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Hey Mata would it be possible for me to download the

Mr. S cartoons to my computer and burn to a cd so i can take it to school and show my electronics class why i have

Conform Consume OBEY

written down on my folder.

is this allowed and how do i do it. Half the peopel don't have the internet and the school blocks your website.

i think it is under "Porno"
There are methods of downloading the animations but I would really rather that people didn't explore them. The reason for this is that I rely on sales of T-shirts to pay for the site, people can only buy the T-shirts in the online shop, if they're watching offline then they won't buy T-shirts and are unlikely to remember to come abck another day and buy something then. Harsh but true.

Recently several complaints about various services blocking my site have been made and everytime so far the block has been removed. Give that a go.
Oni Usagi
QUOTE (fus @ Dec 18 2003, 06:19 PM)
i think it is under "Porno"

It is also likely that it is blocked because of the forums or possibly even games, though it seems to get by that in many cases. Forums and whatnot were supposed to be blocked at my old school but I could still get here.

I'm just doubtful it's blocked as pornography.
I've seen it blocked for 'adult content' before, and for 'violent scenes'. I've seen worse in children's cartoons than on this site and so pointing this out usually gets results smile.gif
Could be because of the word 'mature' in the forum title.
Could be, but I figure it's accurate so I'm keeping it there! Also I occasionally pick up links from people searching for granny pr0n! biggrin.gif
Granny... pr0n? blink.gif No way.
Oni Usagi
So, I've been doing some research and I believe that the reason you get granny porn searches is because of an actress named Mata Hari.
The famous World War II spy? Unlikely, it's just that the word 'mature' is a fairly common word used by sites featuring more... ummm... mature individuals in compromising situations. Whatever turns people on, I guess... I've not seen any of those kind of sites but I should think that all involved enjoy themselves thoroughly so fair play to them for making a bit of money out of it.
It's not blocked at my school, and even if it was I know a proxy for it that would unblock it when added to the address, if you want it pm it to me and I can get it to you as soon as possible - the only problem with that is I have the proxy on my laptop so you'd have to wait until I get the energy to install the internet on my laptop at home (we have wireless installed for school but at home I use aol so yeah) laugh.gif
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