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Full Version: Matazone Badges
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*whispers* Are these an imminent phenomenon? A rather cool Mr Snaffleburger badge came with my t-shirt, and dearest-sister mentioned something about them coming out in the new year. She has a LGG one, and very nice it is too.

Anyone know if/when I can get my hands on more of them?!
I have three biggrin.gif But then, Mata gave those to me. I didn't know he was giving them out with t-shirts - clearly I need to buy t-shirts on a more regular basis.
I have the full set...I think.

Mata sent them to me along with the t-shirt I won for the costume competition. They are now hanging on the strings of some of the blinds that are on my windows. Though I may have to relocate them, because they interest my cat just a *bit* too much. dry.gif

I didn't know he was handing them out with t-shirts's been too long since I actually bought a t-shirt.
I want badges, I don't have any. Well, I have one but it's not a Matazone badge. It's bright pink and it says "floozy". And I'm not. Really. No, really....... biggrin.gif wink.gif
I think I have the full set as well. The shirt my brother ordered me for x-mas had a set in them. I think it's cause he put LOLO in my name on the order form. Silly brother.

Am I mistaken or didn't the e-mail that was sent out to those on the mailing list say he was giving them out? Or would be selling them?

Oh well I love mine. They're on a rotating schedule on my apron at work. I've had the "I can smell your brains" one on since I got them, and I think this week may turn into the "Conform, Consume, Obey" one. Just have to see if my boss will let me get away with that one. She didn't let me wear the Conform, Consume, Obey apron I purchased.
Seriously. I would pay good money for those. ph34r.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
i have the full set biggrin.gif

....damn i'm a cheap pikey scounger bastard tongue.gif
I wish I had some badges/pins/buttons... Whatever you like to call them.

Anyway, speaking of shirts I need to buy more! *thinks* Lets see, i need the one with snowdrop that says "But I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl.", I need a new "I can smell your brains" shirt, a few of each maybe.
The badges will be available sometime soon-ish, it really depends when Mr Fuzzy and I get around to finishing off the new shop for this site. We're both a bit busy with some other stuff.

I've been putting one in with Christmas orders, a couple if the person has mentioned that they're on my mailing list. Lolo did indeed get a full set because her name was on the order form smile.gif
Mata, I must raid your house for a pin/badge/button of Mittens ohmy.gif that is if I can't order one. Yes yes, I will spend money to fly over that damn pool of water to admire a button, and your greatness laugh.gif I would too! blink.gif

I swear.. IPB are the best because of this : blink.gif
*Has a strange desire to own badges* I'll have to redouble my efforts in trying to get my parents to sign up with paypal so I can get a T-shirt dry.gif *is annoyed with parents*
ohmy.gif Badges!!! Wow i luuuurrrrvvvee badges *ques up for badges* laugh.gif
Excellent - can't wait. biggrin.gif
Badges? Buttons?! PINS?!? sweet... Must order.
Mr Fuzzy
I'm terribly diappointed in you all. Two days this thread has been here, and not a single Blazing Saddles reference... For shame!
I got three with my t shirts.. I just thought it was cos I was special tongue.gif
New shop eh? biggrin.gif

My keyboard is wobbly sad.gif
QUOTE (Mr Fuzzy @ Jan 6 2004, 11:16 PM)
I'm terribly diappointed in you all. Two days this thread has been here, and not a single Blazing Saddles reference... For shame!

Oh alright...

Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any steenkin' badges!
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