my family...well...a second one at least biggrin.gif but really everyone here has always helped me through my hard times and even at times pervented me from killing myself...*hugs mata* *hugs everyone at mata*
cheese is funny
i have noticed this. i have seen a HUGE change in myself... none of you might even believe because of popular opinion of me here... none of those will be mentioned.... but i have seen myself more open... more intelligent even, since i joined here and spent most of my time here... i cant put my finger on it...
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